Doli Armaanon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Update

It is night.. Samrat is watching the news,sitting on his bed.. Urmi changes and comes.. Samrat sees some sweater lying on the bed and throws it away! Urmi remembers how lovingly she had made that sweater for Samrat and becomes upset.. Samrat asks her to come closer as it is their Suhaag Raat and the night fades.. Next morning,Urmi gets up and gets ready.. She looks at Samrat fondly as he sleeps but is afraid to approach him ..

She comes outside her room.. She sees Samrat’s father talking fondly to his plants She introduces her to the plants 😛 Samrat’s mother comes just then and they go inside.. Meanwhile,back in Urmi’s house, her mother worries over Trisha’s behaviour but Trisha consoles her saying that Trisha was being childish.. Urmi’s mother worries why Trisha doesnt like Samrat and blames Trisha’s mother for not talking about this before.. Trisha’s mother consoles her that Samrat has been a very good son in law from what they have seen but the latter still worries.. They get ready to make preparations for Pag phere rasam..

Urmi is serving food at her Sasuraal.. Samrat;s bhabhi notices her hands having some marks from the previous night when Samrat had pressed on the bangles but Urmi tells them that it happened while she was removing it.. Her bhabhi teases her! They all prepare to eat but Urmi tells them that she would eat later.. She gets teased again..

Ishan comes just then and remarks that Samrat would be sleeping but he comes just then! Ishan remarks over Samrat having gotten up early.. He takes Samrat to the room..Urmi looks on..They ask Urmi to get ready for Pag phere rasam and tell her that they would accompany her too.. In Urmi’s room,preparations are being made..A light hearted banter between the family ensures .. Anu hopes that Urmi stay for a day but her Dadi tells her that Urmi’s house is her Sasural..

Gaurav comes.. He asks Urmi if she is fine.. Samrat’s mother remarks that they would take care of Urmi..Back in the room, Ishan asks Samrat if he is happy with Urmi ! He tells Samrat that with Urmi,all his difficulties would reduce and his life would seem beautiful ! Samrat laughs and replies that this is not filmy duniya and he wont change just because of anyone and it does not make any difference.. Urmi ,who has come just then,hears all this..

The family remarks that Urmi should come soon after the Pag phere rasam but Samrat tells that she can stay for some days there,it would not make any difference!

Update Credit to: sweetgal19

  1. aakriti saha

    ha ha what a rubish man is samrat!!

  2. aakriti saha

    have he s*xed urmi in suhagrat then wo lutgai

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