Doli Armaanon Ki 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrit calls Aditi on home number and tells her about Samrat beating him so bad. He tries to get sympathy, but in vain as she threatens him to tell Samrat if he again calls her. Urmi hears it and wonders why Samrat beat him up. She gets cough syrup from Kanchan for Shaurya. Urmi’s mum calls her and gives the good news of Asha’s pregnancy and tells her to tell everyone in house.

Asha’s mum comes to visit her. She tries to tell Asha to take advantage of this situation, but Asha says she is very happy and everyone takes good care of her in this house. Her mum thinks she will have to do something.

Urmi gives syrup to Shaurya and he sleeps. Samrat calls and tells Urmi he will be late today as he has a meeting. He talks sweetly with her and then hangs.

Urmi’s friend calls her from London and tells her that she’s coming to India tomorrow. They plan shopping and all. Shashi hears it and says all her happiness gone and Urmi is getting happier and happier.

Shaurya gets a high fever. Urmi tries calling Samrat, but no luck. She waits a little and then calls on office number. A peon informs her Samrat left long time ago. Urmi is confused. She calls Samrat again after a while and he picks up this time. Urmi asks him to come with doctor, but he reminds her he’s in office for a meeting and asks her to get help from family. Urmi is doubtful but doesn’t say anything.

Diwakar calls doctor and doctor informs him what to give to Shaurya. Shaurya fever gets less. Urmi is still waiting for Samrat. Samrat returns late night. He checks Shaurya and then goes to sleep. Urmi pretends to be sleeping.

Dadi is teaching Asha how to make socks manually, but she’s having hard time. Dadi gets annoyed and tells Saroj to take care of her daughter in law. Asha’s mum enters and says no one will have to take care of her now. She will stay in this house till Asha gives birth to her child. Saroj says they are taking care of her. Asha too agrees, but her mum says she’s silly and she doesn’t want her to do any mistake. She asks they don’t have any problem, right? Saroj hesitantly says not at all.

In morning, Urmi checks Shaurya and he’s fine now. He wakes up and says he’s hungry. Samrat wakes up and asks about him. After a pause, Urmi says he’s okay. He says he told her, nothing will happen to Shaurya. He asks Shaurya for morning kiss, but Urmi stops him and takes to brush his teeth which leaves Samrat wondering.

Precap. The peon informs Samrat about Urmi’s call last night.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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