Doli Armaanon Ki 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat continues with his pretense, and then talks about how tensed he is for the business, and that he has to arrange one crore anyhow tomorrow. she sits beside him, and asks if her father refused and he agrees. she says that they shall fight when he knows. She says that she shall break her Fd for him. He immediately hugs her lovingly, saying he loves her.

The next morning, after damini talks on the phone, sandhya enquries, and gets to know that she is being asked to participate in a beauty contest, one that she has been winning consecutively for the past two years. urmi thinks that this is the right time to boost sandhya’s morale and change her conception about beauty. She asks sandhya to participate instead of damini this year. Shashi ridicules that she would top from the bottom. sandhya fumes, saying that all would ridicule her like this. urmi says that it wont happen. Shashi keeps taunting her. urmi asks her to stop talking like this, and damini too adds that sandhya is best in all matters. they both boost her morale, and ask her to participate, and they shall support her. sandfhya is unconvinced. but damini insists. Urmi eyes shashi.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location.
James is happy to get 1crore and samrat warns him not to disturb him or follow him anymore, as he got what he wanted. james says that its okay, and then deletes his and the house’s number from the phone. He complies, mocking him. He asks samrat to go home and rest in peace. samrat is tensed still, even though visibly relieved.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Anirudh at the dining table, gets to know from ishaan, that a special client of his is coming himself here. he says that he is just the divorce lawyer, but then they became a lot more than that. he says that he understood it was just a small misunderstanding, and then saying what urmi asked him to, they arent getting a divorce and are happily married. They compliment her. They appreciate his efforts. ishaan credits it to urmi. samrat joins them for coffee. He thinks that one of these people only told james, and who is it, and why hasnt the person confronted him till now, and whats the motive behind all this. Meanwhile, all are getting ready for the special guest. urmi asks ishaan if the order for icecream is ready. He says yes and gets to other arrangements. Samrat sees that the drawing room is getting prepared, and when he enquires about it, he gets to know that ishaan’s high profile client, Mr and Mrs. Vikram Singhania are expected. Remembering kiran, he immediately gets unnerved, and spills his coffee, that attaracts everyone’s attention, boggled by his reaction. he thinks that he is stuck to Kiran, as she is after his life. They ask if he is okay. He complies, while anirudh asks him to meet them and then go. he hastily tries to get out, saying that he remembered a work, but just then, he hears them being announced as they come in. ishaan goes and receives them, and thereafter he introduces everyone to his family. When samrat’s turn comes, ishaan asks him too. he braces himself, and turns around to find that it isnt kiran beside Vikram. He goes through his meetings wioth krian, and wonders how is this possible, as this isnt kiran, standing beside vikram. he is shocked. theyall sit, and then samrat asks ishaan if he is sure that this is Mrs. Singhania. He is shocked, and wonders whats going on. the minute he gets time, he goes to the roof, and calls kiran, wondering whats this going on, as who is kiran, if this is the wife. The ring goes through, time and again, but noone picks up. He starts getting frustrated. he decides to go to the gym tomorrow and find out.

the next morning, ishaan is served breakfast by urmi, and then ask damini and sandhya if they need anything. They deny. Anirudh walks in angrily, and hollers for tani to come down immediately. they all get concerned, and ask whats the matter that he is so angry. He tells them all, that tani broke her FD of 1 crore, without even informing him. They are shocked. urmi reads the bank papers and is beyond shock. tani comes down and anirudh is supoer angry. He confronts her, as to why she did this. She says that she needed the money hence broke it. they ask this isnt a small amount, and ask why she needed the money. she says that its her money. sandhya mocks them. Tani continues to say that they dont have a right to talk about her money. Anirudh says that its his money, and just in her name, and he has all the right to know ahat she did with the huge amount. He says that he did it for her future security. She says that she didnt spend it. When they insist, she tells that she gave it to Samrat, nonchalantly. Anirudh says that he is an idiot to have invested money in her name. Ishaan asks how could she not think once or not discuss atleast with anyone here before doing this. tani asks what can she discuss, as samrat came to discuss, but he was denied, and hence she did this for her husband. urmi asks tani to understand that samrat is just fooling her, that there’s no business. tani shuts her up, asking her not to interfere, and asks her to stay out of it, as its their family matter. ishaan shuts her and asks her to understand the matter. urmi stops ishaan and tells tani that she didnt do right. Anirudh says that she is a fool. tani asks him to remember that one day, when samrat sets up an empire, she shall repay back every single penny. She says that she wont take one more cent from him, and turns around and goes to her room. He asks tani to get lost and not show her face ever again. all are highly tensed, while urmi is angry.

Scene 4:
Location: Gym
Samrat is tensed to know that there is noone named kiran singhania, while the manager says thast there is noone by that name in the database. samrat is tensed. he asks if there are details along with pics. the manager allows him for his satisfaction. Samrat finds out kiran’s profile, and then without even giving it a proper glance, he goes to the manager, asking him, if he is blind, to not see that this is Kiran Singhania. He asks samrat to read it carefully, as its riya Moolchandani, and not kiran. Samrat is shocked. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: samrat, in his car, comes across, kiran waiting for someone at the other side of the road. he is reminded of her fraud,. and decides to confront her regarding the same. he angrily gets out of the car, and begins to go, when he finds a motorbike stopping by, and kiran throwing a loving smile to the rider, as he takes off his helmet. Seeing the person, samrat is shocked. Meanwhile, urmi says to ishaan that the money shall come back to the house, and she shall get it, and thats her promise.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good episode. Thanks Rimjhim, have a good weekend?

  2. urmi girl I do not know how you will get back that money all I know is that sam the rat is a smooth operator and he need to be dealt with quickly please urmi whatever you are going to do be very careful cause you know that samrath could easily out your light if you cross him alone so please take Ishaan with you just in case samrath cross all limits again anyway writers it is about time that you bring samrath down now the storyline is dragging along tooooooooooo much and we the viewers are frustrated and fed up samrath getting away with evil way tooooooooooooooo much I cannot wait to see tanis face when samrath is exposed for his crimes

  3. Yaar urmi chuck it yaar…concentrate on how to expose rat….

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi may feel she is responsible for having the situation hurt her FIL because she’s the one who encouraged James to tighten the screws on the rat by asking for a larger amount. I just hope she is not going to go to janes and beg him to give the money back.

      1. In no way she should have even a mite of sorrow .Sometimes inorder to achieve a goal one has to forget bondaries and dance out of the box.

  4. Y dont some1 give a tight slap to dis dumbo Tani, can any1 b soo brainless n annoying lik her? Evry1 was fuming ter but her attitude was urghhhhh! Anirudh should hav thrown her out.

    1. fan of the show

      I think Anirudh was hoping she would ultimately see rat’s ruse for herself, but she never did. She’s holding onto the rat for security, lol. Even if she suspects him (after so many incidents, she may be getting a clue – I want a divorce, but after you give me 1 crore, I love you again) she won’t let go of her security blanket. Or admit she was duped.

      This often happens in abusive relationships – can’t live with it, afraid to live without it.

      If I had a dughter like her, I probably wouldn’t throw her out either – she’s too self-centered and blind to take care of herself, and she would be immediately swallowed whole by some other wolf.

      1. fan of the show

        I personally don’t think throwing people out for their mistakes is a good first solution – we are all such sinners that we would all be out on the street. Nobody’s perfect.

        However, I don’t think someone who is not interested in improving should be given more than three strikes before s/he’s out. If people can’t/won’t learn lessons from their mistakes, they put YOU in jeopardy if you keep them around.

      2. Emotional and financial abuse.This dumb girl cannot read between the lines of this fraudulent love that he is giving her.This is why many women wind up being killed in an abusive situation because they fail to accept the truth that something is wrong and always believe that the ones who are helping them is jealous of the relationship.I could not believe that Tani is so naive and ignorant of these things in this world.She seems to be an educated personbut if someone acts like an ass is ridden like one then do not blame anyone for it.

    2. fan of the show

      This character Tani is a good example of someone who was not held accountable, and thus ran off the tracks. I think they should tell her: get a job and start paying Dad back. Or take over the maids work here at home and your maid’s wages will be kept to pay off your debt, Or get out and don’t come back.

      1. Fan you are correct!Get out there and make your self useful to the working world than sitting home and file your nails.

  5. ithink samrat will never be exposed

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe James will come back and kill him off this time, since he got what he wanted.
      Maybe Urmi will get killed trying to deal again with James.
      Somehow they both have to be phased out of the story.
      I wonder how they will do it.

      1. f amrat gets killed do not mind but he shold feel some pain before he dies. thinkthey should just send rmi off to another city and then just phase her out bit by bit

    2. Me too Mishna.

    3. fan of the show

      Did you notice this update STARTS with “Samrat continues with his pretense…”

  6. fan of the show

    The guy on the bike who Kiran is smiling at has gotta be james. So that the rat can see that he lost all that money in a sweet sweet swindle. What will the rat do now? He surely will try to take some kind of revenge.

    1. fan of the show

      Or at least throw a super temper tantrum. Unless he’s too afraid of James.

  7. Good episode.

  8. Lol….Samrat so deserves it! He should have realized long ago that it couldn’t have been a coincidence that James only knocked on their door at the hotel….

  9. Urmi should not get into it- Samraat will easily connect the dots and think that it is Urmi who is behind all this- Remember when James visited the house to ask for the money, he took Urmi’s name when saying hello!

    1. fan of the show

      And the rat knows James sent Urmi the photographs, Rat is very conniving himself, but it sometimes clouds his thinking, so he may or may not put things together in his warped mind.

      1. fan of the show

        Actually he didn’t know it was James sending photos – he couldn’t figure out who it could be.

    2. fan of the show

      Or if the bike rider is James, and rat sees Kiran and James together, and realizes this whole plot was to trap him, he may get so flustered that he won’t be able to think straight. He’ll start plotting how to get back at them.

  10. fan of the show

    The writers have been building up the tension with the rat for a couple of weeks, now. It feels like a volcano is about to explode, and getting it in 20 minute doses on the show each day is hard to take – we want to see the whole thing all the way to the end NOW. That’s what a good show is all about. Well done, authors and cast and crew.

  11. fan of the show

    I was thinking about the rat today, and wondering what is a family to do with a person like him.

    And rats can range from just always annoyinng all the way to the other extreme of absolutely through and through evil. If a family gets stuck with someone like that, what are they supposed to do? In this case, even leaving did not solve the problem, because the evil just hunted her down and continued the abouse.

    The most police can do if they don’t catch a perpetrator in the act, or through DNA testing, is issue a restraining order – like that’s going to stop the problem.

    1. When a family has to deal with someone like amrat who has all the different personalities .they have to record every word he says,take every photo and hire some one to track him if you can afford it.Take it to the police or make a case and let them put him away for life.No restraining orders could ever stop a man like him because he will burn the sustem up.Or the family has to go under ground and after awhile move toanother destination under a different name.

  12. Fan I am in London now .Unfortunately cannot see the show but was able to read the update and the comments made.

    1. fan of the show

      So, no Zee TV in London? What’s wrong with them?

      1. Fan can you believe that for me to get it where I am is very costly because of where the building I am staying is situated.I am missing out on the whole thing because I will be here for some months about 4. Even though i view it on the net I cannot understand Hindi.So make sure and give me the essential point of views on the comment section please.You are good at that.Thanks.

  13. Oh dear pls end tis superfical escaped of rat his mother n dumbo tani….too long dragd eish
    One step ahead two steps behind fed up

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