Doli Armaanon Ki 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat throws away the medicine and tells Urmi is she crazy or what? Urmi says it’s just pain killer. What’s wrong in it? Ishaan also joins in the fun and says adults can take. Samrat says he is fine. He doesn’t need any medicine. Tani says if he’s having that much headache, then he needs to take medicine. Damini says if not that strong pain killer, then he can take some other. Urmi quietly laughs and says she will get less strong pain killer for him.

In room, Sandhya praises Urmi for helping her. Damini says since when she started liking Urmi. Urmi has done magic on her. Sandhya says whatever it is Urmi is not bad. They need to get rid off Samrat and Shashi from that house. Damini says don’t know when Samrat will leave them.

In Samrat’s room, Shashi asks him how he killed the driver. Samrat says he didn’t kill anyone. He’s trapped. Shashi asks him why he doesn’t change. He already went to jail once. Now police will catch him again. Samrat tells her to shut and say something good. Shashi decides to leave Mumbai and go back to Jhansi. Samrat asks how she can ditch him. She ditched him in his bad time before and now again. Shashi doesn’t listen and starts packing. Tani comes and thinks Samrat must have said something to her. She tells Samrat to say sorry. Samrat does. Shashi still wants to leave, but Tani says she can’t go.

Urmi and Ishaan come home with sweets. Ishaan calls out everyone. Anirudh asks him what happened. He tells Anirudh and Damini they are going to become grandparents. Anirudh can’t believe it. Damini blesses Urmi. Anirudh thanks Urmi for bringing happiness in their family. Samrat, Tani, Shashi make faces. Shashi tells Anirudh that he’s lucky. He found out this news from her. When she became pregnant before, she found it out from her family and she had to request her to return home. Anirudh says maybe it’s her destiny..everyone gets what they deserve. Tani leaves in anger. Samrat starts following her, but just then James comes in. Samrat rushes to him. James greets everyone and tells everyone Samrat owes him 1 crore rupees. Samrat doesn’t know how to react. Anirudh asks how come that big amount. Samrat mummers. James says they are business partners and they are starting restaurant and Samrat still has to give his part and that too by tomorrow. Before it was 40 lakh but they are short of amount, so now it’s 1 crore. Anirudh asks Samrat how he will arrange that much money. Ishaan says Samrat will arrange. He always keeps his commitments. Samrat agrees and says he will arrange. Before James say anything else, Samrat forcefully takes him outside.

He asks James what was the need to come when he said he will give him money and asks for some time as 1 crore is big amount. James says he gave him time last time and saw what happened. He tried to kill him. Samrat says that was a big mistake and says sorry to him. He tries to convince him for more time, but James doesn’t listen and says if he doesn’t get his money by tomorrow then he will expose Samrat to everyone.

Precap: Shashi asks Samrat why he told James about asking money for business matter. He says he didn’t tell him. It then strikes to him if he didn’t tell him then who did? Other hand, Urmi tells Ishaan she didn’t think James would come to their home. She just wanted Samrat to get punishment for his sins.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. I am loving the plight of Samraat! He so deserves everything that is happening to him! I just hope he does not connect the dots between James and Urmi- I must say James is a very rough guy and definitely a double-sided knife!

    1. fan of the show

      I want to know why James is doing this to the rat – I hope it comes out before the leap forward. One spoiler I read says James is doing it because he thinks the rat raped Kiran. That doesn’t make sense to me.

      1. It really does not make sense when he was following Samrat.Howdid he know they were in the hotel to get there and beat him up.Therefore if he is doing this because of that,then this must have happened before we knew Kiran.

      2. fan of the show

        I did notice though, that Ishaan did not recognize James as his client Singania, so Ithat means Jamrs is not Kiran’s husband.

  2. Thanks for the updates, Niki?

  3. Everytime urmi’s plan flops.hope this time wont.gud to see restless samrat…hope damini ll start liking urmi as she is pregnant.

  4. Thnx niki 4 the update.

  5. So, tomorrow Samrat is going to find out that Urmi knows James and she told him about the restaurant idea. And, Samrat wins again without facing any consequences. Being afraid of James and being scared of him is not paying for his deeds over the years. This is not punishment that equals what he is.

    1. fan of the show

      Did tomorrow come in a spoiler somewhere?

      1. The precap for today was showing Shashi asking Samrat how did James know about the restaurant. He started thinking because he never told him. On the other side Urmi was talking to Ishan that she didn’t know that James will coke to the house. So, I thought Samrat will over hear that conversation or will guess that Urmi is behind it.

  6. And, thank you Niki for the update.

  7. Well considering James bugged the house, he should have known about the “restaurant” before Urmi mentioned anything.

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t remember Urmi telling James about therat’s business idea. But the rat did discuss it with the family after asking Anirudh for money, and he did it near the phone which may have been bugged by the man sent by James.

      I remember James saying he knew Damini already and went on to remark about Urmi. I don’t think that relationship has been exposed yet.

  8. fan of the show

    I don’t know whether complaining helped, but it looks like we have a new updater, which is great! Thank you whosoever put it in motion.

  9. fan of the show

    Spoiler on this site says the rat is planning on taking money from Urmi. I wonder if that means stealing his mother’s jewelry from Urmi’s closet. That would be a fitting payback for Shashi who has been a conniving small-minded self-centered evil excuse for a woman since the show began in Dec 2013.

    1. You have described this woman in the best possible way and this really is what her character is.Stealing her jewellery is good because he stole her cash before.She deserves every penny paid to her .The only problem is if Urmi is blamed for it.

      1. fan of the show

        OOPS – I forgot GREEDY.

    2. haha that will be funny!!! I hope exactly the way forward….Shashi say bye to your jewellery lolol

  10. fan of the show

    They are coming up on episode 400, another milestone. I wonder if they will celebrate together.

  11. fan of the show

    I hope Shaurya is a good human being and goes around solving everybody’s domestic abuse problems. It will give actor Mohit Malik a break from the tension of always having to be evil. Some of the bio info online says it started affecting him in real life and his doctor recommended seeing a psychiatrist.

    1. It will affect him personally because he has to act something that he is not,therefore he has to psychologically and mentally transform himself to be this character and then when away from the set he has to transform back to the real Samrat.He will start having nightmares and all sorts of things will start affecting the mind.I used to watch the show Bandan –or something like that ===and I remembered after they started to abuse this young girl I was furious and wrote about the effects this will have on this child acting this role .I spoke out strongly about it and stopped watching that show.These were some of the same thing I said it will affect her years to come and will need therapy.Many actors will tell you they have to seek therapy after acting certain characters in certain shows.If this is happening to him I personally feel sorry for him as the person and not the character he plays.

  12. I feel sorry for Mohit Malik. In real life he is such a good husband to his wife, Aditi

  13. I like the idea of urmi being pregnant and I hope she has a lot of happiness with ishaan.i like the story now.

  14. The show aired last night showed that Urmi announced that she is pregnant.Tani was disturbed and Samrat was shocked.Shashi had to run her filthy mouth when she heard ,This is why asweet was stuffed in her dusty mouth.

  15. James came by also and Samrat was stammering and he was jittery and nervous but James knows how to torture him.His end is coming close.His father in law is suspicious of him and this business,Let me see how he will unwind from this mess.His wife Tani is such a dumb clown that I cannot believe she is not taking hints .She is under a love spell from the rat because of the poisoned cheese she has been eating from the RAT.

    1. fan of the show

      It’s going to be tough for Tani to take it when she believed the lies she wanted t believe, and founf out they were all untrue. She may even kill him.

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