Doli Armaanon Ki 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
hearing about the cancer, urmi goes berserk and distraught as to how this can be. she loses all sense of calm and composure, while ishaan tries hard to get her to relax. he finally hollers at her, while the doctor asks her to have patience, while she doesnt want to face this. the doctor says that this problem can creep in anytime, and there’s a problem to this type of cancer. Ishaan calmly asks whats the next step. the doctor gives him a letter asking it to give it to the oncologist, who shall guide him further. They walk otu in a daze, as urmi remembers her time with shaurya, in his childhood. Ishaan is dejected and heartbroken, but keeps calm for keeping urmi composed. urmi is disappointed and apalled, as she doesnt realise whats happening. She remembers the doctor’s statements and gets a panic attack yet again, praying for shaurya to be okay. ishaan desperately tries to calm her down, while she collapses in his arms.

Scene 2:
Location: Anirudh’s office
samrat is surfing through the office, when anirudh comes and asks whats he doing here. samrat says that he got bored inside, and so though of strolling otuside. Anirudh asks if he is eager to work around, and says that he has a work for him, looking at his dedication and will to work. He shows samrat a file for an upcoming project, saying that its now, and samrat is super happy, not realising his hidden motive. Samrat glaots that he would make this project reach new heights. Anirudh tells him that he would have to handle the marketing and sale of this building and samrat is shocked, to find that its beneath him, when he gets to know that he has to convince the buyers to find it. samrat asks what shll be his cut. Anirudh says that for every sale of a flat, he would get 1%, and samrat is shocked at the meagre amount. Anirudh says that he can easily get salaried employees to work for this, but being his son in law, he is getting a cut. Anirudh leaves, while samrat fumes.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
with shaurya is her lap, urmi asks ishaan , why is shaurya going through this, when he didnt mean harm to anyone. She berserkedly tries to speak about how small and innocent he is, and how can he have such a deadly disease, and wonders why is God testing her. Ishaan is distraught, but composes himself, and asks her not to cry, as he would take him to the oncologist today itself. urmi assuredly asks him if shaurya would be okay, and nothing would happen to him, and begs him to save shaurya. Ishaan cries, but doesnt let urmi see it, as she collapses yet again in his arms.

Downstairs, anirudh and alok rush in asking why were they called so urgently. damini says that she doesnt know, but ishaan is upstairs tensed with urmi. samrat asks tani whats the matter, and she says that she is okay. they then notice, urmi and ishaan coming down in a distraught state. samrat is boggled, while anirudh is apalled. he rushes to ask urmi and ishaan whats the matter and why were they called urgently. Alok asks if urmi’s health is okay. ishaan informs them, about shaurya’s cancer, and all are shocked, including samrat and damini too. Samrat rushes asking if shaurya has cancer and wonders how can this be, to his own son, and this cant be. he too gets berserk, while he tensedly asks him to control himself. damini too comes and asks how is this possible and asks them to elaborate. ishaan tells about the bone marrow cancer, shocking them all. samrat strts hollering at urmi as if its her fault, asking how could she let this happen to his son by giving him this deadly disease. Ishaan and anirudh ask him to calm down and behave. damini asks him to shut up, as urmi is his motherr after all, and she cant mean to him. Anirudh says that they shall try whatever means they can, and whatever treatments are there, to cure shaurya. Samrat says that he doesnt trust doctors and asks ishaan what did the doctor say. Samrat jerks urmi asking her how much time is left with shaurya, in terms of months, so that he can give him all the happiness in the world, and keeps pointing out as to how long shaurya has to live before he faces his imminent death with cancer. finally, frustrated urmi shoves him away with a scream, saying that she doesnt know, as she wont let anything happen to him, and all are shocked. She says that his mother is alive, and hence god cant do anything to him. All are shocked to see such ferocity, whereafter she collapses again, and ishaan and anirudh compose, while she rants, that shaurya would be alright, and god cant take him away.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
While the doctor studies the reports, urmi and ishaan wait anxiously. the doctor asks them to listen patiently what he is about to say, as its good that they caught it early, and they have time for treatment. He says that there’s just one treatment in the world for this, and thats possible in their hospital. they ask whats it. He asks them if they have another child, shaurya’s brother or sister. they deny. the doctor advises them that the treatment for shaurya’s bone marrow cancer, is by the bone marrow of his sibling. he asks them to plan the baby soon, as soon as possible. ishaan asks why, and the doctor says that for bone marrow transplant, they need a sibling, and once the child is born within nine months, they can transplant the bone marrow from the umbilical cord. And if thats not a success, then they shall try again after 18 months, until which time, shaurya shall be on medication. he explains the entire procedure, and emphasises that they should plan a baby asap. They are tensed. ishaan clarifies that he isnt shaurya’s biological father and if her and his child shall have the same effect. The doctor denies and says that the mother and the father have to be the same. urmi is shocked and distraught, while ishaan is shell shocked. He says that other than that, there’s no cure. The screen freezes on urmi’s shocked face, as she finds all hopes lost wondering where to go from here, and ishaan stands dejected. the screen freezes on urmi’s distraught face.

Precap: urmi and ishaan come back home, and all rush to ask whats the matter and what did the doctor say. Anirudh asks whats the next step. ishaan says that the doctor has prescribed some initial tests after which, they shall begin with the treatment and medication. samrat comes and asks whats the treatment, while ishaan says that it would be general treatment course in cancer. he asks what shall it be, chemotherapy or anything else. He insists. ishaan looks tensedly at urmi whether to tell what the doctor said. urmi is in despair.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Like really omg
    How much more worse can it get , anoda baby with Samrat to cure sharyas bone marrow cancer……I’m sure there is another cure y don’t the doctors use Google

    1. Ha ha ha!

  2. they can develop test tube baby …..ryt? by taking father and mother DNA

    1. Test tube baby won’t even be thought of. Urmi is out of her mind & Samrat is houng yo use this opportunity. Even if it does come up, Samrat will refuse just to mess with Urmi’s head.

  3. Guys it’s all Samrats and daminis plan

  4. I wonder if Shaurya is really sick. Samrat will stoop to the lowest of levels to take away Urmi’s happiness. Why is the only solution to this him. Urmi needs to sleep with him, conceive another child to get Shaurya cured. This is taking her away from Ishaan bringing her back to his mercy.

  5. U r right nn

  6. fan of the show

    They won’t know it’s a trap until they get a second opinion. But they won’t because that will make this thread end too soon.

  7. I agree with anamdita and amandas

  8. It is both SamRAT’s and Damini’s combined conspiracy to ruin Urmi’s and Ishan’s marriage and short lived happiness. There is no way that the writer’s should script that Urmi and SamRAT get together to conceive a baby. If they do, then they need their brains flushed with s…. This serial almost makes me sick to my stomach, actually they are all HORRIBLE TO WATCH . I have stopped watching and cancelled ZEE channel subscription, so I am saving money and my blood pressure has returned to normal.

    1. Headache due to gritting of teeth followed by BP is the greatest achievement and effect of this show

  9. May I say that this is total hog wash and foolishness.Ladies and gentlemen the doctor or doctors are not truthful and as doctors how can they use a conspiracy theory to diagnose some one.Now are they going to treat an innocent person with those drugs.This is why so many people are being dead or destroyed by these fake doctors.Do you this really happens?Well ladies and gentlemen there are many other ways to treat bone marrow cancer.If my memory proves me right —–I remembered my studies taught me that you can use a mother ,a father,your own self,a sibling,a relative,a non related person or a n umbilical cord or navel string from a related or non related baby.The donors and the recipient must be compatible.there fore Urmi does not have to co-habitate with Samrat to have another child.She can do it with her husband or use the other options.I cannot write the whole process but what is said in the story line is not actually the whole truth.Writers stop misleading the viewers.If you are promoting something like bone marrow cancer you writers must give the correct facts.Do not let any believes that this can only be cured by Samrat and Urmi having another baby because they can have another baby but the baby’s cell still may not match.Stop your foolishness .This does not make sense at all.Only making Samarat ‘s evil ways getting in the way of two people who love each other. while he continue to mentally and emotionally abuse urmi.Damini does not realize she is abusing her own and only son also.When he finds out ,he will hate her behind.Wicked people.

  10. this serial is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much shit I am sure you other commentators would agree with me did you not observe that in all the serials evil has presidence over good and that only the bad survives and that in all the serials all the good ones were not made to be happy at all only the bad ones had their way look at darpan for example her whole family were killed off and now she got it in her ass toooooooooooooo from bhao and his ruthless nephew whom darpan married what more evil would these writers come up with to tell the truth I think every one would stop watching Z TV I am sooooooooooooooooooo disappointed with these serials because the wrong message is being conveyed bad is better than good what poor writers

  11. Well if it is true why don’t a fertile egg from both Samrat and Urmi be implanted into Tani’s womb so she can have the child? In this way Urmi doesn’t need to have any relations with Samrat. After all Tanu is madly in love with Samrat would would do anything to please him.
    Let’s see how Samrat backs down from this idea. I bet he hasn’t even sleep with Tani as yet. He seem to be more attracted to Damini

    1. Creative idea! LOL abt the RAT’s attraction towards Damini-evident

  12. These writers are really misleading viewers with their retarded storyline do you know how many times parents and siblings isn’t a match for their child(sister or brother)to go through with a bone marrow transplant they have to look elsewhere. And have your doctors telling Urmi and Ishan that’s the only way to cure Shaurya, you writers, producers, directors and what not make it look as if Indian is a backward country. Medicine is developing each and everyday i think u ppl don’t research most of the times for your movies or series they have Google and they also have health channels on the cable that show alot of these things you are really insulting the viewers intelligence

    1. fan of the show

      I think they are just hiding the conspiracy for a while, and they will eventually show damini bribing the doctors in a flashback.That’s how most soaps work.

      1. true

  13. Aww fr d reaction of damini an samrat its evident dat its all their plan to get samrat to sleep wit urmi so ishan can hate her. Since wen samrat cared abt shurya an damani too. Dats all d bull d writers can come up wit.

    1. I agree sabrina damaini and samrat has this evil in them, they both should get married, idiots

  14. I am not convinced writers understand we are educated thus they just write and post. Thinking we cant read

  15. oh…god…..why do we tolerate dis kind of serials …….fed up….plz stop dis serial

    1. fan of the show

      We not only tolerate, we read up every day to see what the writers have come up with next. Then make a comment that the serial should stop, not that we should stop keeping up with it. We are prisoners of our own curiousity.

  16. This is part of Samrat and daminis plan, she obviously paid the doctor a whole lot to get this done, stupid writer you create such comos in our minds that i even hate watching the series right now, Until when will Urmi and ishaan find the truth about this???

  17. I really hope this isn’t samrat and damini’s plan cuz that is sooooo low. They know that Shaurya is uRMI’s weak spot but they r even willing to convince urmi and ishan that shaurya is dying?! THROW THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE IF ITS TRUE!!

  18. Dz serial is out of idea I guess..Such a lame story!Is the writer like out of idea n including an unlogical situation -_-

  19. Wow! The script writers must be lost for ideas to come out with this very mind boggling method to cure Shaurya. Well, I guess Urmi will take 9 months to deliver and during this period she will face obstacles of attempts being made to lose her baby by miscarriage etc. this will go on till next year. And after 9 months hey presto she delivers. Of course if she does not deliver and in order to save her son she might even end up forced to sleep with Samrat. What nonsense & stupidity!! Don’t test our patience – we viewers are not fools. Be realistic and even up the score. Damini & Samrat are having a gala time and Urmi being the Sati Savithri. Well, time to switch to another serial as thisserialmakes a mockery of me. Are we so gullible that we can be taken for aside??

  20. Samrat is a good man he should f**k her tight sweet pu**y

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