Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
tani thanks anirudh for deicing to send them too on the honeymoon. samrat comments that they should have sent the four of them earlier only together to enjoy maldives. Anirudh says that wasnt possible, as he has booked them for switzerland. Tani is ecstatic, while samrat and damini are shocked and frustrated. tani howevere is in seventh heaven. Anirudh enjoys samrat’s plight. Sandhya taunts damini, who is enraged from the inside.

Tani is super excitedly preparing for Switzerland, while samrat wonders what to do now, as she is all set to go, while his plans are just to spoil urmi and ishaan’s honeymoon. he comes in while she reprimands him why is he so late. he says that they shall not go, and she asks why. She is tensed, while samrat continues to pester abut his self respect, that he doesnt want to go on her father’s money, and spend so much and be taunted later on. he says that he shall go on their own money. she is disappointed, but then resignedly agrees. samrat is happy.

Later, sandhya taunts as everyone sits together, about samrat’s intentions behind cancelling tyhe trip, while tani glorifies the heroic act of her husband, by praising him and his self respect galore. Just then, shaurya comes down dizzy. anirudh checkes and finds that he has fever, and is worried. samrat goes to him ad tries to see and check his temperature. he asks whats he saying, but shaurya asks him not to even dare touch him. Anirudh asks him to stay away, while he shall take care of shaurya. he asks alok to call the family doctor. samrat uses this to instigate tani against urmi. damini thinks that this is the right time to strike a blow. She says that she shall dial urmi, and once shaurya talks to her, he would feel better. he asks them to keep the phone down, as they shouldnt be bothered unnecessarily. Samrat is frustrated that damini has no say in front of anirudh.

Later, in the night, while damini puts shaurya to sleep, sandhya comes with milk pretending to be very tired. she tells damini that they got involved unnecessarily, and that she has been reduced to the status of a care taker, by urmi, for a persn who isnt even her own grandson, while she’s herself enjoying away. She applauds damini, while she is furious from inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Maldives beach and Ishaan’s residence
Urmi and ishaan take a romantic stroll, along the beaches. they promise to each other that they shall be in an integral relationship forever, unaffected by noone or nothing. They overwhelmingly eye each other. Later in their hotel room, as ishaan sets the room alight with romantic setup, he is mesemrised to see urmi coming out of the bathroom, shy and embarassed dressed in a nightie. he gets her to dance taking her hand in his, while she lovingly complies. He then lays her on the bed, while leaning in to kiss her, but just then, urmi gets a call from damini, who deliberately sounds upset and sad, and on urmi’s constant badgering she tells her about shaurys’ ill health, deliberating exaggerating along the way. urmi asks what happened to her, and she tells her about the fever, that is nowhere near remission. Urmi is extremely tensed, as she tells this to ishaan. she pleads damini to take care of him, as he has never been alone. damini says that she shall manage what she can. urmi says that she shall come home rightaway, and damini is very happy that she got what she wanted. meanwhile, urmi is super tensed. ishaan calms her down, while she speaks dishevelledly. He asks her not to cry as they would go home rightaway. She is tensed as she is in a dilemma. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Samrat and damini are super happy with the success of their new plan. he applauds damini for her wonderful plan. damini says that its due to Baba, that shaurya suddenly got sick. she says that baba has said that ishaan and urmi shall never unite, and so shall be. they eye each other evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Getting tired

  2. Oooh….what is this?….I wanna kill that damini and samrat……fed up of thm……

  3. LOL this serial has to be shit so urmi and Ishaan could never be together due to evil samrath and his evil mother in law damini what I cannot understand with these writers they have samrath hating urmi and shauyra sooooooooooooo much enough that he tried to kill them yet when she is happy with someone else the writers have him samrath playing a jealous role what is really going on writers are you all sooooooooooooo dumb and illiterate come on urmi and Ishaan take a little advice from me you all are so far away how long will it take for you to consummate the marriage come on Ishaan stop all the hanky panky like dancing staring each other in their face holding hands and get down to brass tacks quickly do the do hold urmi and just give it to her good the way samrath could not and when you are finished then board the plane for home to tell the truth the reason why samrath is only getting in the way of urmi and Ishaan is because he is not good at the loving so he do not want urmi to have such an awesome experience with Ishaan that is why he is soooooooooooo jealous

  4. Is not this ironic !Witch craft in Qubool Hai,Witchcraft in Doli Armaanon Ki,Witchcraft in Hello Pratibha.What the hell is wrong with these writers ?Are they all thinking of witchcraft or they are the same writers?Damini has gone berserk in such way that she will attack an innocent child to attain vengeance with her evil.I cannot imagine that any God- fearing person will continue to write this evil .Can they not move away from this writing style.Viewers are becoming upset with this because it has no educational value.This is only educating people who has evil thoughts and would like to try this sinful act.I am ashamed of the lowliness you writers have stooped to.Your level of thinking is not becoming of me to continue viewing if this continues.Damini ,as a mother should be placed in a role as a role model for women to learn from.Are you thinking of the young people who are viewers.Some may be single and some contemplating marriage. Some could be on the verge of a divorce and some might have gone through a divorce therefore they do not want to be shown this foolishness.Many may say it is a story, but they have to realize that sometimes these stories affect persons with weak minds and this is not a joke.Psychology tells you this .Samrat is shown as a jealous, wicked,evil husband with emotional abusive behavior who is bent on wrecking his ex-wife and you are doing nothing for so long to show us how an abusive ex-husband should behave instead you are continuing to show his revengeful ways.Taking revenge is an extremely bad trait and a person with these traits should be able to rise above his feelings but it is only those who understands the deeper purpose of the world and realizes that all these matters are vanity and emptiness which are not worth seeking revenge.Show us something with more love and less hate and leave children out of this.This show will be much better if you do this .It is loosing grounds now.The structure is falling apart.

    1. Your correct Rosey, they have to put an end to Samrat deeds because they are lossing the good things of this daily soap. First it show you how a woman can stood on her on feed and keep going on after the abussing of the husband. But in the last month they show you how a ex husband take revenge on his ex wife. So what is going on with this story.

  5. Draggggggggggginggggg the director has no good ideas worse serial

  6. Nonsense hate damini and samrat this is disgusting realy even I want to kill both of them

  7. And qubool hai is waist of time borrrrringgggg

  8. Tani believes everything Samrat says. If she were smart, she would realize that the only person Samrat is focused on is his ex-wife. I can’t wait until she wakes up and realizes the truth about Samrat, but then again, she is so dumb…… Rosey, you are so right about the witchcraft.

  9. How come Samrat was a womanizer before and now he cannot leave Urmi alone.

    I find these days the shows has too many bad people and caste black magic. I think the writer likes it.

    1. Sandy there is a saying which says ,”You never miss the water until the well runs dry.”What Samarat is doing is called DANGEROUS JEALOUSY WITH EMOTIONAL ABUSE.This is very dangerous and a person can kill the other with this type of personality.

  10. What happened to Urmi’s parents, grandma and the sister. They just disappeared.

  11. fan of the show

    Interesting that Ishan’s mother can’t accept Urmi because Urmi’s a divorcee … as if that is a whole lot worse than being an evil conspirator, liar, and perpetrator of her own son’s unhappiness…. yah, Urmi’s sooooooo much badder than Damini. Right.

  12. Urmi should have left Shaurya with his brother whilst she was going on honeymoon not in a place where she knows the boy would be in contact with Devil Samraat!

  13. Hats of to you Rosey well said what are teaching out kiddies.It it sad that the writter can show the world how low Indians are.I hate this progamme.

    1. fan of the show

      It’s a mistake to think evil is Indian or any other nationality. It’s pretty universal, or at least wherever there are humans. Insects and animals do it to eat. Hey – maybe samRat was a spider once.

  14. Oh the aggravation!! How frustrating!! Consummate the marriage already!

    1. fan of the show

      Slowly slowly they ARE consummating the marriage – it isn’t all about s*x.

  15. Whatever rosey mention that i had stated couple of days ago regarding all the shows. I think producers and directers needs to comeup with good stories worth for our money !! If you couldn’t comeup with good stroies show us our country true historical stories. The children an adults and the world will enjoy watching Indian historical stories and we are learning about our country history as well. sofar casted on Zee Tv Janci ki Rani,Buddha, Ramayanna, Mahabarath and currently showing Jodha Akbar. There is many stories like Sathiyavan and Savithri,an extra extra.!! WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE ETERNAL MAGICAL LOVE STORIES LIKE KIS DESH———.PLEASE FIND A GOOD STORY WRITERS AND CAST GOOD STORIES WE CAN ENJOY WATCHING AND WORTH FOR OUR MONEY!!!


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