Doli Armaanon Ki 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Airport lounge.
Ishaan and urmi eye as couples romance at the airport lounge. They smile at each other awkwardly, urmi shy and embarassed, while ishaan hesitant. He finally musters the courage to put his arm across urmi’s shoulders, who is slightly taken aback, but smiles neverthless. ishaan looks away pretending nothing happened. urmi terases him that he is displaying PDA after seeing other. He is hurt, while she continues taunting him, that he did because others did. he takes off his arms, while she is amused. She continues to torment him and increase his plight, while he vehemently denies. he apologises, while she gives in to huge splits of laughter, mortifying and surprising him. She says that he is scared of her, while he gets on his ego and says that he isnt scared of anyone. she inches in close to him, and herself takes his arm around her shoulders, saying that he didnt do anything wrong, as she is his wife, and he isnt doing anything wrong. they both break into splits of laughter, as she rests her head across his chest. Their eyes meet in a romantic eyelock, as they bask in the glory of their new found love. he says that he is scared of her. She takes it on herself, and its his turn to smile. the attendant announces boarding for Maldives. He asks if she intends to miss this flight, as the last call has been announced. He teases her if she is set for the honeymoon. they finally take off.

Samrat is mad thinking about Urmi and Ishaan. He says he did so much work and got no fun at all. He hopes that their plane crashes, or there is tsunami in Maldives and both die. Damini comes there happily. Samrat sees her and says she is her sasuma, but looks like a saali. She comes to him and says she never thought she would believe in Baba and all. Baba gave her solution to Urmi’s problem. Now Ishaan and Urmi will never come close. Samrat asks what he said like that. Damini says she just has to put that coconut in their room. Samrat takes coconut and asks her to hit him on his head. Damini asks what’s wrong. He tells her that she is boss in this house and she has no idea what’s happening here. He informs her about Urmi and Ishaan flying for honeymoon, all thanks to Anirudh. Damini is shocked.

She comes to Anirudh angrily and says no one has any need of her. They made such a big plan without even informing her. Now they are celebrating their honeymoon. Anirudh asks her why she’s upset. She should be happy that they are getting free time now. He asks if she’s not happy for them. She says she’s mad just because no one is giving any importance to her in this house. He says this plan was sudden, he didn’t plan it from before. And she can always talk to them on phone. Damini wishes she could call Urmi, and on saying hello, there would be blast and Urmi dies.

In night, Samrat is still mad and keeps getting thoughts about Urmi and Ishaan’s honeymoon. He wonders god knows what they must be doing.. Ishaan is “harami” already, he must be doing a lot and Urmi too will be having fun. Tani is sleeping and he asks Samrat to sleep and stops blabbering. Samrat thinks she even hears him while sleeping or what. He sleeps.

Urmi and Ishaan are getting cozy on a beach. Samrat wakes up in a shock as it was his nightmare. Tani asks him what happened. He says they were coming close. She asks who. Samrat realises it was his dream. He says him and tani were getting close and then… and then she died. Tani tells him not to worry, if someone dies in someone’s dream, then that person actually lives longer. Samrat laughs inside him. She also says she isn’t going to die like that, they will die together. Samrat tells her what great thoughts.. she cares so much about him. She asks him if he will do one thing for her. He says sure. She asks him to make a sandwich. He says she won’t like it, he will mess it up. She says no matter how it is, she will eat. Samrat thinks she’s behind him like mad.

Urmi and Ishaan arrive in hotel. Urmi is tired and wants to rest. He sees her massaging her legs. He tells her he will do it. Urmi refuses, but he insists saying he has got magic in his hands. Urmi lets him massage. She smiles looking at him. She says elders say it’s not good to make husbands massage wives legs. He says elders shouldn’t interfere in what he does with his wife. She smiles. She says it’s so beautiful here. He says just like her. And Anirudh did good by sending them here. Urmi asks no will disturb them here right, He says no one. Both have eyelock. Toaster beeps and their eyelock breaks. Ishaan says toast is ready, he will make tea. Urmi tells him no, she will do it. But he doesn’t let her stand up and says she does all work at home, so in honeymoon he will do everything. He won’t let his Urmi get off the bed. Urmi again smiles looking at him while he takes out the toast.

Anirudh, Damini, Alok and his wife are at breakfast table. Alok’s wife is wondering where Urmi is. She taunts whether they will have to go to her room and do her darshan. Damini says she is not at home, they flied for honeymoon. Alok’s wife is shocked and food comes out of her mouth. Alok asks her what happened to her. Damini says this is what happens when you don’t know what’s going on in the house. Alok’s wife also says how they can go like that. Alok asks her, then how can they go? come to her and take permission? His wife asks him to stay shut as he didn’t even take her to honeymoon. He says he did. His wife says, he took her to some lecture. Alok says they choose destination depending on wives they get. Anirudh laughs. Samrat and Tani join them. Tani tells Anirudh that she’s also newly married and she wants to go to honeymoon too, Maldives too. Damini gets happy knowing Samrat found solution. Samrat acts and asks Tani whether they must go today..can’t they go tomorrow? Tani says she wants to go today only. Damini asks Anirudh, he will get them tickets to Maldives too, right? Anirudh says of course. Damini and Samrat get happy. Samrat says in his mind, he is coming to Maldives to spoil their honeymoon. Now he will celebrate honeymoon and they will be left watching him.

Precap: Anirudh is shocked to find that Sourya has fever. Samrat looks at Damini. Damini smiles and calls Urmi later and lets her know about it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. please update it

  2. Plz give fast updates

  3. Any more update?

  4. this serial is prolonging the inevitable in all the serials up to now the actors are taking toooooooooo long to consummate their marriage these writers just do a whole pack of shit with everything so long urmi and Ishaan married it is about time they do the do and comsumate their marriage in satrangi sasural same thing in kum kum bhagya same thing in bhandan same thing in jamai raja same thing I believe these writers have a pattern they follow with all their serials the same thing happens in all of them and that is what making these serial out to be a lot of shit writers improve yourselves and then you will see improvement in your scripts imagine in doli armaano ki one man samrath doing all in his power even sawing off a leg of the bed so that urmi and Ishaan cannot consummate their marriage what bull shit is this this takes the cake LOL come on writers toooooooooo much childish games in these serial they are all grown men and women let them play their part and act so

  5. plz update

  6. Good going Urmi go on and enjoy yourself with the guy who will make your dreams come true.

  7. I hope Anirudh not stupid enough to send Samrat and Tani Maldives behind Ishaan and Urmi. His brain better be working better than that!!!

    1. I also hope he sent them somewhere else. Or, he sends Samrat and Tani somewhere else.

  8. Well u crazy for s*x huh? 😉

  9. Ishaaaaan…… love uuuuuuuuu♥♥♥……hw cute he is . ……i dont want anyone interfering in their honeymoon ……. directr plsss sent tht samrat somewhere else for honeymoon

  10. Urmi been through a lot. she deserved happiness in her married life. creative cast please don’t ruin her honeymoon trip. Samrat couldn’t take it his ex wife with other man.

  11. fan of the show

    I hope they just SAID Maldives and actually went somewhere else.She could lead him on the wildest goose chase.

    I wonder if they will show how Urmi figured out he had destroyed the bed. Maybe he will be too injured to travel now.

    1. fan of the show

      Oh, right, now they will be coming home because of Shaurya. It”s tough having to leave him in enemy territory – something was bound to happen.

    2. Urmi found the saw Samrat left under the bed. She had gone back to her room to pack and change before leaving.

    3. fan of the show

      Musta missed that episode. Thanks.

  12. This story is just something else, Urmi won’t finish her honeymoon, will have to come back. Worse, Shaurya will be diagnosed with cancer. What is all this crap?? I don’t get it. Urmi never gets a moments peace, every time it looks like she’ll be happy, it’s snatched away before she enjoy that little moment.

    1. fan of the show

      Did the cancer diagnosis come in a spoiler or something?

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