Doli Armaanon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence and trisha’s Hostel
The sound of urmi’s phone ringing alarms amrit and he stands instad of moving out. he turns around, and urmi ducks. She sees from hiding, that he is going towards the cell phone and is shocked. As he goes onto pick it up, she stands up and says that the phone is hers. She takes the phone. amrit says that he thought that it was aditi’s phone. urmi begins a conversation, trying to sound that she is talking to anu, and is surprised when she finds him walking to shashi’s room. Her husband looks away, while shashi asks what does he want. he says that he wants a chance to be able to serve them, as his own parents stay afar, and hence didnt get the chance to serve them, and now he doesnt miss them, with this family around. he says that he just wants to press shshi’s husband’s feet. shashi is shocked and says that they cant do that. Her husband says that they dont need this drama, as he has real sons to take care of him. amrit goes to apologise and asks for a chance to serve him once. he begins to press, but shashi’s husband takes his feeta way. shashi is shocked and asks him to agree to amrit’s wish, and consider him as his own son. He resignedly agrees, while amrit too apologises saying that this would be his penance. amrit is happy when he finds that his plan is working. he begins to press his feet. urmi tells tha entire incident to trisha, who’s boggled as to who it could be then. urmi finds amrit coming out, and cancels the phone. she hides behind the qall, and finds amrit stealthily steeping out, when in carelessness, she accidentally throws off a photo frame on the floor causing a noise. she stealthily looks out of hiding, and is relieved to find that it didnt alram amrit and that he left. she nervously comes out of the kitchen and finds the hall empty. A sudden hand on the shoulder alarms her, and she turns around to find amrit asking her that she hasnt slept yet. she says that she wanted to eat pickles and hence came down. he asks her not to get stressed, and have rest. she asks him why hasnt he slept. he says that he was about to go. Biding her goodnight, he goes to his room, and shuts the door, while she is tensed. she calls trisha asking her where is she, and when she knows that trisha is outside in the hostel, she tells trisha that she should go inside and tells her that amrit too has gone to sleep. trisha is scared to sleep, but urmi convinces and advises her to go and sleep, as rest is very essential so that her training isnt hampered. she asks her not to be scared as nothing would happen. trisha thinks that urmi is right and decides to go to her room. But just then the lights go off, and trisha is tensed and sends off the guard to find out whats the matter. trisha says that she wont be able to sleep in the scare of darkness and decides to go to saroj’s place.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Even after walking for a long distance, she doesnt find any auto and decides to go on the main road, to look for an auto. She tries to hire an auto, and distracts the attention of leering leeches, in the middle of the night. she avoids them and moves aheda. they decide to follow her, and and then pass leering comments at her, while asking her to go along with them only. they corner her from all fours, while she tries to run away scared and angry too. One of them grabs her hand, but she jerks it of, and runs away, while they all run after him. She runs dishevelled with them in tow. Finally, she arrives in an isolated storehouse, with boxes kept, and hides in one of them. But doesnt realise that it gets locked automatically from outside. she hears them approaching, and is very scared as they begin to search around. But they dont find her anywhere, as she sits silenced inside the box, hoping that they dont catch her. finally, they give away their search and leave from there, cursing her good luck. After having ensured that noone is around, she tries to lift the lid open, so that she can get out. to her horror, she finds that the lid is shut tight, and gets very scared. She looks around for her phone. meanwhile, urmi is about to change into nightclothes. Trisha calls up urmi dishevlled and distraught, hoping that only she can save her. trisha tells urmi that she is locked inside a trunk. urmi is surprised and asks her to tell clearly. trisha explains everything. urmi is distarught to hear all this. trisha says that she cant breathe and that she doesnt know what to do, and wants her help, saying that she is claustrophobic. Trisha says that she is very suffocated inside, and isnt getting any breath of air, and would die soon, if not released. urmi is shocked and apalled at her trauma and says that she doesnt need to be scared and assures her that she would come rightaway. she asks trisha to tell her rightaway, where is she. When trisha isnt able to give her a correct address, urmi is apalled as to how she would search. To add agony to scare, trisha finds her battery of the cellphone dwindling,a nd tells urmi about it. Urmi asks her not to lose hope so soon, and that she would find her otu and get her safe. she rushes out of the room and down the stairs, in haste.

Urmi is about to step out, to help trisha, when a hand stops her, and she turns around scared and tensed. she finds that its kanchan, with sleepy eyes, who has stopped her. kanchan reminds her of the Lunar eclipse and that she cant go out, as its harmful for the unborn child. she asks urmi to come inside. Before urmi can explain, kanchan’s daughter wakes up and distracts kanchan, who goes after her. she asks urmi to come inside, telling that the child shouldnt even be in the shadows of the eclipse as it causes harm on the child’s birth, and leaves. urmi is shocked and tensed remembering shashi’s words, and kanchan’s warning. she turns around to find the moon going into lunar eclipse. After kanchan leaves, urmi stands in the doorway. urmi is in a dilemma wondering what kind of an exam this is, on one hand Its trisha’s safety and on th other hand, her child’s life. she is tensed. she says that her responsibility says that she has to go to save her sister’s life, and she wouldnt shy away from it for anything. She makes up her mind, thinking that as far as the child is concerned, then the safety of her child is in the Lord’s hands, and asks the lord to protect the child, so that he isnt harmed. she prays to the lord before stepping out of the house. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Urmi, on the road, arrives at the same point, where trisha had met those hooligans. she identifies them to be the same opnes, and decides that first she has to save herself from being seen by them, and then go onto save trisha. She hides behind the wall. Her phone starts ringing, and they are alarmed wondering whose phone rang. urmi runs from there, while they all search around wondering whose phoen was ringing. while trying to outrun them in haste, so that she doesnt fall in trouble, her leg accidentally falls on a boulder and she falls on the ground, as her legs give away. she lets out a scream.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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