Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Beachside
Urmi is shocked, while damini angrily tries to get in, but sandhya stops her. Damini is enraged, and rushes out from there, as sandhya smiles. urmi eyes ishaan in shock and in a boggled state. Damini and sandhya leave. Soon after, urmi too rushes out from there. Ishaan stands distraught, and then rushes out after her. She runs out all the way to the outside. When ishaan comes out, he is apalled as he doesnt find her.

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Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
damini is enraged at ishaan, while sandhya tries to get her against urmi. damini is not able to believe, saying that she never knew urmi could do this, as she trusted her so blindly. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, to tell her that she had told her so. damini says that urmi is an outsider, and how could her own son do this. Sandhya continues to taunt her that he isnt thinking straight, being dazzled in urmi’s love. Damini says that she wont let urmi succeed in her motive, as noone can separate her from her son. Sandhya says that time shall tell, but right now, urmi captures ishaan’s heart, who is blindly in love with him. She says that now her obedient son is out of her control, as urmi has captivated her. Rati comes out saying that tani isnt in the house, and has gone. She gives damini the letter that tani has written, saying that she has left the house, asking them not to search for her. damini throws the paper away in disgust. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, saying that her children are going out of her hand, and that this is too bad, and asks her what shall she do now. Seeing damini tensed, sandhya is amused. damini shows anirudh the letter, saying that this is what he wanteds, as due to his stern behaviour, tani had to take this step. He says that he was right. She asks what was right, and reminds that this isnt his, but their home, and tani is their daughter. He asks how can she blame him, for her fault of getting tani out of control. Sandhya’s husband tells them that tani isnt picking the phone. damini is tensed as to how she could be. Sandhya tries to put fuel into fire, saying that she is a young woman, and anyhing can happen to her, given the company she is in. Her husband asks her to be quiet. They talk about informing the police. He asks how long would friends let her be, and that within a couple of days she would be back. She asks how would they know about tani, if they dont involve the police. But anirudh is adamant. Ishaan returns just then, dejectedly. damini gets angry at him too, while sandhya waits wondering whats the drama that is to follow. Rati asks about tani, from ishaan, and he says that he doesnt have a clue. sandhya taunts him if he even has the time out of his busy life. Anirudh tells ishaan that tani left the house, and he is shocked, asking where she went. Rati tells about the letter. ishaan begins to call, but damini says that it isnt needed, as they shall handle it all, as he is so busy in his life, hence they dont have time. She says that she is to be blamed, as she has pampered them so much, that they are doing what they wish. He asks why is she saying so, and what has he done. She says that she is right. Anirudh asks why is she taking out her frustration at him. She says that she is saying the truth. He asks her what does she mean. She says that tani was always like this, but ishaan is a child that always did them proud, and never do anything, that can hurt his mother, and then asks why did he do this, and asks how and why can he love a divorcee and a mother of one child, and asks if he didnt think of her even once. Sandhya thoroughly enjoys it. She tells to everyone, that he loves urmi and even proposed her today. All are shocked. damini says that urmi shall never come in this house. Anirudh is shocked, while sandhya enjoys the drama. Ishaan stands shocked too.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Urmi remembers ishaan’s double meaning sentences, as she connects the dots together, right from before her marriage, and then remembers ishaan’s proposal. She is boggled and tensed. she gets sanaya’s call, and composes herself, and then picks up. Sanaya apologises saying that she must be wondering where did she disappear. she tells urmi that Samrat took her to Goa, and proposed her for marriage, and that too a secret marriage, and wants to spend some time alone. urmi is tensed, and tries to voice her reservations, saying that marriage is noble, and needs elders’ blessings, then how can she do this alone. Sanaya says that she is too excited. Urmi again asks her to take care of herself, and know what she is doing. sanaya says that she is, and samrat is taking care of her, and says that she shall send her some pics of him. urmi complies.

The next morning, children throng urmi about ishaan’s girlfriend, while she is irritated. She gets ishaan’s call and gets tensed. He is tensed when she doesnt pick up. Chiku assumes that she never liked ishaan’s girlfriend. Asha too comes to get her frustrated. shaurya decides to call ishaan, and urmi angrily asks him to put the phone down. he silently complies. all are tensed. Urmi tells them that they are children, and shouldnt involve themselves in such things. Shaurya apologises. chiku says that they should leave, as its for their good. They leave. Asha continues to pester urmi about his girlfriend. urmi gives an excuse that she had an urgent work, and hence left, before she could meet his girlfriend. To distract her, urmi asks asha for a cup of coffee, and she rushes to the kitchen. She gets a message from sanaya that she is sending her Samrat’s pictures. she gets interested.

Scene 4:
Location: Goa Beachside and urmi’s residence
Sanaya and samrat enjoy their romance at the beachside, while he continues trying to flirt with her. He finds her busy on her cell phone, and pretends to be fake angry, that she is paying more attention on her cellphone, raher than him. Sanaya says that she was just sending a message to urmi. samrat gets tensed. He frustratedly asks her why and what messsge did she send. She casually says that she just sent some of his pics to her. He is shit terrified to hear this. He asks if she has gone mad. she asks why is she reacting if he has sent, as if he has to hide something. She is boggled, and asks why is she so upset. He composes his mood, thinking that this idito girl did something so stupid, that could ruin all chances. He says that he got her here to be alone, and send some quality time with her, but she is busy pleasing her best friend, and hence he doesnt want her to have anybody interrupt their quality time from now on. She agrees and hugs him. Samrat thinks that if urmi has seen the picture, then she would try her level best to stop their marriage, and he cant allow that.

Meanwhile, Urmi waits for the pictures to be downloaded, as the net works slow. when it finally does, she sees that its samrat, and is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Gaurav is shocked, when he finds urmi packing and telling him, about samrat’s motives of taking sanaya to Goa. She says that she would have to stop the marriage at any cost. She arrives there. While sanaya and samrat are partying, urmi too comes by the beachside, trying desperately to find out where sanaya and samrat are.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Meant Urmi and Ishaan being together . Samrat getting sentenced back to prison

  2. I guess with every soap there must be some drama. Hope the end result would be Urmi and Ishaan and Samrat returing to prison

  3. Urmi is in denial. Too afraid of entering any relationship. Poor Ishaan will have to think of other ways to win her or else it will remain as unrequited love. What’s wrong with his parents anyway? Why can’t they accept Urmi just because she’s a divorcee with a child? Running to Goa to save Sanaya or is she trying to run from Ishaan. Ishaan will probably go after her to Goa and then there will be a huge four cornered drama Sanaya-Samrat-Urmi_Ishaan…..

    1. fan of the show

      I think they will hurry the mrriage and Urmi will get there too late.
      Nevertheless, if the marriage happens, then get a divorce right away before any violence can happen.

  4. Urmi I guess has a problem. She never should have hasitated in accepting ishaan’s proposal dispite all odd as he was always there with her in all her problems. And. If she claimed she is a gud friend, she should have understood his feeling thru this six years. And why is she always adamant in solving others proble$ but can’t solve her own?

    1. fan of the show

      They seem to be getting along fine without marriage – why spoil a good thing?

  5. Wonderful episode

  6. I agree with you Deb she’s so busy in Ishan’s life that she forgot that she has a daughter who is going astray…Tani needs someone to straightened her out why is she at every party i thought these ppl lived for their reputation and would die for it also, so how comes they have a daughter who is ruining it i just don’t understand

  7. I don’t understand why it is so terrible for Ishaan to be in love with, & want to marry, Urmi. She is not some low class hussy. She is a wonderful, hard working, loving, smart business woman. Ishaan is not a boy, he is a lawyer, why does his mother think that ‘she’ needs to find a wife for him? This is tooooo ridiculous for words.also, writers, how can Urmi be so dumbfounded by Ishaan’s proposal? Come on now, I personally, am bored by these characters who are portrayed as being better than others because they have money. I could be wrong, but Ishaan’ mother does not work, right Urmi’s character is a self made woman who never gave up, against all odds. OYYne would If you are a born again believer, the Spirit of God lives in you, if you are not a born again believer, that can change as son as you ask Jesus to forgive your sins and receive him as your Saviour. Believe in your heart & confess with your lips that JESUS IS LORD & that God raised HIM from the grave, you will be saved. Rom

    1. No idea where the words OYYne etc came from. Sorry for confusion. I tried to remove them, but could not.

    2. fan of the show

      You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with Urmi-Ishaan match. BUT, the soap is portraying how narow-minded people can be at the word “divoree”.

    3. fan of the show

      Ad also showing how tough it is for divorcees even when they were the victim, not the perp.

  8. too bad for Samrat and Ishaan.

  9. this soap has also become one of the soaps that has gone downhill not interesting anymore so I do not have much to comment

    1. fan of the show

      They have to develop new story lines with the new characters. Give it time. There are several new crisis developing already along with the theme of unfair treatment towads women by society. That’s why I watch it.

  10. Very interesting episode. But how will Urmi stop the wedding?? Poor Ishaan!

    1. fan of the show

      Probably when Urmi tries to tell her friend, she won’t listen. I read somewhere that love happens in a different part of the brain than reason, and that’s why people in love don’t listen to reason.

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