Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
urmi is shocked at samrat’s anger, at the mention of a sister in law. She says that she was just trying to. Samrat says that she shouldnt talk nonsense, as he doesnt like it, and she should take care of that from now on. As samrat leaves in anger, urmi thinks that she unnecessarily brought up the topic, and spoiled his good mood. She wonders why it upset him so much, an d maybe he misses a sister. she wonders how to make up his mood now.

Later, when ishaan is on the terrace, urmi comes to him. She says that she has made Halwa for samrat and asks him to taste if its okay. ishaan tastes it and makes a tensed face. urmi gets serious, that there’s something wrong. but he relieves her by saying that its fantastic and very

tasty. urmi scolds him for teasing. she asks if samrat would like it. he says that he would and would go a fan of his cooking. He asks her to spare some for him too, and then feed samrat. urmi complies, and then tells about her honeymoon trip. ishaan hears this and congratulates her. Shashi overhears urmi excitedly telling ishaan how samrat has gifted her with a honeymoon package, to go to Goa, to spend their honeymoon. Ishaan says that he is coming also, as instructed by samrat. Urmi is happy that they would all have fun together. He thanks her for the halwa.

In the kitchen, kanchan is angry about the fact that there is no pickle in the house. The servant offers to clear it, when shashi gets angry about the kitchen being in a mess. Kanchan says that its urmi’s fault, as she got excited about giving it to samrat. Kanchan says that its very good, and asks if she tasted it oo. shashi angrily says that noone felt the need. Just then, urmi comes in and asks her to taste it, as after she couldnt find her, she had to go to Ishaan to get a view. Urmi gives some to shashi, and she applauds her for making such a wonderful halwa. She compliments urmi for being such a good cook, and praises her and blesses her to be happy always. Just then samrat hollers for urmi. She begins to go. but shashi stops her saying that she should add dry fruits, while she herself goes to see what samrat wants. as urmi gets busy, Shashi thinks that by the time she gets halwa, she would spoil her honeymoon plan. she goes to samrat while he is busy in his work. Shashi tries to initiate a conversation with him. she says that since he got married, he has distanced himself from her. samrat says that he talks all the time. She says that he is going for the honeymoon and didnt even tell her. He says that he isnt going very far and it isnt very important too. She hesitatingly says that she had said no earlier. he says that now his mood has changed, and asks why is she so tensed, and asks if he has done anything wrong. She says that its very happy news, and asks why is ishaan going, with a newly married couple. she says that she should keep urmi away from his friends. Samrat hollers at her and asks what is she trying to say. He says that ishaan was going to goa, and he too made up a plan to go with him. Shashi says that she didnt know this, and resigns that its good that they are going. She is worried though, that her plan failed.

Urmi gives her sweets. And samrat gets happy at the taste. She asks if he has forgiven her. He remembers his anger and asks if she’s bribing him to be in a good mood. she tensedly replies no. He asks her straight if its a yes or no. He says that its a good effort and she shouldnt repeat this mistake again. she gets a call, and talks to anu. She tells urmi that trisha has given the UPPSC exam, and if she clears it, then she would be posted here in the police Dept. after the phone call, Urmi excitedly tells samrat that trisha has given the UPPSC exam, and if she clears it, then she would be posted here in the police Dept. samrat’s face gets tensed hearing about trisha, and urmi senses her mistake. samrat says that only in films do girls look good in police uniforms, and not in real life. He starts taunting her about trisha and her heroic stint if she gets into the police. she trivialises the matter, and gives the empty bowl to urmi to keep it in the kitchen. Urmi resignedly leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: urmi’s residence
Meanwhile, anu is head over heels in love with ishaan and is in her first love puppy phase, filling out diaries with her emotions, thinking about ishaan. She gets shocked as gaurav takes her diary. she gets scared that gaurav might get to know about her feelings with ishaan. but she is relieved when gaurav starts teasing her. she gets angry and asks about her diary. but he tesaes her and says that he would read her diary today. She is scared. He says that he would find out today. He starts teasing her. Saroj comes to anu’s rescue and takes it from gaurav and gives it to anu. They both start teasing anu. Anu says that only ishaan didnt tease or scold her. As they start discussing, she again gets into daydreaming about ishaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, as Samrat reads the newspaper, and urmi is getting ready, he lustily eyes urmi’s bareback, in a thread laced blouse. He says that she can go down later, and asks her to come towards him. She says that she has household duties. she says that she has lots of work, and she has to go down before shashi comes down, as she has worked enough for long years and kanchan too is in a delicate condition. He asks her to go later after coming to him first. He asks her to work later. She says that she told yesterday to shashi that she would make brekfast tomorrow, and now everybody would get food late. He pulls her towards him, and says that he doesnt know this, and its on her to clarify whatever she wants to downstairs, but he knows what he has to do. She gets shy and finally gives in.

In the kitchen, kanchan is working in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Shashi comes down asking if the breakfast is ready. kanchan says that she just started getting ready for the breakfast. Shashi asks about urmi and is told that she hasnt come down yet. She gets very angry at this brash behaviour. urmi, coming downstairs, overhears Shashi talking angrily, that she thought she would be free once the other bahu comes, but here everyone is doing their free will. As shashi sees that urmi has heard it, she gets tensed. urmi is shocked to hear this from her. The screen freezes on Urmi’s face.

Precap: urmi lies to shashi saying that samrat had a headache, and hence she got late. Shashi gets tensed, and immediately goes to look for him. But urmi stops her saying that she has already applied the balm and he is feeling better now. When samrat comes down, shashi gets tensed. She asks samrat about the headache. Samrat, oblivious of urmi’s excuse, says why would he have a headache all of a sudden. Urmi’s lie comes to surface. urmi is embarassed at having been caught red handed lying. Shashi furiously eyes urmi.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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