Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Guesthouse
While being interrogted and grilled, by Shashi and kanchan insistently, She starts crying profusely. Shashi tells radha that her crying isnt going to help, and that she would have to be thrown out, unless she tells them who is she wearing the mangalsutra for. She asks radha to tell everything. All tensedly wait for radha to speak, while Samrat is shocked. When she doesnt, shashi asks her to be thrown out, as her husband would fend for her. samrat meanwhile is shocked as to what would happen now, and intervenes asking where would she go, in this dire situation. radha is scared. Samrat asks her to tell it to everyone, while shashi is shocked. He puts the idea in their mind, that maybe she wore it in god’s name. Kanchan asks if she wore this in God’s name. samrat takes this point, while shashi is confused. He says that radha keeps going to the temple, and then radha too succumbs to this lie only. kanchan’s gesture immediately chnges, while samrat breathes a sigh of relief. Shashi is still baffled, while all others smile at all this. shashi asks radha why wasnt she saying anything. samrat asks them to get to work. radha is still scared, while shashi is frustrated. samrat hollers at all of them to get going with unpacking.

In her room, while radha is in incoherent tears, saying that she had to lie. Samrat says that he too doesnt like this. radha asks him to share this with the fanily. He asks if she is thinking of ruining him. She vehemently denies. He asks her why is she doing this then. She says that its their family, and they wouldnt do him any harm if they know this. He wonders how to get out of this situation, as she has driven him nuts. He composes himself, and says that he can say, but this fact can be used against him in any which way, as he doesnt trust anyone, and one mistake can spoil them forever, and he wont get a divorce, and she wouldnt be able to become his wife. she says that she udnerstands but she doesnt like to lie. he asks her to sit down, and says that she is doing good, and that god would repay her back, as lies told for a good intention is good. He says that once all this is over, then he would stand for her. He then tries to emotionally blackmail her, if she doesnt believe him, as he did exactly what she said, and then now if anything happens, he would kill himself. this works, and she falls for this sweet trap.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi wonders who that girl is. Ishaan says that whoevere she is, she would help them. urmi asks why would she give testimony for them, against samrat. ishaan says that she is being tortured by samrat, and when they tell her what urmi went through with samrat, she would stand up for urmi, being a woman herself. urmi asks why would she believe them, as she doesnt know. He asks her not to be a pessimist, and think about how can give her info about that girl. she says hat aditi was there, but now there’s noone who can tell her about them. he asks her to think of someone else then. Urmi gets an idea, and says that there’s one person who can tell them. He asks her to approach that person, and find out, and urmi gets to thinking.

Scene 3:
Location: In the market
The next morning, while urmi waits impatiently, she is happy to find mukti having come to meet her. mukti says that he found safe time out, to come without anyone seeing him. She thanks him and then asks about his well being. Mukti says that he doesnt like it at home, as everything has changed, and samrat is goingfor the worse with each passing day. He asks whats the problem, and if everything is okay. She says that all is okay, and tells about shaurya’s custody case, and says that she needs his help. He tells about the family shifting to the guesthouse, for renovation of the original mansion. She then asks about the new girl. Mukti identifies her as radha, and then tells her everything, as to how she came here, and that she isnt married. she says that she knows that she is married. He says that he doesnt know of her being married. urmi is baffled, wondering whats the matter. She asks if he knows anything else. Mukti tells all that he knows. Mutki asks her not to tell samrat that he came here to meet her. she assures him that she wont say anything, and then mukti takes his leave. urmi meanwhile is baffled about radha.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi comes home and relates everything to ishaan. they think that there’s more to the situation than it seems. They are boggled, about radha’s marital status. She isnt hopeful that radha would help them, as kanchan wont let her to, as even rudra didnt support her. ishaan says that there’s no fault in trying, as they have to gather evidence against samrat to prove that he is characterless. urmi however is sure, that there’s noone in that family who would stand up for her, and testify against samrat in the court.

Scene 5:
Location: Niranjan’s office
While Niranjan glaots about his victory on the phone, samrat comes in. samrat comes in complimenting him that he called him even before the time limit, and that the minute his ass was on fire, he came on track, and starts ranting bout how smart he is, that he put a stop on niranjan’s increasing tab. Nirajan asks if he is so silly to think that samrat’s fees is what pulls him through, as he has many such clients. Samrat continues to taunt him, that he does nothing but despises his clients, and makes a fool for them. He asks him whats niranjan’s final move, that would get them an assured victory. niranjan says that there’s a way. He says that they would have to buy the judge of the family court, and that they wont have to resort to false witnesses, and false testimonies. Samrat is tensed, asking what he thinks of himself, and if he is a fool. He asks why he needs his lawyer then, if he has to bribe the judge. He says that from this moment, he is off the case. niranjan says that the judge isnt his relative, and if he goes to bribe him, he would be sent to jail. samrat says that noone can do that to him. Niranjan says that anybody cant go in and bribe the judge, as thats handled by highly trustworthy people. He says to samrat that unfortunately for him, niranjan is running his case, and he better be good to his own lawyer. Niranjan eyes him tersely while samrat fumes with anger and frustration. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ishaan asks urmi that now they would have to come up with something really strong, to prove once and for all, that samrat is completely incapable for shaurya’s custody. she asks what. Meanwhile, radha is emotionally blackmailed by samrat, saying that he is in such worse conditions, due to urmi, having driven him nuts, that he says anything to anyone, and vents out his frustration and lashes out at whoever’s before him. He successfully managers to get her sympathy, and then leaves. radha says that she cant see samrat being in such a tormented state anymore. She says that she would have to meet urmi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    1. fan of the show

      Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, don’t give p yet – you may like the spoiler – hope it’s right.

  1. Boggassssssss….. :-p

  2. fan of the show

    Hey! a new top picture!

  3. fan of the show

    Let’s hope Radha spurned wll become samRat’s biggest enemy
    Also let’s hope that Urmi gets out her black and blue face for the court – wouldnt that disqualify samRat as a responsible parent?

  4. Today’s updtes

  5. Where is today’s update 12/14/14

  6. Hello guys….. Rimjhim may we please have today’s updates

  7. pls yaar update episode on 24/12/14

  8. fan of the show

    Will do my best – others can fill in what I left out

    samRat=still harrassing the lawyer, demanding to be brought before the judge himself to bargain a lower bribe than 5 million, lawyer looks like he could be taking him for a ride; also yelled badly at Radha for asking him why he came home late; later had to appease her depression with more lies

    Radha =got yelled at by samRat for buggng him about where he was and why he was late and was told she should stop behaving like a wife; she got depressed and was crying all day in front of the family but not telling them what was the matter, later samRat lied to her that she is the wife and if she doesn’t understand what he’s going through who would – emotional backmail

    Anu = Urmi consoled her and told her to forget the past and move on, the family wants her to get married. Anu misunderstood that Urmi was telling her to marry Ishan

    Ishan and Urmi=discuss the case, Urmi worries, Ishan tells her to have faith God will help

    Anything else I left out?

  9. Thanks fan of the show….. 🙂 i owe u one

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