Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
Shaurya asks diya to explain what happened, as she goes back through her nightmare. He and her family is apalled to know that it was a gangrape. She breaks down, while he composes and comforts her. her family is shocked. Shaurya leaves. Devesh continues to reprimand the parents for giving too much freedom to diya, that resulted in this. Nirmala asks him to shut up, but he goes on a rant, if they are proud now that their daughter is raped. He asks how many voices she shall stop, when everyone tells them tomorrow, and that the society shall shame them, and that he would have to bear the brunt of it. Nirmala asks him to shut, while he says that he wont, as they all ruined him, as he would be the guy whose sister was gangraped, and that he wont be allows in any office. his father asks him to shut up, while he is in a self pity mode. Diya gets up and rushes out, and starts running towards the roof, with severe pain in her abdomen, with her father after her. she reaches the rooftop, while they ask her to stop this madness. she reaches the railing, and is haunted by devesh’s words, and gets suicidal ideas, as she looks down. She places her feet on the pipeline, and stands on the rails, while her father catches her at the last minute. devesh too rushes there. her father asks her what was she just about to do, while she asks him to let her die. They are apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Nupur gets tea for chiku, while as usual he cringes in her presence, which amuses her. They as usual get into a verbal spat, which alarms asha as she enters. Chiku reprimands her how can she keep a cheapster like this in the house. nupur gets angry and verbally abuses him in her folk tone. Chiku asks asha what were she and gaurav thinking when they decided to keep her here. he walks out in a huff. asha asks nupur what is she upto. Nupur clarifies that she started first. Asha is frustrated with her too.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
urmi is shocked to know that it was a gangrape. shaurya is angry at karan for his callousness, as she was his responsibility and now that she needs him the most, he deserted her. She says that this is the society, where the girl is reprimanded for everything, while the same guys shall be discarded as having done a mistake. She tries to point out the double standards that the society has for men and women. he asks whats the basis of this society, and is angry at the men, as to why they did this to her, and turned a bright and bubble girl, into a nightmare having ruined her life. he is apalled, while she says sternly that this is the easiest way to force themselves on women. she says that they shall not be quiet and raise a voice, and get diya back, mentally and physically, as she has broken down. He says that he doesnt have a clue how to help her, but he is sure that whatever happens to him, the culprits shall be punished. She says that then diya shall have to file a police complaint, and asks him to explain to diya, as the final decision is just hers. He is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Diya’s residence
Shaurya reprimands devesh for being such an irresponsible brohter, and asks him to undertand what could have happened. He asks if he even for once thought that she isnt at fault but her criminals are.
he says that the people are at fault, and asks if he thought about punishing them. devesh says that they are tolerating diya, as she is their family. shaurya reminds him this, as she needs her family, her brother and his love and support, and asks him why cant he understand this. Devesh angrily says that he doesnt want to and cant. he asks shaurya not to meddle in their business. Shaurya asks if he shall be able to forgive himself, if diya does something fatal. devesh thinks for a second, and then says that he is okay, and it would have been good, that she hadnt returned, or best she would have died, so that they wouldnt have had to see this day, as she and him would have gotten salvation. Shaurya is shocked.

In diya’s room later, Shaurya motivates that the weak commit suicide, and she isnt one, as she has never cared for her life, in her fight for justice. He asks her to ignite the old diya for the sake of giving a lesson to the justice. he reminds her how she took up journalism and her success stories, in providing justice to the victim and getting the culprits punished. He says that he shall not te2ll her what to do, as in the end, it only matters what she wants, and once she starts walking towards the light of hope and justice, all the darkness around her shall itself vanish that she is drowning in right now.

Shaurya keeps doing the same thing day in and day out, motivating her to stand up for her rights, and think about what she wants, and not what she society or the world wants. She stands stoically. he gets up. As he is about to go, she calls out to him. he turns around to face him. She asks him if he shall take her to the police station to file a complaint. shaurya smiles. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Diya’s father tells her that she should remember one thing, that if she steps foot outside today, then she is dead to them and they are dead to her. diya is apalled and distraught, while shaurya faces her sternly, wondering if she shall succumb to the pressure.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I don’t know whether devesh is diya’s brother r shaurya is?? What a selfish guy telling her sister faults fr whatever happened without her knowledge and with karan’s irresponsible walk during the night in the road Whre no people was there? ? There is a devil inside the home itself and no need fr the society as her mother feels fr the society.

    1. fan of the show

      Devesh is the brother. He has been portrayed as weak and full of self-pity and self-righteousness since he was put in the story. He lacks self-confidence because he doesn’t have a job. But every scene shows him hanging around the house, not out looking for work.

    2. fan of the show

      When devesh says it would have been better if Diya died, it shows how stupid he really is – that would mean he would have to take over supporting the family financially. Duhhh..

    3. Is not this just lazy.In this real world there are many Devishes in the home.Sit around and be dependent on some one. Just a lazy couch potato.He needs to get up and take responsibility for his own life.

    4. fan of the show

      I agree, but first he has to GET A LIFE.

    5. fan of the show

      And her father is playing the same game – threatening the one person who was supporting the whole family. Buncha dumb bunnies they are.

    6. fan of the show

      Shaurya is Diya’s boss at the newspaper.

    7. S . U r right Bt I meant him as he is so caring than her brother cares fr her

    8. fan of the show

      Right nisha, Shaurya really cares for her – she used to annoy him all the time but he knew her worth to the paper. Now he is just showing his compassion and is trying to lift her out of this after-shock state she is in. Each episode she makes a little more progress. His dedication to the task is developing into love. If he told the rest of the family he really loves her, I wonder if they would get off their self-pity trip and help him more, because now Diya has a chance to get her life back and be with somebody who will care for her and they won’t have to worry about who says what or who will marry her.

  2. fan of the show

    Diya’s whole family still hasn’t come to terms with themselves. They are still lamenting their own fate and not showing concern and support for Diya. Losers.

    1. They are indeed losers.You know what, every human being has a good heart but human struggle is two conflicting inclinations to either do the right thing or to be selfish.Therefore the mother and the rest of the family has to beware of the inner struggleand increase their capacity to choose good and reach out a hand and help their daughter who needs them at this time of her plight.

  3. The problemis,the whole family was taking Diya for granted,now she needs them but they are not concern,whose is the society?us,who make judgment?us,so why all these?it means they dont care about her,

    1. U r correct they needed her as she earned money and brought them.

    2. fan of the show

      I was thinking about your comment, that people are taken for granted.

      In that kind of situation, I think it’s good that those who are over-dependent and not contributing should feel the pinch if they don’t get that suport for a while. Then they may understand what it takes to take some responsibility, and may begin to appreciate what others do for them.

    3. When we as a society remove the mask over our faces this world will be a better place to live in.

  4. diya is so unlucky to have these selfish people as her own family this devesh was always against and jealous of diya but what surprised me is her father what a father she got her self hope stands by her self

    1. Have you ever heard of Oprah Winfrey—One of the richest black woman in the world.She was raped by a family member and got pregnant but sadly the baby died. She went through all this societal stigma . Her mother also was not on her side . Her father took her and the story continues until she lifted herself up and becme what she is today.Diya can do the same and beat all odds against her.

  5. fan of the show

    Just when she is making progreess by wanting to go to the police, her father steps in and threatens her. I expected more from him. He has also fallen into total self-pity and acceptance.rejection of society. What a big help he is. NOT.

    1. Going to the police will cause him too much exposure and fear that his societywill not accept the family.Then here comes the stigma —-The father of a victim of rape——Society will be afraid to draw near because its like a disease and family becmes alienated like people with leprosy.This is how our society works.

  6. I swear that that family is worse than Samrat!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      They ALL need a psychiatrist.

  7. Bravo Diya its not the end but just the beginning. Hope there were many Shaurya’s in this world. A lovely episode.

  8. fan of the show

    It’s good Shaurya has challenged Diya to be the role model for all women who suffer rape.

    In the USA Bill Cosby, a once beloved comic, has been charged by at least 46 women of drugging and raping. Although innocent until proven guilty, he should face the maximum punishment if he is proven to have done this. I hope his celebrity status does not get him a lesser punishment. Those who use their power and status to lure women and then take advantage of them should have their ability to do s*x permanently disabled. And be subject to those in jail who would return the “favor” and no special treatment or isolation from the other pervs in prison.

    1. If this is so no one is against the law.

  9. fan of the show

    I was hoping Shaurya would get mad and use that energy to get going on what has to happen to Diya to get her out of this.

  10. fan of the show

    I’m glad Shaurya is turning to Urmi for guidance through this mess. And glad that Urmi is determined not to stand by and watch when someone needs help. When she first came in this new phase of the show, people were thinking that she was too meek and not at all like the old Urmi. But we are seeing that she is not weak – she is decisive and intelligent.

    1. Urmi always try to remain a human being in every way by keeping in touch with herown feelings and being sensitiveto the feelings of others. She taught Shaurya the same and this is why he is also compassionate.

  11. fan of the show

    Sorry to be hogging the comments section – this episode got me mad – will shut up now.

    1. Go easy and do not let this episode tear you up.

  12. It will be a good thing if Diya can control her anger.If she continues to hold on on this anger it will be like graspinga hot coal with the intent of throwing it at some one else but she is the one who will continue to get burned.Diya’s life is in her hands and no matterwhere she is now ,no matter what has happened to her in life there is no such word as hopeless for her vocabulary now because every single circumstance of her life can change..If Shaurya makes her happy she deserves to be with someone who will make her happy .somebody who will not complicate her life and somebody who will not hurt her.

  13. what I have noticed different races they handle rape differently Indians and white people have a certain pride about them when coming to rape they rather to hide the fact than to get help and this is terrible because the family is thinking more about the shame that has been brought upon them than actually helping the victim rape is not a crime to be taken lightly the a report should be made to the police without hesitation and the individual should be taken pronto to a medical institution for screening in order to get proof and to be administered the proper drugs to help them clean out and so forth in a situation like this there is no time to be thinking about shame every second counts so to hell with family pride and shame I say do the right thing and stand up for what is right and get those perportrators behind bars where they cannot hurt anyone again and they can be severely punished instead of making the victim feel like if they called it upon themselves nay this is not right rape victims become very delicate after the fact they sometimes want to give up on life and take their own life they feel a certain shame like they do not belong anymore especially with the indian race they are quick to take their life so instead of pushing them to do that give them all the love and support they need to carry on and be empathetic towards them

  14. diyas family must remember that she was gang raped which is worse and the more pressure they put on her is very detrimental right now she needs proper care and counselling so instead of pressuring her about shame my foot get her the care she needs until you are in her shoes then you could know the hell she has been through so please no more talk about shame or disgrace lets hear positive things now and do what is right

  15. so please hold your head up high and assist shaurya and urmi in the fight for your daughters life and help put those filthy men who did this awful act behind bars and take back you daughters life wipe away her tears and show her that all is well with her now

  16. sorry typographical error it should be perpetrators

  17. Shaurya’s performance is awesome.diya must make her father understand her determination and must add that they may not worry about her future as Karan is with her.Her father has to tell her the truth about karan .only then she will realise that Karan is a backless worm and understand shaurya’s stand for her and cooperate with him.get back ur courage diya:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. All the comments are interesting – but all the soapies have similar story lines – woman get abused and all the family think about is their status in society. Shame on them . Get to grips with the times and move to eradicate these low-life goons which get great pleasure of abusing others for the sake of the money-lords who pay them hansomely.

  19. Well i find diya’s family to be very silly but I’m glad she’s connecting with sharya

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