Doli Armaanon Ki 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
In his inebriated state, Samrat arrives at sushma’s residence, while urmi is fast asleep. He eyes the closed door, and tries to open it, but it doesnt open. He gets frustrated and then finds the window, in his semiconscious state. He is able to open it, but then finds a grill, covering it. He slides a log of wood, and then tries to get the door to open, and is able to successfully. Throwing the log aside, he gets inside the house, stealthily, and then shuts it back, and also bolts it from inside. He then walks through the house, trying to search for urmi, in each of the rooms, one by one. In that, by mistake, a vase falls on the floor, causing a sound, that gets urmi to wake up in tension. she walks out to check, while samrat too

walks through trying to search for urmi. As urmi switches the lights on, samrat hides behind a pillar, stealthily eyeing her. She wonders where the noise came from. She finds the window open, and goes to close it, while samrat is enraged, thinking that now she and her son’s father shall be dead now. He takes out a nylon rope to gag her. As he progresses, he has to hide back again, as a door knock, causes her to startle, and she welcomes sushma and her husband inside. As he goes on a rant, urmi offers to get tea. Sushma and her husband start talking. Samrat thinks that urmi has good luck, or else she would have been killed today. He thinks that he has a few hours left now, after that would happen, which he wants to. Outside the house, samrat thinks that he would give urmi a painful death. He storms off.

The next morning, sushma and her husband keep trying ishaan’s number, but find that he didnt pick up. They get tensed wondering as to what caused this behaviour, and wonders whether samrat’s scare got into him, and he retreated from helping urmi. but her husband thinks that there’s definitely some other reason. While shaurya irritates urmi, saying that he doesnt need any vaccination, she tries hard to get him to agree to this last one. Sushma asks him to not irritate his mother and agree to what urmi says. Sushma’s husband promises shaurya cartoons, if he gets the vaccination. He agrees and gets ready. Sushma hesitatingly brings up ishaan’s topic, asking if she had a talk with him. She denies. Sushma tries to force her into trying and looking for ishaan’s help in her case. she stoically replies that she doesnt need his help. they are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, all wait for samrat at the dining table, as its getting late. The new maid, Radha tells them that he isnt in the room, and nowhere else too, as she broomed the entire house, and didnt find him anywhere. kanchan asks shashi not to worry, as samrat must have gone out for some work. Some people come for meeting samrat, who had promised them to come and collect the check. Diwaker asks them to check in office. the people say that samrat had made an appointment at home only. all are baffled, that he isnt in the office and not at home too. Diwaker tries his number, but finds it switched off. All get tensed. diwaker apologises to them, and asks them to come tomorrow to the office. They get upset at samrat’s unprofessional behaviour, and that their reputation shall be tarnished due to this. diwaker tries to comfort, but they are beyond consolation and leaves. diwaker is angry that due to his rash behaviour, he has to listen all the time. all are confused as to whats going on, rudra says that he has no attention on anyone else other than urmi. kanchan too favours him.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s office
As diwaker comes for the meeting, he is shocked to find samrat, who never misses the accounts’ meeting, absent and then the employees and other investors, start pointing out that he has been very lax lately. Diwaker wonders what to tell them, and where’s samrat and whats occupying his mind these days.

Scene 4:
Location: In a slum locality
Samrat arrives in a dingy locality, and climbs up the stairs, to the room, of some dangerous hooligans and mafia people. He asks them for what he had ordered. They give him a pistol, branding it as A-one. He eyes the pistol, with much sadistic pleasure, as he is asked of the reason why he needs a desi pistol, instead of the licensed ones that they can afford. He shuts him, warning him to keep to his own work. samrat shuts him with a bundle of notes, saying that it wont be needed. He stuffs in the pistol in his back pocket, and leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: In the hospital and on the road
As urmi arrives with shaurya, he finds ishaan badly hurt and being taken on a stretcher. He rushes after him, and is shocked to see him like that. as urmi catches up with shaurya, running after him, she is shocked to find ishaan, hurt like that. She asks the nurse, and she says that she doesnt know, but thinks that he was in a fight, and they managed to barely save him last night, when he was brought here, in a critical condition. She asks urmi if she knows him, as the hospital is doing charity treatment. She says that she knows him very well. she wonders how did this happen and who would do this to ishaan. She is super tensed.

When ishaan regains consciousness, he asks howcome they all are here, as he finds urmi and sushma and her family with him. shaurya takes the credit for getting it all here. Sushma’s husband asks him to stay outside. Once he is gone, urmi and Tiwari Ji ask him who did this to him, and he remembers Samrat’s men, but doesnt say anything. she asks how can he not know, or if he doesnt want to say anything. he says that somebody took out his revenge on him. They are tensed, while urmi asks him to swear on her and say if samrat made this attack happen. he is left speechless, and then doesnt have any other option but to tell the truth, that samrat sent goons to kill him. urmi is shattered, and sushma and her husband are shocked. Urmi is enraged, while ishaan keeps asking to let it go, as he doesnt expect anything else from samrat, as his thinking nd ego have made him an uncontrollable animal, and his ego is so bruised, that he isnt able to tolerate this all, and hence was concerned for her. sushma wonders how can a man be like this. As he is being taken away for X-ray, he asks urmi to remain calm as she doednt need to say anything to anyone. she is stunned. ishaan leaves. She gets a call from samrat, and excuses herself. She takes the call, and samrat says that one thing is sure, that they have separated and soon would be divorced, hence he wants to meet her one last time. urmi says that she too wants to meet him, and one more thing, she has to talk a lot. he asks her to meet her rightnow. She too says that she cant wait. He gives her an address where he is waiting for her. She cancels the call. samrat says that he would set an exmaple, out of her, and sunb her infidelity and that she was still samrat’s wife and still became ishaan’s child’s mother. He decides to teach her a lesson.

when ishaan wakes up, he finds everyone around, but not urmi. He asks about her, and sushma says that she just went out. He is tensed.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Samrat is amused when urmi comes in, storming, and venting out her frustration, as to how he could do this to ishaan. He however sarcastically comments that ishaan is still alive, as he was meant to be killed. She is shocked. Samrat taunts her that he doesnt know if she would have behaved like a widow, but would have been very sad, as she couldnt see the plight and pain of her lover, and that she felt the pain of his wounds. She, unable to take it any longer, says that she does feel for ishaan, as she isnt a devil like him, but a human. Samrat confronts urmi and reprimands her, that she branded him as character less, asking if she isnt ashamed, and where was her character, when she was sleeping and spending the night, with ishaan. He frustratedly bad mouths her, and she asks him to stop his motor mouth, and asks him to remember that she isnt his property that wherever he wishes, he maligns her, and asks him to stay in his limits, as if she gets down to insulting, he wouldnt be able to show his face anywhere. She warns him not to drag ishaan in the middle, and not harm in anyway, for her. He says that he is already inside them both, as they both became explicitly involved in a physical relationship. She is shocked at what he is insinuating, when he says that she is due to give birth to ishaan’s child. He says that he wont let ishaan’s child develop in his wife’s womb and that the child would have to die. she is shocked, and he asks if she wonders how does he know, as sin cant hide for long. He points a pistol at her belly, saying that he would erase this sin, and she is dazed and shocked. She says that he has gone mad, and that he cant do this, and he says that he has gone amd, and that the pistol is out, and so shall be the bullet, as she would have to die along with ishaan’s child. She starts retreating her steps, oblivious that she is nearing the edge of the pool, asking samrat, in feeble sounds, not to. The sound of the gun shot, reverberates everyone, while urmi stands speechless. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Urmi falls in the pool, and blood splashes all over underneath her body, as it colours the entire pool red, while samrat watches in shock, venom and rage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks rimjhim

  2. Rimjhim

    u r welcome darling…..:)

  3. blo*dy samrat

  4. too bad. out of control for Samrat means the show is no more interesting.

  5. I hope that Samrat goes to jail for this, he needs to be punished for him to know that life does not revolve around him so he cannot get away with trying to kill Urmi and Ishan.

  6. fan of the show

    I wonder if there will be a witness who can identify Urmi’s shooter, or that Urmi lives and ID’s him and gets him charged. And I hope he learns that he shot at his own child. He probably won’t care….

    Can’t give her the smartness award for going alone to meet him anywhere.

  7. common on writers why the hell samrath is only getting his way and he is so animalistic yes he is a beast in human form . he ill treats urmi and her son shauyra and now urmi cannot take it anymore and leaves the place he is stalking her all the time please and casting all kinds of accusations which is not true at her. samrath is from a dysfunctional home no one there loves one another they are always fighting with each other the apple does not fall far from the tree what kind of behavior do you expect from samrath after coming from a home like that a samrath has all under control because it is his house even his father is afraid to speak out to him and his mother well she is all gone she encourages everything samrath does. samrath is a delusional madman imagine he just casts blame on anyone he sees with urmi. what I cannot farthom is that samrath does not truly love urmi or her son sharuryna yet he does not want to see her happy writers ishsaan is a good lawyer he is the only one to help urmi yet you write a script where he gets beaten up and stabbed now he is in critical condition in hospital and now to add insult to injury you write a script where samrath buys a gun and he shoots urmi in the stomach I do not mind if urmi loses his baby but do not let urmi die let her come out on top and let ishann defend urmi in court and win the case and throw samraths ass in jail for attempted murder together with his illiterate good he hired. samrath go to hell for good.

  8. throw samrath and all his illerate goons he hired in jail. samrath is uncontrollable time to get rid of him before it is tooooooooooooooooooooooo late

    1. fan of the show

      No. Not get rid of him. Keep him and make him suffer more. Make Urmi fabulously wealthy and generous to everyone but SamRat. It will further bruise his ego to see her successful., while he serves his time in jail.

  9. fan of the show

    I guess, from Gloria’s response, the writer has done a really good job of creating his villian in this show – the most hated character of all he DAK cast. I hope the actor is good to his wife when he goes home after acting such an evil egotistic self-centered furious controlling insecure manipulative etc etc etc part in this story. The impressions he creates in his mind after playing such evil might be hard to erase….

  10. ina son ishaan da urmi suyi soyayya! hope she looses the pregnancy. and starts a fresh new life with ishaan

  11. I read an interview that Mohit (Samrat) a really nice guy, he even gave Neha (Urmi) his lunch and went hungry for the day. Definitely one of the best actors on screen.

    1. fan of the show

      I agree. One of the best. Makes Adhi (Kumkum Bhagya) look expressionless like a mannequin…

  12. This episode was so dramatic. I hope Samrat goes to jail for this as this is unacceptable. He is an animal. Writers please turn this story around and have Urmi win for once.

  13. Rahemah Ali Khan

    Samrats ego has been hurt…demolished by a WOMAN…coz he feels that women are equivalent to the dust beneath his shoes…he doesn’t luv urmi but is hell bent on ruining her….but urmi is sooo dumb y did she even go meet that jerk knowing his actions….poor guy is enraged coz his ego is stained:(:(:(

  14. I wish urmi and Ishaan to be together for sometime ,then with that samrat will notice that he loves urmi and can’t witness to see her with another person

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe if they both survive they will unite in their efforts to put SamRat away for a long long time.

  15. blo*dy (Sam)Rat!!

  16. hw much eva v write/keep posting abt our views creative team has no effect on them…socialy boycott has 2 hapn wid all the serials vch shw crap like dis…yhm,ssk,ja,dabh,qh,kb, etccccc….
    when their trp’s fall then dey gona knw d value of the viewers..

    1. fan of the show

      Look for the lessons – each epsode has them. If you just want entertainment, watch the dancing shows instead of the soaps..

  17. No words are enough in this entire universe to describe how ****** up samrat is no language has a translation OMG y doesn’t he just die gosh

    1. fan of the show

      If everyone who had a bad tendency or character flaw was just killed because there was someone somewhere who did not like them, there would be so many dead that we would no longer have an overpopulation problem.

  18. This is one of the best shows on zee,it’s highlights reality..there are a lot of egotistic men out there and they treat their wives like doormat,at least this show and the writers have the guts to portray some of the things that goes on out there and women in the whole have to suffer in silence ,thank God they are making the female lead stand up for what is right and still hold her head up high…keep showing rim as strong and motivated to move on so that all those sufferers out there could see that there is always a way…

  19. The (Sam)rat is a fine actor, I’ll give him that! Really superb!

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