Doli Armaanon Ki 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Annu’s residence
Devi is shocked to see granny’s obituary in th paper and saroj is equally shocked when she gets to know. They show it to granny, and she is shocked wondering who could possibly do this, and starts cursing the person behind this. asha starts lamenting at granny’s death, while they gets frustrated with her rant and shut her up. Anu is shocked to see the news too. Devi wonders who did this and why.

Scene 2:
Location: Jhansi working women’s hostel and annu’s residence
urmi rushes through the corridors of the hostel, and goes to her room, locking the door behind her and crying to pieces. She takes the phone from shaurya, and then dials the number. she wondeers why is noone picking up the call. she dials devi’s number too but doesnt get any response. shaurya asks whats the problem. she dials annu’s number too, but it doesnt get through. she gets ready and then comes out to find if anyone’s in the lobby. when there’s noone, she comes to take shaurya, asking him to be utterly quiet. She locks her room, and then stealthily walks out with shaurya, carefully measuring each step, hiding him, whenever a lady passes by. Finally she is able to make a successful escape.

Anu and saroj are tensed looking at the continuously ringing calls, which samrat isnt letting them pick. Anu asks why arent they letting her pick the phone. samrat says that urmi is flying and that its a tarp, to get urmi back to her limits. he starts smiling, while anu and devi and saroj are shocked. granny is tensed that samrat took resort to this. He tells anu that he wont let anyone pick the call, as he doesnt want urmi to know about his being here. devi asks him to let them attend to the phone, as people would starts swamping. Samrat says that he isnt bothered for other people, but for urmi, for whom she has laid out this bait and trap. saroj starts reprimanding samrat for stooping down so low, while samrat defiantly proudly takes the credit for this all. All are shocked at granny’s callousness. granny says that today he killed her when she was alive. samrat tries to claim that he had no other option to get urmi here, ort else he should have gotten someone else killed. they all are outraged at his indecency. Saroj is furious that she isnt even being allowed to take phone from her realtives, as they would be tensed, and would come from far off distances. samrat says that urmi is the culprit behind all this, and that he doesnt care who comes from where. saroj is in a rage, but keeps quiet. anu remarks that its good that urmi left him, as he doesnt deserve to be living with someone, and that he deserves no life partner in his life. He is outraged. He starts waiting impatiently for urmi wondering where she is. saroj hopes that urmi doesnt fall in this trap. samrat starts venting out that urmi doesnt love anyone but herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi asks aditi to be ready for the abortion as samrat wont have any other way, and says that she has already scheduled an appointment for her tomorrow. kanchan and aditi are tensed. Meanwhile, rudra also finds the obituary, and tells this to everyone. all are shocked. kanchan is shocked that they didnt even get the news. shashi says that they broke all ties. while kanchan and rudra say that they have to go, but shashi is defiant, that they werent informed, and hence they wont go. aditi says that she can call straightaway, and tell Samrat, and also ask for his permission to go. As aditi calls samrat, she gives the news and tells that they are planning to go, while he snubs them off. samrat tells about his plan. Seeing aditi’s shock, others are tensed too. He asks ythem all to be there only. she cancels the call. shashi taunts that aditi was refused by samrat. rudra asks what samrat said.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road, annu’s and samrat’s residence
urmi gets in an auto, and asks the driver to take them as soon as possible. shaaurya asks why is she so tensed, while she keeps crying. Meanwhile, Aditi stealthily calls up urmi, and tells her to go back, and not go to her house, as she informs her about samrat’s trap and how he is waiting for her at her house. urmi is shocked. Urmi asks the driver to stop immediately. Aditi asks urmi not to tell samrat that she told urmi this. urmi complies.

While samrat’s impatience is venting out on urmi’s family, he is shocked to find urmi’s call. He is surprised. he picks the call. Urmi calls samrat and says that he boasts of being able to do anything, and nothing is impossible for him. She asks him that he had to stoop down so low and break all limits, that he had to take the support of her old grandmother to find out about her, by getting a fake news about her grandmother’s death. samrat is shocked. He turns around and finds everyone there. She tells him that he has gone mentally handicapped, and hence he id doing such heinous acts, and that he just has the courage to get oevr his weak family, and if he is actually strong, she asks him to let go of her and her family, as she wont come in his trap, and that he should accept that she has left him, and with time, she gets to know that the descision she made was completely right. Samrat says that she is taking him lightly. He asks if she wants to see the true person that he is. He challenges her that he would find her in two days, and then ruin her life. Saroj and others are tensed. urmi asks him to go ahead as she isnt scared of him. He is frustrated. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat reprimands the investigator that he has just two days to find out and give him news about urmi. meanwhile, urmi enters her room, to find it completely dark, and then starts searching around for shaurya, and when she isnt able to trace him, she starts running in the corridors to search for him, dishevelled and distraught at his disappearance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. good that Urmi found out

  2. yes god bless aditi

  3. Yes I am glad Urmi found out, let’s hope good things are in store for her character. Samrat is horrible. All the women he has been with should come knocking at his door with pregnancy news.

  4. Kt i beg of you don’t make me shed tears while laughing, if all the women comes knocking with pregnancy news do you think samrat is that responsible to accept them?he will only ask goons to kill all the women one after the other and his stupid mom will support him

  5. That Samrat has gone over the edge, he’s mad!!

  6. Samrat singh rathor u r going down

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