Doli Armaanon Ki 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is still tensed about samrat’s lying to tani, when ishaan comes in and asks her to forget and get over it, since she did whatever she could. she is however unconvinced and still badgers him to do this. He asks her what does she want. she says that she wants him to check on samrat’s friend, in the hospital he said he was going. He says that he doesnt know the name. she asks him to check on all accident cases today. he complies.

Shashi meanwhile is listening to tani rant about the special dishes that she shall prepare, even though urmi has refused to cook for her. She wonders that samrat hasnt come back still, as its getting very late. she asks tani to go and sleep. tani says that she wont be able to, till samrat comes back. tani calls him up, and gets irritated when he doesnt pick up. Shashi tries to say that he might be busy. Tani thinks that he can inform atleast. ishaan and urmi come down. He says that samrat shall not pick her call, as he befooled her and went out, as he didnt go to the hospital. Shashi reprimands him for instigating tani against samrat. urmi says that this is the truth. urmi tells tani that ishaan called up the hospital, and there’s no such accident case, and neither has any such person been registered, and that samrat wasnt there, citing that her doubt was right. Tani is enraged and shocked. ishaan confirms this, adding that samrat is lying. tani is shocked.

Later, as the entire family gathers, anirudh asks if ishaan is sure that samrat isnt at the hospital. Tani irritably says that she checked herself. They tell her why is she so angry now, as they were trying to tell her all along, but she never paid heed to their advices. shashi tries to say that there may be a hueg misunderstanding, as samrat never lies. tani shuts her up, angry at everyone, while shashi is surprised. tani tells anirudh and ishaan, that when samrat enters the house the next house, his arms and legs should be broken. Shashi is tensed, and asks her to reconsider and not do this. tani however reprimands shashi too, for not knowing her son, when urmi says that she knows her son too well, and knew that he had lied to his wife. Sandhya watches amusedly. tani asks shashi is she kenw, while she vehemently fumbles and protests. tani asks them all to listen up. She tells that this marriager is over. Damini and sandhya are amused. She says that now she doesnt have any relation anymore with samrat. Shashi is super worried for her comfort. She says that she wont be able to rest in peace till she doesnt teach samrat a lesson. urmi calms her down saying that samrat shall get punishment for his deeds. She says that god would definitely teach him a lesson.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
samrat and kiran continue driving, while he asks if she is okay now. she smiels at him, and he pretends to be happy for her. she thanks him profusely, as if he hadnt been here, she wouldnt have been alive. he says that he is always there for her. he eyes a hotel, and thinks that this is the right place, to create a nuisance, and that he should take advantage of this, before it bounces back. samrat intentionally brings the car to a halt, and then says that the car has broken down. he pretends to be frustrated, that they wont find a mechanic in this isolated place. She is tensed, as he goes to pretend to check the car. when he goes, he intentionally messes with the mechanism. Samrat coems back, and is frustrated when the car doesnt start yet again.
She gets frazzled, and says that she cant be here as she has to go home. he asks her to relax, and assures that the car shall start, and till then, they shall have to spend sometime somewhere. She says that they shall wait in the car. he says that it isnt safe for her to be in the highway, at this time in the night. he says that he is doing all this for her safety. She is visibly at discomfort. he then suggests that they can spend the night in the nearby hotel. she is ouraged. She asks how can she stay with him at the hotel, as that would tar her image, being Vikram Singhania, the leading businessman’s wife. samrat gets to know that she is Vikram Singhania’s wife, and says that he shall take his name for the room. He says that he is doing it for her safety only, as if anything happens to her, he wont be able to forgive her. She plays along. he eyes the hotel lustily.

Scene 3:
Location: Paradise Presidency hotel
Samrat and kiran check in the hotel. The recptionist eyes them leeringly knowing whats going on. Kiran stands embarassed. The receptiomnist gives them a room, and then asks for the id, and details. Samrat gives him one. he says that these are hotel rules. She is tensed, while he assures that everything is alright. he thinks that this is one more level crossed, and once in the room, he shall play her like a guitar, as her sob story would force her to come like that. They then enter the hotel, where she is again tensed. he asks her to relax as they are absolutely safe here. She asks what if her husband gets to know, then he will kill her, and leave her today. he says that he shall not know till she doesnt, and the person who doesnt care for her, why should she care for him. he asks her to live for herself just for once, forgetting everything, and to live in the moment. She drinks the water, while he thinks that he shall use and discard her once and for all. She says that her marital life is disturbed, and she doesnt want to aggravate it. he asks her not to worry as everything would be okay, saying that he is here. he says that its just a matter of time, till the mechanic gets their car running and till then she should just relax. she places her head on his shoulders, while he feels that things are working the way he wants them to. Just then, a person walks in with a pistol aimed at them, asking them to put their hands up. they are scared and comply, visibly shocked. The screen freezes on Samrat’s scared face.

Precap: The person beats samrat to pulp, as he falls flat and unconscious. Kiran is extremely worried for her. meanwhile, all are tensed for samrat’s absence. ishaan and urmi come back, when tani hurriedly asks if they found samrat. ishaan says that they neither found samrat nor her car. She is tensed. Urmi tells anirudh that they can inform the police, and then they can trace his phone, and get his whereabouts. They like the idea.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Urmi needs to stay out of Samrat’s relationship. What he does with or without Tani is none of her business. Tani needs to learn the hard way. I’m glad Samrat was beaten up before he could further ruin& complicate Kirans’ life.

    1. fan of the show

      I think 99% of viewers will raise a big cheer when sam the rat gets beaten. So many have been clamoring for his punishment, and lamenting that he always weasels out of the consequences of his actions. Finally he’s getting some physical punishment to add to his self-inflicted mental/psychological punishment. The fans are delighted.

      1. I am one of the 99% who is very happy to see him squirm in pain.

  2. Maybe this kiran n her husband is a big time robbers, make rich guys fall in her trap n blackmail, wtsoever if SamRat is caught in a pit then all is fair! But SamRat is clever enuf to find a way to earn tani’s sympathy, one cannot be so dumb, hopefully she came into senses dat too till SamRat comes,anywys he ll turn the tables around.

    1. fan of the show

      That would be an entertaining twist in the story – if sam the rat fell for an extortionistand and is going to have additional goons arter him for payoff. It’s a miracle of fiction that he still remains alive.

      1. fan of the show

        It’s not just men who prey on women – women also trap men where they are most vulnerable – between the ears and legs.

  3. I am still sure that Samrat would find a way out of this and convince dotish Tani that Urmi set that up lol

    1. fan of the show

      It’s been the formula for the serial so far – tani forgives again – even though sam the rat clearly looks guilty and always stutters around trying to fish up a story in the moment – let’s see what happens next. And how they will keep him in the story if tani kicks him out.

  4. samrath has no respect for women he use them like a toy for his own gain he is the lowest for of a man samrath is what you would call a sicko and a womanizer he just loves to have s*x with any woman he meets as long as you are young and pretty and all the better rich but I hope this time that he is caught and the licking he got teach him a lesson I hope the person who did it is kirans husband now what I hope is that he get a bullet in both his legs so he cannot run down women again samrath needs to be punish severely for his behavior it is unacceptable you know what I feel samrath do not like children because of the fact he loves to abuse other peoples children kiran is someones child urmi is someones child sandya urmis friend is someone child and he tried to abuse all of them physically so come on he is incapable of loving any one only himself so writers it is about time you get rid of samrat once and for all

    1. fan of the show

      There’s no better villain than sam the rat, and they have started way back a couple of years ago to show just how evil he can be, by rolling up into one character all the nasty things an abusive spouse can do to their partner.If they get rid of him, they will just have to invent another viscious villain. No, I don’t think they will.

      1. Indeed!If Samrat is taken out the show will lose it’s substance.Even though his character is really strong ,he plays it well.Very talented young man even though I hate his character but not the person per say.

      2. fan of the show

        I wonder if people voice their hatred of rat to the actor in real life! That would make fame pretty difficult.

  5. Samrat is in for it

    1. fan of the show

      Isn’t it fun to see the bad guys lose?

      1. Oh Yes! I have been waiting for this a long time and hoping to see this happen before I leave. Let him get his dose of bad medicine now.I am enjoying it.LOL.

      2. fan of the show

        This is the second bad beating – the first one he got from his brother in law, and used it to get Urmi to wait on him hand and foot while he recovered. And as soon as he was well again, he was back on the prowl for pr*stitutes, and instead of being sweet with Urmi, like he was when he wanted to use her, he started back up with his abuse, and has never stopped since then. That’s when Urmi caught him in bed with another woman at the hotel and that’s what convinced her finally to leave him, after staying with him even though he beat her black and blue in a drunken rage.

  6. This is a setup.How did these goons knew that Samrat was in this hotel.It is either the lawyer or his father in law set this up.This girl is a trap because if her husband is such a prominent business man then why take such a risk to go to a hotel with a man.Someone may see you.If you are married what are you doing out late driving around with another man whom you claim is so abusive,then you are calling trouble on your self.The husband could have goons following you ,this is what abusive rich men do .Therefore I have come to this conclusion that this is a set up or something is wrong with the storyline that will make us wonder .I am glad Samrat get some good rough up.Let us hear what is his excuse now and if Tani will believe him.I cannot wait to see this part of the drama.

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t think it’s Urmi and Ishaan’s set up though, because Urmi would not have had to ask Ishaan to call all the hospitals if she knew beforehand what was going down. Right?

      1. Fan! Do you remember that Urmi over heard when he was saying to the person on the phone that he is going to somewhere —cannot remember —.Then he told Tani that he is going to the hospital because a friend got injured in an accident and this is why she asked her husband to call the hospital to verify if it is true.This is why I came ti this conclusion.

      2. fan of the show

        Yah, Urmi heard him, but I don’t think she set sam the rat up with Kirin. It’s a mystery who set it up, but we won’t know much more about it until next week. They showed the face of the person who beat him up, but I don’t remember seeing that face before.

      3. fan of the show

        I don”t think it’s Ishaan’s father in law either – Urmi’s father has no reason to deal with the rat, now that Urmi has remarried.

    2. fan of the show

      I don’t get it when you said it’s either the lawyer or his father in law.

  7. I think Urmi is rite because tani is such a fool n trying to tell her wat samrat is

    1. fan of the show

      I think that even though Tani has been verbally rude and abusive with Urmi, Urmi still has the heart to try to save her from sam the rat’s clutches so she doesn’t have to suffer at his hands. Tani does not want to believe her, and some of the reason is that she doesn’t want to admit that she’s wrong and everybody who tried to save her is right. That’s the problem with being in your ego and thinking you are always right – you hurt yourself just to stubbornly insist that you are right when everyone is telling you something else. You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool the consequences.

  8. fan of the show

    Interesting – Tani wants to break his limbs, but is worried for him when he appears to be missing. “I hate him but I don’t want to lose him”. Love/Hate is a very common problem among victims of abuse.

    1. This is loving blindly and not until the veils are removed then the love becomes hatred.When one is in love blindly it is very hard to escape abuse because it looks like real love.

  9. fan of the show

    It’s good that the show is portraying why it’s dangerous for women to think that they need a man to fill up their loneliness or lean on a man for strength. Women don’t need to think that they can only be happy if they have a man to take care of them. They need to realize that their strength does not come from another person, it comes from having the self confidence to stand on your own two feet and make the best life for yourself. Like Urmi did. It’s not necessary to refuse to have a relationship with a man, but no one should depend on that for their happiness or their strength.

  10. Maybe Damini set it up..

  11. i dnt thng if its damini bt sam the rat deserves dat am excited though am sorry for samrat,,,,,,,,

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t know why anybody would feel sorry for an abuser who has not a kind bone in his whole body.

  12. I like the precap. The Rat beaten to pulp? Oh happy days! I like very much! He can die for all I care! Nemesis is catching up, catching up…… What goes around comes around!

    1. fan of the show

      SoI guess you don’t feel sorry for him? lol

      1. Damn straight! But the Rat is still a fine actor, isn’t he? He keeps us talking & watching the serial, doesn’t he? Even after swearing we won’t do it again & again!

      2. fan of the show

        Yah, I read that he got the 2014 zee tv award for best actor playing a negative role.

  13. Is it oly for me r the kiran gal actually has something artificial abt her attitude,not to mention abt her hair:p she seems alwys under some confusion r pain as if som1 kicked her in guts.

    1. fan of the show

      You could be right. But they haven’t given Kirin any of those long shots where the character is silent and they dub in their thoughts – to show that she’s saying one thing and thinking something else. So we don’t have any of that kind of clues yet that she’s a fake. I can’t tell yet if she is acting troubled for sam the rat, or if she is really in deep psychological turmoil. And precap says she’s worried when sam the rat gets beaten up. The writer is having fun doing mysteries on us.

    2. fan of the show

      What I don’t get is how sam the rat thinks that Kirin is just going to go away when he’s done using her. Angry women don’t always just drop it because they’re not getting the attention they used to get – they want revenge.

      sam the rat is just a whirlwind of devastation knocking down the lives of everyone he comes in contact with…. it’s like seeing the path of the damage a tornado does when it comes on the news …. just piles of broken rubble in its wake.

      1. Still, he keeps us glued to the show doesn’t the RAT??

      2. fan of the show

        Yes, you’re right. Absolutely right.

  14. fan of the show

    I figured it out – Tani will forgive the rat because he will come home all injured and she will be delighted that he needs her to take care of him. Still, it will be interesting to see how he cooks up a story about being assaulted and therefore couldn’t get his friend to the hospital… or whatever…

    1. That’s what I was thinking, he’ll get off because of being beaten.

  15. fan of the show

    There’s a somewhat appropriate advertisement on the top of the Doli Armaanon Ki screen today – “Flea Control for Dogs”……

    1. Seriously?! LOL! Very funny.

      1. fan of the show

        I swear, it was there earlier.

  16. fan of the show

    Humans are inherently wanting good people (Urmi, Ishaan) to get treated well, and bad people (Rat, Tani, Damini, Sandhya) to be punished, and actually cheer when they do. There is even a little sympathy for people who make mistakes and do wrong, but are basically good people (Kiran). It comes from wanting justice where things have become unjust. Injustice just rubs people the wrong way, unless they are blinded by their own bias.They say even dogs want justice – they did an experiment where they rewarded one dog for a trick, but even though he did the same trick, no reward to the second dog. Eventually he stopped doing the trick at all.

  17. Cvs its a family shw..nt a porn shw..plz let smrat do work in ny porn plz cut him frm d.a.k.we r fed up of his too much porn activities

    1. fan of the show

      Lots of families have these activities going on for real, (unreal). So if they are going to portray domestic violence, this will realistically be part of that story.

  18. That hotel scene is out of an English movie, remade in Hindi and now in TV Serial…boy these writers can really use their imagination…it’s obviously the girl and her goons playing him for a fool…when Samrat wakes up…they girl will either be pretend raped and beaten by the goons. As the plot progress, she will tell Samrat that she is getting blackmailed by the goons and he will have to fork out blackmail money…at least something like that…

  19. Samrat such a digrace of a man, but I think this Kiran is playin him an he thinks he is playin her. So I think he is goin to get what he deserves!!!

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