Doli Armaanon Ki 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat complies to tauji’s request. The music begins and tauji initiates the function with his dance, after he chooses his own song, to dance with, and asks for a peppy number instead of the oldies that start playing. samrat is amused. As festivities begin, tauji gets everyone to dance, while urmi watches resignedly with her family. She is hurt to see that the entire family enjoys, but noone notices her absence from the merry. saroj gives a comforting hand on his shoulder. Two giant sized inflated cartoon characters come much to everyone’s amusement, but shaurya gets scared. urmi tries to get him to mix in with them, saying that they came here to wish him a happy birthday. As they begin to dance around, shaurya is scared and continues to hug urmi tightly. samrat asks him to come so that he can meet them. urmi asks him to let be as he might be scared. ASamrat insistently tries to take him, but he refuses and clings to his mother. Samrat is unable to see this, and forcibly tries to take him to meet but he refuses. urmi asks him to let go, but samrat doesnt budge. tauji comes and says that boys shouldnt be scared and he would get rid of the fear. Shaurya tries to break free, but he forcibly keeps him till he shakes his hand. urmi and her family is apalled to see this, while all guests watch tensedly. Unable to take it any longer, urmi rushes and takes shaurya in her arms. Samrat is furious. He reprimands her that due to her, shaurya has become fearful. tauji asks him to let be, while shaurya continues crying. tauji comes to them and asks urmi to go and get him to stop crying. after she leaves, samrat expresses his frustration, while tauji asks him to calm down. tauji asks him not to irritate shaurya as its his birthday, and asks him to get rid of these cartoons.

In the room, urmi tries to get shaurya to stop crying, while she is distraught herself. After he stops crying, she herself breaks into tears, at the plight of her situation. He then asks her to stop crying, as he has stopped now. She also stops crying. they both kiss each other. shashi comes in and tries to say that she sent them off, as they were scaring shaurya. But shaurya refuses to go down to cut the cake. Urmi is tensed. but she is happy when shashi says that there are no more cartoons. he leaves with the ladies.

Meanwhile, downstairs, tauji tries to flirt with granny, and she tioo gives a tart answer. samrat is happy to find shaurya. samrat takes shaurya, and he tells samrat that if he ever calls the cartoons ever again, he would leave and never come back. samrat tells him that he has to go on his father and not become weak like his mother. urmi is shocked at his behaviour.

As the cake cutting ceremony starts, and samrat and urmi gather around shaurya, he asks tauji to come and sidelines urmi, who’s diminished into oblivion as tauji replaces urmi, standing aside urmi. saroj is apalled. The photosession continues, where urmi is nowhere to be seen. The cake cutting happens, and urmi is sad but still claps. saroj is sad for urmi’s condition. shaurya gives cake to his father and tauji too. Samrat’s father comes in and finds that the cakle has already been cut, while he had gone to the restroom and he is disappointed. Shaurya gives cake to everyone.samrat asks the servant to serve it to everyone, without bothering that neither urmi nor samrat’s father got cake by shaurya. before he can do it, samrat’s father stops him. Samrat’s father tells shaurya to give a taste of the cake to his mother also, as she didnt taste it. urmi is overwhelmed with tears and emotions. But samrat stops him midway. Samrat tells him that urmi wont eat this cake. all are shocked to hear this. samrat’s father asks why. samrat says that its a punishment for what she did, by making a cake like what she did. all are frustrated, but noone says anything. samrat’s farther vehemently says that this is wrong, and asks samrat to let shaurya feed urmi, as she is his mother. samrat says that he is the father, and asks him not to interfere as what he said is final. He asks him not to spoil his mood, and gets on with other things. as he leaves with shaurya, samrat’s father disappointed watches urmi. samrat asks tauji not to be disturbed, and goes to the gift area. saroj is apalled for urmi, while she watches shaurya resignedly. urmi wipes her tears and leaves. saroj is distraught for her daughter. tauji is amused at urmi’s plight.

In her room, urmi tells saroj that she got this punishment for no fault of hers, and she is being treated as his enemy and kept away from her. urmi says that she is adapted to her insults now. She talks of the dreams that she had for this day, and remembers that she didnt get to even eat the cake thats meant for Shaurya’s birthday. she says that she doesnt even count as a part of this family. Urmi is composed by saroj, who hugs her, and asks her to let this out of her mind and thats better. urmi says that she is right, and that if everyday something like this happens, then its best to forget and move on. urmi says to saroj that she is now habituated to such things. she says that with each passing day, her son is going out of her hands, and is going distant each day, and becoming a stranger and she doesnt have any option but to watch silently and helplessly. urmi breaks down into incoherent tears, while saroj is tensed. saroj says that shauirya isnt to be blamed as he is being taught like that. urmi explains her dilemma. Saroj says that this was to happen, shocking urmi. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Anu asks them what happened there. saroj says that they should lose hope now that anything good would happen now, as urmi is doomed to be in that family. Annu says that this is the reason that she has stopped going there, as she knows that samrat can never change. gaurav and devi are tensed too, while saroj is apalled at the condition of her elder daughter.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Agghh gonna stop watching this show it sucks someone save urmi from this life :'(

  2. this serial is a bad influence to the society in general and indian in particular.please children should not watch it

  3. Awful! Plain Awful!

  4. Someone with brains

    I was watching this show to see hw urmi stands up to the family n samrat – show them wat relationships actually mean. But the Shw hs lost its plot – really sad – pl stop this atrocious serial – end this stupid drama!!!

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