Doli Armaanon Ki 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi court
whhile urmi and ishan wait anxiously for nidhi to arrive, and wonder whether she got successful or not last night, and if the hearing would go in their favour, nidhi comes casually. Ishaan gets angry at her, asking what took him so long. Nidhi gives her the pendrive, saying that she did what was best, as he couldnt go to the room, and tells what happened. urmi is tensed. Ishaan checks the CD, and finds samrat dancing, and is disappointed that there’s nothing else. she tells about Niranjan’s arrival. ishaan says that this wont prove anything. urmi asks if this video can be proved, and ishaan says that this shall be rejected within a minute, and doesnt prove that samrat is characterlss. urmi asks what they shall do now. Ishaan says that things went wrong at the last minute, and that now they are stuck. urmi is tensed. Nidhi tries to clarify, saying that their purpose isnt solved, and they are right where they were. ishaan gets an idea for evidence, and says that they shall have to testify through Nidhi, and they ask her if she can help them out in this. Nidhi says that this is a huge work, and demands for money to be paid. When ishaan gives the money, nidhi happily counts it. She then begins to take her leave, saying that what she does is illegal, and she cant risk court or legal affairs. He promises that her business shall not come up in the court. But Nidhi says that she wont. Nidhi says that he can keep his money. Urmi pleads and begs her to understand her helplessnes to get her child back, as a woman to understand her pain, and testify for her. she says that she wont ever forger Nidhi’s favour. Nidhi asks her to not get emotional, as this wont affect her, and let her be as she is. she takes their leave, while they stand distraught. the peon announces that their hearing is about to begin.

As the proceeding begins, Niranjan is asked as to where is samrat. Niranjan says that samrat is coming and is also bringing a strong evidence with him. urmi and ishaan get tensed. samrat comes and signals niranjan that the work is done. Niranjan presents a dramatic portrayal of calling this evidence, and then calls shaurya, after the judge permits. As samrat enters with shaurya, urmi and ishaan are shocked. shaurya is scared, while samrat kisses shaurya. Samrat eyes urmi with disgust. Samrat presente shaurya in the witness box. He then pretends to care for, and kisses him. niranjan asks samrat to leave shaurya and stand in the opposite witness box. He complies. Samrat and shaurya take the swear of truth. urmi asks samrat how and why he got shaurya here, as she didnt want him to be involved. niranjan says that this is imperative, as its shaurya’s custody, and samrat didnt want to drag him here, but he had to. Niranjan says that shaurya too began to start voicing how his mother tortures and traumatises him. urmi screams that this is all a lie. She tries to point out how tensed shaurya is. But the judge asks her to calm down and sit. ishaan requests too. Urmi complies. niranjan asks samrat what forced him to get shaurya here in the court, when he was so against it. samrat pretends to be very emotionally traumatised, and says that when he reached the court, he found shaurya’s call, who in his crying tone, told him to come and take him, as his mother has beaten and burnt him badly. Urmi is outraged while ishaan is stunned. urmi says that this is a total lie. samrat says that urmi has committed an inhuman thing. niranjan shows shaurya’s hand carrying the scar of burns on his hand. Urmi comes to him and asks how did this happen and who burnt him. She is apalled, and carries him in her lap, and asks what happened. ishaan is apalled. Niranjan points out that this is all a pretense and drama, and says that this is just a sympathetic gesture. urmi begs him to speak, as he shouldnt be scared at all, but the judge asks her not to interrupt the proceedings and sit down. She is disgusted by what samrat did, and complies silently. Niranjan tries to pretend to assure shaurya that he shouldnt be scared, and asks him to repeat just what he told samrat on the phone. urmi is in uncontrollable tears, while niranjan and samrat both coax him to say the truth.

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Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband try to find shaurya for food, but are unable to find him. they get tensed, when he isnt to be seen anywhere.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi starts throwing a tantrum that she wants to change her room, due to the humidity in it,which is giving her health problems. rudra and kanchan are amused. she says that she is thinking of changing her room, and kanchan asks whose room shall she chnge with. She tells that she shall have samrat’s room, and they both are shocked, and ask where shall samrat stay. Shashi says that he shall stay in her room. kanchan asks if this is possible. shashi continues to throw her weight around as the property owner. rudra and kanchan are irritated and leave. shashi says that she would have to find s method to get this all to herself, permanently, and very soon.

Scene 4:
Location: Jhansi Court
Ishaan comes and shaurya, and is shocked to find the burn mark. he is apalled, but hides it. he desperately asks shaurya, not to be scared and tell the court the truth, as to who he wants to stay with. niranjan tells the judge that this is emotional blackmail and manipulation. Niranjan pressurises shaurya to look at samrat and tell exactly how urmi used to burn and beat him, while samrat gives him scary looks. ishaan asks him not to think of samrat and tell the judge. Urmi is uncontrollably crying, as she finds her son in such a moral dilemma. urmi and ishaan wait with bated breaths, while samrat wait anxiously for him to answer. Urmi stands up. Shaurya is scared as tears stream down his cheeks. He finally breaks saying that his father and not his mother hurt him, as he burnt him. urmi is disgusted. the screen freezes on samrat’s shocked face.

Precap: As urmi and ishnaan stand outside a temple, they find radjha going past them, and both recognis her, from having seen her somewhere. urmi says that she saw this girl at samrat’s house the other day, she she went over there. ishaan says that when he saw her in the market, she was buying a mangalsutra. Urmi is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I am happy that Shaurya has opened up against Samrat. The final evidence needed to nail him shall come from Radha. Nice episode but Samrat should equally be punished for child abuse ,molestation and causing bodily harm on Shaurya.

  2. Love u shaurya 😀

  3. How can he possibly burn the arm of his own child? This guy is totally mad! I hope that in forthcoming epi, there won’t be any further twist that will make Samrat get the upper hand! This guy should be sent straight to prison!

  4. Samrat u are evil.

  5. This show is sickening

  6. oh god this show is sick

  7. 2 December 18, 2014 at 6:34 pm
    there is something fishy……

    Our much reliable source informs us, “The leap in the show was supposed to happen by January 2. But now the makers of the show have decided to extend the date of the leap. The leap now will happen for four years and will take place by February 9. Post leap, what next the viewers will get to see is that, Urmi will get married to Ishan (Vibhav Roy) and Anushka (Mehendi Jain) will marry Samrat; one reason is of course her revenge to what he had done to her by making a MMS.”

    1. I don’t like that they would do a time leap….this would mean no more Shaurya!!!! Excellent actor and I so enjoy watching him. He needs to be the star of his own show lolol

  8. Anu with Samrat ?????

  9. this show is really developing into a lot of crap how many time would samrat illtreat shauyna and instead of shauyna from the beginning tell the truth that samrath abused him he is tensed it is about time samrath go down that is after losing all that he has samrath is like the greedy dog with the bone and the reflection in the water

  10. Lol Samrat in your face…but that little Shaurya is a great actor

  11. And I say Radha will cause Samrat’s downfall – he’s so going down with a bang to fall flat on his face!

  12. i agree he will definitely fall flat on his face cant wait to see it

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