Doli Armaanon Ki 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan asks urmi, as he filles her head with the vermillion, marking the beginning of their love. he then asks her say it again, while she teases him playfully. He grips her and asks her to say, or else he would tell everyone that she was trying to take advantage of him, by demanding a kiss. she gets shy and embarassed. He asks her to say, while she asks him to leave her hand first. when he does, she comes close to his ears, and then befools him saying that she wont say, and runs off, teasing him. As she runs, she collides into sandhya, and embarassedly composes herself. sandhya taunts urmi that in this affairs of the love, she forgot to serve the guests. urmi says that she would get to it rightaway. She thinks that urmi was looking so bful, and starts lamenting of her dark complexion. urmi comes inside happily, where samrat stands to taunt her. he taunts her on her confession of love, in such a poetic manner. She is frustrated, while he continues to taunt her for what she did, and how she never did anything like this for him. urmi retorts that if the person deserves love, then it come in leaps and bounds, and that she never felt this way for him, as he didnt deserve her, and even if the entire world becomes one, it cannot measure upto ishaan’s love. He doesnt take any moment to leave taunting her, while she says that she feels pity for him, that he cant understand this, as he is highly incomplete, like a defective piece. She says that she saw lots of dreams having married him, and one by one, he shattered them all, and he turned out to the most lowlife husband ever, a complete loser, a flop show. She says that he would be pained, that ishaan realised her every dream, that she saw after marrying samrat, and gave her every right that he couldnt, and even if she has to express her affection and respect for him, a thousand times for what he did. he asks her to shut up, Samrat asks urmi to revel while she is happy, but shut up now, as he wont let her remain happy for long. urmi asks him to get in the habit of this now. She says that ishaan has given her such happiness, that merely seeing it, shall deflate his inflamed ego and machosism. samrat is tensed and angry too. she brands him a cheap actor and walks off. he is angry.

Later in the evening, as urmi serves everyone tea, she is taunted by everyone, about her confession of love for ishaan, while she shies, and others are amused. Anirudh expresses his happiness that they got over their misunderstandings. He says that ishaan had assured that one day he would win her over, and today he has. He is proud of ishaan, and also of urmi’s novel expression of love. urmi shyly smiles. Anirudh blesses them. Sandhya starts pointing out that she should have had such shame, that she shouldnt have said so, in front of the soctiety. But he stands up for urmi, saying that she said only for the husband, who has the right for her. Damini and sandhya are angered, but keep quiet. Samrat asks how can this be, as they dont sleep together an dyet are professing their love, and that its an ultimate show off. She retorts that when she has expressed her love to everyone, that means the room has become one too, as all boundaries and spaces between them have reduced to nothing. She sits besid ishaan, saying that used to live separately, but from today, they are together. All applaud this. sandhya’s husband takes it on himself to decorate their house, for this special night. ishaan agrees and says that its better if tani and samrat do this, as per rituals. He says that tani is tired, and samrat is incapable of doing so. He asks him only to carry on. Damini, sandhya and samrat are angry.

In their room, urmi sits as a bride in her wedding attire, as much as their wedding night, when ishaan comes in and eyes her overwhelmingly, and closes the door behind him. she gets nervous and shy as he leans in close to her. He takes off the ghunghat, and reveals her face, while she has her eyes closed, with mcuh hesitation and shyness. he caresses her face, with his hand, while she revels in his touch, and physical intimacy, in the proximity. he lifts up her chin, and a romancit eyegaze follows. he tells her that she is looking very b-ful, and compliments her profusely. she smiles at him, saying its the effect of his love. he kisses her hands, and asks if she is happy. she cups his face and says that she is very happy, and reminds him how she hurt him. he shushes her, saying that he doesnt want any past, no fights or miunderstandings. He is about to lean in to kiss her, while she too gives in, when his phone rings. Both of them look at each other awkwardly. he excuses himself out of the room. Ishaan gets the call from inspector saying that there’s some trouble, and he needs to come to the hotel rightaway. ishaan asks him to elaborate, but he says that he shall talk only when he comes to the hotel, or else his license shall be cancelled. he thinks that he would have to go, and if he tells urmi she would bother unnecessarily. He narrates this to urmi, saying that there’s some problem which is a little bit urgent, and lies that its a friend’s call. urmi asks if she too should come along, if there’s any major issue. But he asks her to sit here, and wait for some time, while he comes, and apologises for leaving her stranded today of all days. she asks him to come soon. he complies, and then before going, he says that till he doesnt return, she can think about him. he leaves the house tensedly, and samrat watches him go. he smirks evilly. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ishaan arrives at the hotel, and praks his car inside the garage, and is shocked to find that the garage door is locked from the outside, while he is in, He starts shouting for the watchguard, while oblivious that samrat has bolted this from outside, and is smiling evilly, as he does so. Meanwhile, unaware of all this, urmi eyes ishaan’s pics, lost in thoughts of their sweet romance waiting for him to return back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. 1st to comment.dats by d way,y are u guys dragging d consummation part ,we want it to happen fast and urmi should get pregnant for ishaan and d rest can be history

  2. Oh yes! Consummate this marriage posthaste & start making babies. Samrat & or Damini, all you evil plans will surely fail!!

  3. Why is this son of the devil does not leave them alone.I cannot blame him{Samrat} alone but Damini and Sandhya are all in this too. Why is Damini so hateful towards Urmi and Sandhya forgets she has a daughter also.Will they like some one do this to any one of her daughters.Damini will regret she ever tied cords with that man.No matter what they try to do Urmi and Ishaan will be together.What this mother wants Ishaan to do if he loves her.She sits there like an innocent and virtuous woman but indeed she is a Jezebel.Sandhya ,who is also the root of the gossip tree is so unintelligent that every time she utters some words is that because she is darkskinned.She has such a low self esteem that she quacks as a duck,walks like a duck and this is why she is a duck.Just some dumb asses who needs to be in some forest some where.She irritates me with this darkskinned foolishness but in hind sight is the writers who write this nonsense.I am proud to be darkskinned ,with a high self esteem ,highly educated and love my self ,there take this word out of the script it does not have the right tone.Darkskinned people are not foolish or uneducated,Get it right it is annoying to me now.Samrat with his own narcissism and entitlement attitude will finally do himself in’.He thinks he owns the world and who ever dwells in it.His end will come soon,so let him rant and rave.That she-goat.

  4. come on writers what the hell you all doing leave urmi and Ishaan to consummate their marriage this going on to long with evil samrat getting his way to turn people lives into hell so writers what yuh trying tuh show that samratt is boss and he is getting his way all da time no way mamn get with the times wha goes around comes around it is about time that samratt gets his share of what is coming to him throw his ass in jail and throw away the keys writers do not let anything happen to Ishaan and as for Ishaan he should have been smarter not to fall for that trap of samratt he should have consummated his marriage first with urmi and then leave nothing could be more important than your wife urmi and step son shauyra not even your licence so there you go Ishaan think before you leap next time

  5. I’m not really worried about this night not happening, it will happen some other night. The important thing to me is that they ate fighting anymore. Who knows, maybe we’ll get romantic moments between them leading to that special moment.

    1. I agree AmandaS! thanks for this perspective..

  6. I hope the writer have Niranjan go after Samrat to Tani’s house. Urmi & Ishan will have to face a lot of trouble when this devil is there with them.

    1. I think he’s coming Sandy. Do you remember the day day Urmi kept calling Ishaan & he wasn’t picking up, there was a gentleman in his office asking him to fight a criminal case and he declined. The guy asked him to recommend someone and he said he will. I think Niranjan will follow Samrat.

  7. Samrat you are such a bastard you are alwys after urmi but hope some day you will kick out forever hate you idiot

  8. pls people tell me whats the name of the song played for ishan and urmi…on the holi ep …..14th march….does anyone knows

    1. Dil De Diya Hai from the movie Masti

      1. Than you so very much

  9. Today was a special night but you ruin every thing evil”samrat”

  10. Are we behind an a episode for satrangi sasural and Dak?!

  11. Damini played the same type of role in Teri Dulhan as sindoora..good at your it and very deceptive.

  12. Samrat really needs to get a life. His obsession with Urmi is too much, it needs to bring him down.

  13. i feel like killing samrat for good

  14. FYI ( urmi the character ) might be leaving the show. So they have 2 options 1) kill we off and end the show or 2) replace her with another actress ( near fatal accident the plastic surgery )

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