Doli Armaanon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 15th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
the next morning, while samrat is having breakfast, shashi hesitatingly asks him to forgive aditi as she is very tensed, for what her foolishness led her to, and says that she doesnt have a place to live. samrat gets angry and says that he would leave if she doesnt stop. Shashi asks him to let bygones be, and forgive aditi and lead her on the right path. kanchan asks shashi to let samrat have breakfast first. Samrat is furthermore shocked to find urmi getting and coaxing aditi to eat. Urmi and aditi are tensed too. shashi and kanchan are scerad of samrat’s reaction. As urmi makes her sit down, samrat gets up in a rage, shocking everyone. Shashi asks him to sit and eat. aditi is traumatised. urmi too asks him to. samrat says that today he bore the fact that she saw him, but not anymore, and that she has to leave today along with her belongings. He leaves. Aditi is distraught and leaves too. urmi is asked by the other ladies to go and calm down aditi.

In her room, aditi is breaking into tears, when urmi comes and tries to console her. She says that samrat didnt have breakfast due to her, and that he doesnt even want to see her face. Urmi asks her not to think like that. aditi breaks into a rant, saying that she has lost everything today. Kanchan and shashi curse amrit for having done this to aditi. shashi tells urmi that samrat only listens to her, and urmi says that she would try. urmi gets trisha’s call and excuses herself. urmi tells about aditi coming home, having left her husband. trisha is tensed too. urmi asks whats the matter. trisha says that she wanted to say something. As urmi begins to hear, she finds kanchan’s baby almost falling off the bed. she throws the phone and gets to pick her up. After having gotten off the initial scare, urmi remembers about the phone, and they all begin to find it. On the phone, trisha overhears the conversation. As aditi finds the phone, she identifies trisha’s profile pic. Aditi hastily asks urmi who’s this. aditi tells them that this is the girl that amrit was planning to marry. they are all shocked. shashi eyes urmi angrily, after having confirmed it. Urmi talks to trisha asking her to call later. Shashi says that this means due to trisha, aditi’s marriage was spoiled. She starts cursing trisha for it. Urmi asks her not to think like that. Aditi asks whose this, and is told that she is urmi’s cousin. She is shocked. kanchan and the ladies are shocked that trisha fell for urmi’s brother in law. But shashi says that trisha is bad luck for this family and is doing it intentionally. She says that samrat was right in thinking what he does about trisha. Aditi says that this girl isnt wrong, and that she was the one who told her about amrit’s reality. shashi says that she doesnt know trisha and her cunning ways. urmi tries to talk in trisha’s defense. But shashi is defiant and says that she being her sister, urmi is trying to defend her. urmi says that trisha had told about this man, that he was madly after trisha. But shashi doesnt listen to anything, and continues to taunt her in the name of trisha. urmi is shocked. All are tensed. Shashi continues to reprimand urmi for being so towards trisha and defying her own in laws. She treis to blame amrit, but shashi doesnt listen, and says that trisha is equally to be blamed, and that she wont forgive trisha ever for what she has done. Urmi is shocked. Shashi leaves in a rage.

later, urmi calls up trisha, who is tensed as to why she cancelled the phone. urmi asks why didnt she tell her anything. trisha wonders how does she know. Urmi asks why didnt she tell her before. She goes onto tell urmi everything about amrit’s twotiming her and aditi. urmi is shocked. Urmi tells her about amrit’s relation with the house, and aditi being her own sister in law. trisha is shocked. Urmi says that thats the reason she couldnt talk to her then. urmi tells trisha that the ladies in the house know about her relation with this. urmi says that she wasnt to be blamed, and that amrit was wrong. trisha says that it would look like she was to be blaqmed, and apologises. Urmi says that she doesnt have any mistake, and asks her to cancel the phone while she would talk later. trisha complies. Urmi is tensed.

urmi talks to aditi and clarifies trisha’s point of view, and aditi relieves her by saying that trisha isnt at fault, and that amrit is to be blamed, and hence she left him and came here. she says that she regrest, that the man for whom she left everything and every relation in this world, betrayed her so badly, and kept her in bad conditions, but she had faith on their love and decided to be with him together, and hence she couldnt tolerate his betrayal at all. Urmi agrees with aditi saying that relation cant survive without betrayal. She says that she can forgive anything, but not betrayal and infidelity, not knowing that she already has been a victim to one. urmi says that she understands what aditi is going through, and everything would be alright. she asks her to thank the lord, for having saved her, and soon he would know what he has lost and time would answer him one day about her importance.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s office
While samrat is working, shashi hastens to his office and he gets tensed about urmi and the baby. She relieves him that both are fine. samrat asks her to go home then. She says that she has to talk about aditi, and give a news, that would surprise him badly. He asks her to go home and not spoil his mood, as he would come later and listen. Shashi urges him to listen and tells him that behind aditi’s marriage being devastated, trisha is responsible for it. Samrat is shocked. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Samrat tells devishankar and his family, that he did a huge mistake by marrying into this family. All are shocked and tensed. rashmi asks what happened. samrat asks her to instead ask what didnt happen. shashi too tells rashmi that they got caught in her trap, by marrying into this family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. OH GOD !!!! Shashi is a b***!!!

  2. got cancell this story or get sashi to mend her ways script writers. she is teaching her son wrong things and making him even more arrogant

    1. i think it’s because it happen so many times in real life (mother who encourage her son’s behaviours) that the makers want it to be like that…. they want to recreate real houswives’s life

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