Doli Armaanon Ki 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s Office
tauji instructs urmi not to interfere in shaurya’s affairs and let samrat set an example for urmi to show how should kids be brought up. samrat has no option and leaves with the tray to his room. Urmi and tauji smile as they see each other.

In his room, shaurya irritates samrat, by asking him to search him first and then eat. Samrat tries hard to feed shaurya in the room, also luring him for toys, chocolates and what not but nohing works, and shaurya keeps insisting on story. Samrat is left frustrated what to do now as he cant go down with a plateful of food as tht would mean his defeat. Samrat finishes the food himself, just to prove that he got shaurya to finsih the food. Bt shaurya watches him doing that with an evil idea. samrat comes down, and gloats about the empty plate, while shashi is super happy and others are confused, especially urmi. shashi comes to samrat’s defense. Tauji too pretends to complimewnt and love samrat for what she did. Samrat and shashi fall for this trap. Shashi asks samrat to eat, and he is reminded of the food that he just gulped down. shashi asks him to eat a little, when he refuses again. As samrat belches with a full stomach, urmi and tauji are all the more confused. later, shaurya comes asking for food, confusing urmi as he just had food. but she goes to get food nevertheless. tauji gets shaurya and asks if he actually ate. shaurya confesses everything, about how samrat ate his breakfast. Meanwhile, amrit comes in and tries to small talk wioth tauji, but he is rebuked. Amrit tries to please and impress tauji, but he is undeterred. amrit gives him a branded watch, while urmi watches angrily. tauji asks why the need for such an expensive gift. tauji remembers diwaker’s fight with amrit, for the one lakh, and asks if he got this from that money. amrit is tensed but doesnt take it on himself, and tries to divert him. But tauji is much senior and taunts him yet again. aditi comes and asks for tea, and amrit leaves to change. afetr he is gone, tauji asks urmi who could be at fault. urmi says that diwaker cant be wrong, and she cant even doubt his honesty, and she cant vouch for amrit’s honesty at all, and talks about samrat’s blind faith on amrit and his rebuke about diwaker. tauji listens intently and is set to thinking.

Shaurya is waiting impatiently while urmi asks him to wait till samrat, his father comes back. As samrat comes back, shaurya tells him that he wants to go to the park. urmi too requests him to go along with shaurya. Samrat indifferently asks him to ask his mother to take him. But then he sees tauji and is reminded of the latest change of duty. Samrat asks urmi if he goes to the park daily and is frustrated when he gets to know that he does. tauji too asks samrat to go and take him to the park, as its good for the child.

Tauji continues with his rant, of taunting urmi, and in its garb, he gets samrat to do all his work, including taking shaurya to the park, for playing. on tauji’s instructions, urmi instructs samrat about shaurya’s needs, for food, water and sports goods, while playing in the park, as samrat resignedly and silently listens. Samrat gets frustrated and leaves with shaurya dejectedly. Urmi is happy while tauji gives her an all knowing smile.

Scene 2:
Location: A family’s residence
Greanny comes to a lady, asking for her daughter’s hand in marriage, while the girl’s mother gloats about how good and mannered the girl is. the priest too confirms it. Granny expresses her wish to see the girl, and the lady leaves. the priest asks to finalise if she lieks the girl. the girl comes and granny asks her to sit beside her. she complies shyly. she asks her questions, while her mother tells her that she isnt literate, and then granny is surprised when she gets to know that the girl, asha isnt even able to write her name. granny says that she lieks but she has to talk to her grandson too first. the priest and granny take their leave. After they leave, it is revealed that the girls’ mother actually has a high ulterior motive in getting her girl married into their family.

Scene 3:
Location: In the park
Shaurya plays with samrat and continues to irritate him. Samrat is driven nuts as shaurya drives him mad making him chase after himself. The water thats meant for shaurya, samrat gulps it himself. When shaurya asks him to play again, samrat asks him play alone and ride on the swing, so that he be alone for sometime. Shaurya complies. Samrat gets a call. While samrat is attending to the business call, he ignores shaurya, who screams out at him, to watch him slide down, from the sliding swing. As shaurya falls down, and lest out a scream, doe to other children asking , samrat is finally distracted, and screams as he sees shaurya. He is shocked. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat and urmi are both shocked to find shaurya lying unconscious on the floor, and rush to him, from two different ends.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Now Samrat will start to appreciate what Urmi is doing and know that she’s trying , I now begin to like Tauji

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