Doli Armaanon Ki 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is shocked by sanay’s betrayal, but her constant provocations that she is just a friend, and hence shouldnt mind her closeness to ishaan at all makes urmi finally break and confess out her undying and unending love for ishaan. Sanaya says that she was aiming fo this all alopng, where a little jealousy would make urmi accept the truth, and stop her from fighting it for herself. rai comes and tries to put colour on her, but she shylu says that she shall play with ishaan first. Finally, ishaan comes down and wishes everyone. Rati then asks him to put colour on urmi, so that they too can play. ishaan ignores and asks them all to come along. He says that he shall go out. rati expresses urmi’s request and asks ishaan to finish up their work soon, but he again moves along with others. urmi calls out to her, but he leaves with the men. sandhya and damini come to her and taunt her, while she says that ishaan shall put on the first colour, come what may. they both leave. Gaurav comes and tells urmi, that ishaan has tried a lot to keep her happy, and if they find one, they shouldnt let him go, and he only wants them both to be together and asks them not to be upset due to her past. She tries to give her opinion. he asks her to keep samrat out of the question. she asks him not to bother, and is sure that she shall rectify everything.

All play holi in much fun and frolic. But ishaan stands in one corner. sandhya and damini come, and watch ishaan in one corner. She asks him to cheer himself up for today. sandhya continues to taunt and instigate ishaan, along with damini. But ishaan asks sandhya to steer away from his personal life with urmi. Ujala comes and tells him that Sanaya is searching for her. He goes to look for her. She teases him that its not just him in love, its urmi too, and its just a matter of time, before he realises it. he wards it off.

Inside, urmi talks to ishaan’s pic, that today she has decided that today the first colour she shall have from him, and the vice versa, and after that she shal confess everything too, that she loves him very much, and then everything would be fine. She is super excited. In the corridor, damini and sandhya are super tensed that maybe things actually work out for the new couple, urmi and ishaan. Anirudh too comes and says that he hopes to god, urmi and ishan shall resolve all diferences and be on today. Damini eyes them going tensedly.

Inside, when sanaya finds urmi busy in serving food and swearing that the first holi shall be only intentionally hurts urmi, by saying that ishaan is playing outside. urmi asks what does she mean, and if she doesnt believe what she said. sanaya asks her to go andf checkout herself. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: While ishaan is in the ground, looking around finding everyone marry and fun, he is oblivious that someone is appraching makiing his way through the crowd.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. But is Ishaan really a Good lawyer? How did he even win the case against Samrat if two illiterates will be playing with his head and he can’t figure it out.

    1. Love can make a fool of anybody, even the most intelligent of us.

  2. I wonder my dear

  3. Ishan character has taken a serious turn and not in a good way he’s acting really girly like it’s his time of the month…writers Urmi suffer so much already it’s time to give her a break, what’s up with Urmi’s friend is she just trying to only get the truth out of Urmi or there is more to it

    1. Sanaya’s was trying to make Urmi realise her love for Ishaan & she succeeded.

  4. Ishaan and Urmi are both educated and stubborn.They need to go on their honeymoon now and get away from everybody until they patch up their differences. He who is a hammer thinks everything is a nail.In a marriage you have to be like a carpenter and know which tool to use.The right or wrong mode is the wrong tool to use in a marriage.Do not go for right ,go for love because being right has no value is all that matters.The more intelligent and the more articulate the couple is the more likely they are to endure silence between them.Ishaan and Urmi need to break that silence and move on because they love each other.Damini and her sister in law are parasites and ultimately they will destroy themselves because a parasite can only exist by feeding on its host before the host destroys it.Therefore ,sooner or later they will be destroyed.

  5. come on Ishaan let up on urmi now and give her a chance to prove herself forget about the evil dirty tricks your mother daminid played with you and urmi I think for a grown old woman like damini she should know what is right and what is wrong how could she do her own son that destroying his marriage to urmi and the next dark complexion one as she would call herself they need to be taught a good lesson I hope the get caught soon

  6. fan of the show

    Urmi has to decide what she wants, and then go for it no matter who says what. They both have to be what they are, and stop worrying whether their partner will be what they want their partner to be.

  7. I see irritating Samrat is back. Anyway, Niranjan is also coming along. A gentleman in Ishaan’s office was asking for a criminal lawyer, I think Ishaan will recommend him. Samrat might think he has won but these 3 will gang up on him – Niranjan, Urmi & Ishaan. Mr Producer sir, please them brains to beat Samrat.

  8. Look devil samrat is back with a new trick.

  9. Urmi should drink thandai and confess her feelings to Ishaan before it’s too late.

    1. You are so right Liya! Ishaan will forget his anger. His father will he very happy and overlook the incident. The 2 witches will make it a big deal but it won’t matter.

  10. Hey guys uls comments i like….samrat we had enough of u getting boring out pls.Damini n kali should get caught.Urmi n Ishan pls pls get tgether n c the shitys dat ar creating probs.
    I cnt undetstand all series must hv villians becomingmediocore…

  11. Come on guys, I knw you’ll luv this serial vry much! Even I do!
    But it absolutely looks so weird you guys commenting like damini, her sister-in-law & samrat need to be thrown out & etc. But seriously what I personally feel is that it’s because of them the show is running , otherwise there won’t be any twists & turns! And these are not happening in real life, so why comment like how could damini do so to her own son…blah…blah. it’s director who writes the story so…do you behave the same when you watch a movie & curse the villain??

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, formula for Indian soaps is mother in law troubles love troubles and twists and turns. That’s what a soap IS. You can hiss and booo the villains, but villains there will always be. That’s how they get you to keep coming back and why they give you an extra-big twist every Friday, so you’ll come back Monday. lol

      1. Obvio….otherwise it would be like serial staryed on Monday all problems finished on Thursday and the show would end on Friday itself on a happy note. Everything in one week itself …lol!

    2. I have nothing against twists and I know there should be villains. But, evil always wins and the other people are made to look like they have no brains. Most of the times the evil people never get punished or even caught.

    3. fan of the show

      Punishment does not always come from the legal aspect – I think villains give themselves the biggest and the most harsh punishment. In between thinking they have pulled another fast one, life is misearble for them, from fear, frustration, anger, evil nature, loss, and the way everybody treats them.They don’t really get what they think they wanted.

  12. Evils don’t actually win, it seems to be they’ve but they don’t. They show like to show the audience how a person is suffering frm those kind of people.

  13. I want sandiyah and damini mouth get shut I want in shan and urmi to enjoy there married life without interference urmi went thrug hell with samrat now is time for her to be happy

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