Doli Armaanon Ki 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
All ladies sit to discuss suitable grooms and brides, for the eligible people in the famile. They ask rati’s opinion, and she says that its ishaan who has to decide and not them. Suddenly tani comes down, and starts throwing a tantrum, asking where are her car keys. Before damini can respond, anirudh comes in with mamaji, saying that he has them, and she wont have them, after her rash display of driving some days back. Tani tries to protest, but he is adamant. damini is tensed. Mamiji assures her, as tani walks out hastily, that she should let it be, as tani brought this on her. The matchmaker gives two grooms for tani, but Damini says that she asked for urmi. mamiji retorts why does urmi need to marry, as she is already married once. ishaan comes in just then, to hear damini, professing that she still has a chance at happiness, and every right to deserve it, even though her first marrige was a disaster, she has the right to move on in life. ishaan is happy. As ishaan sits with his family, the matchmaker shows pics of eligible girls of young age for ishaan. But he discards them all, saying that he needs someonme older and more mature, someone different. All wait to hear his type, and he starts saying that she should be mature, caring, and has depth of thinking. the matchmaker says that she wont be able to get 25, 26 years aged girl for him. They start teasing him if he wants to marry an old lady. The matchmaker says that if he wants to go for older women, she would either get widows or divorcees. All are tensed. But ishaan says that he doesnt have any problem, even if they get a divorcee for him. Damini is shocked, while all others are surprised. She is disgusted, asking how dare he say that, and mami too says that he wont marry a second hand girl. Damini says that she doesnt like jokes like this. Ishaan says that she was just finding a match for urmi. Damini says that it was different, but here the question is for his future and his happiness, and that he wont compromise, and she wont listen to anything like this again. Ishaan tries to speak, but anirudh, listening to all this tensedly, says that Damini is right, as a divorcee or a widow, shall not be married to him, as he has no lackings, that he should settle in life. ishaan tries to clarify, but his father asks him to drop the idea. He is tensed and leaves too.

While damini is stuffing some things, mami comes in and asks whats she doing. She says that she is packing some things for Urmi’s NGO ladies. She retorts that urmi’s ladies are very lucky, to land their hands on branded labels. Mamiji sees a purse, and says that she shall take it instead. Damini says that she shouldn talk like this, as she just did extensive shopping the past week. Mamiji says that she loves this purse. damini agrees to give it to her. She thanks damini saying that she can send this stuff, and that she doesnt need to go to urmi. Damini asks whats wrong if she goes. Mamiji reminds ishaan’s urgency to marry a divorcee in the morning and then tells damini, that urmi has created some kind of mabgic on him, and she suspects that there’s something more than friendship amonsgt them. Damini is super tensed. But damini is sure of urmi, and says that she trusts ishaan enough, that he wont do it, and that Mamiji is uselessly bothering herself. she leaves. mamiji is tensed.

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Screen 2:
Location: Gaurav’s bank
Gaurav asks ishaan till when is he going to make secret safe deposits for Shaurya, and asks if he shall let him do soemthing, as he is his uncle after all. ishaan smiles, and says that he is getting late and he shall leave for the court. gaurav gets ishaan, however to sit for sometime. He asks ishan whats the matter, and why wont he tell his heart out to urmi. ishaan says that he loves urmi, but he loves his parents too, who wouldnt let him marry a divorcee. Gaurav is tensed. ishaan says that he is screwed from both sides. Gaurav says that then he should marry whom damini decides, and see urmi become someone else’s. Ishaan says that his problem is that he never fell in love, and hence doesnt know what it means. gaurav says that he doesnt want to fall in love, as its too complicated, and again continues to tease him, that he isnt able to muster the courage and guts to tell about his feelings to urmi. Ishaan is angry at him. gaurav continues to tease him, saying that damini is also after getting urmi married. ishaan understands that and then gaurav asks whats stopping him now. He says that he is scared, that in order to get her love, he would lose her friendship too. Gaurav agrees. Ishaan says that he just wants to see her happy, and they have worked a lot to get above her past, and he doesnt want any kind of trouble in her life due to him. He begins to take his leave, but gaurav asks if he would just keep sighing to himself, and tells that he should tell to urmi, or else this one sided love affair shall go with life. Ishaan is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel
Samrat checks into a hotel, and is shocked at the mediocre level, frustrated at the living conditions, that are middle class, but are horror in living form for him, as he cant even imagine this. The bearer asks him where is he coming from, as he too doesnt have anything. He shuts the bearer out. Samrat sits on the bed, and finds that it creaked, and he finds that plastic bottles are stuffed underneath his bed. He is frustrated at the wide contrast that he has to live his life in now, having fallen from what glory he had earlier.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s residence
While urmi is serving everyone icecream, gaurav continues to tease ishaan that if he wishes, he can talk to urmi, about his feelings. Ishaan shuts him, while gaurav again tries to ask him to speak up. Shaurya tries to find out, but ishaan asks him to sit silently. Ishaan turns around, and almost avoids a collision with urmi. She is amused, while he eyes her longingly. Asha amuses them with her rant of nonsensical english. But she callously mentions Samrat’s name, and all get tensed, including shaurya. He flares up, saying that he doesnt want to be compared to him, as he never was, and never will be like samrat, as he was only and will only be like his mother, urmi. All are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
While urmi is working, she is surprised to find damini. Urmi says that she should have called her instead, for her geneours offer to the NGO ladies. Damini asks her not to bother. They both sit down, and urmi orders a coffee for damini. Damini says that she wanted to talk something special, as she is very tensed for Ishaan, as till he doesnt get married, nor can Tani. Damini tells urmi about ishaan’s hesitation to marry, and asks urmi to find out whats the matter instead. She says that being ishaan’s closest friend, she would definitely know what kind of girl urmi likes. Urmi is tensed and feels awkward too. The screen freezes on Urmi’s tensed face.

Precap: While wandering around, samrat accidentally comes across urmi’s hotel, and finding it beautiful, he thinks that he shall have dinner here only. He comes, and just then, urmi too comes. As samrat is about 10 feets behind him, she is shocked as she sees his reflection. Samrat too looks in urmi’s direction and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Seriously, the (Sam)rat makes the serial worth watching. As much as I hate to say this, I want the old rat back!!! The poverty stricken one is so ooooooooo boring!!

  2. The less they show the new Shaurya, the better! Ishaan’s family members are just superfluous….there is no need for them!

    1. fan of the show

      Not now, but there will be – have patience. There are lots of people in Urmi’s life

  3. Agree with shayon. As wicked as Samrat is, he is far more watchable than the new people. Ishaan’s family members plus the new Shaurya are not up to the standards of actin, especially the new Shaurya.

  4. HP the new twist will not affect Ishaan and Urmis relationship. Same at is up to a new mischief again. Urmi should be watchful.

  5. i wonder what Samrat is up-to right now and what new plan he is thinking of to ruin Urmi’s and Shaurya’s life and i don’t think he would spare Ishaan too

  6. I miss Mr and Mrs Tiwari !!!!! Will we ever see them again? hmm

  7. I am so not enjoying this serial anymore…as much as i despise Samrat character i rather watch him these new ppl omg

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