Doli Armaanon Ki 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Isolated building, and ishaan’s residence
Niranjan calls urmi and asks why wsnt her phone unreachable. He tells urmi about samrat’s highly unpredictable u-turn behaviour today, demanding for two more days. urmi asks what good would that do, as they dont want money, but evidence to implicate him, and tarnish his image in front of tani. She says that since this plan failed, what shall they do now. niranjan talks about his plan B, as to how when samrat comes with the money two days later, he shall get a police force in hiding and indiscreetly, which samrat doesnt know of. Then they shall record everything, that samrat says, as knowing samrat he definitely shall say a lot, once he gives the money. He says that he shall get samrat to indirectly atlk about everything he has done, his plots and motives and his accident of tani’s. urmi relates to it. they both hope that this works out. Niranjan assures her that it will.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s office and urmi’s residence
While working with the clients, ishaan gets urmi’s call, and remembers the lunch box fiasco. he cancels the call. urmi hopes that ishaan picks up as she is extremely sorry. he cancels but she calls again and he gets tensed. Angrily puts it on silent mode. she wonders how he is this angry that he wont even talk to her. She says that she wont accept defeat for his anger, and that today in the evening, she shall do something that shall bring back the smile on his face, and also erase the misunderstands that have crept up between them.

In the kitchen, urmi is excitedly baking, while the maid marvels at her culinary skills. sandhya comes into find that urmi is making ishaan’s favourite cake to surprise him. She asks why. urmi says that he is angry at her, and she is just trying to get him to forgive her. Sandhya is surprised to see that she shall make a photo embossed cake. An evil idea creeps up, while urmi works happily. She leaves to give this breaking news to damini, who is upset and angry too. She places the cake in their room, and then lights the candles for a romantic ambience, smiling to herself, waiting for his arrival, that when he sees all this, he wont be able to resist his smile. sandhya and damini eye it angrily, thinking that this shall please ishaan definitely and make him forget everything of the past. Later, urmi anxiously awaits his arrival. damini leaves from there. urmi thinks that she made a huge mistake, to misunderstand him and his motives, and hopes that she is forgiven. Ishaan comes home to find urmi sitting beside the cake. She eyes him smilingly, but finds him facing her angrily. She tries to get him to smile, but is tensed when he doesnt. She apologises profusely and pleads to be forgiven. ishaan comes upto her, stoically, and then smiles at her, and she too smiles relievedly. He takes her hand, while she asks if he is pleased now. he caresses her face and her hairs, saying that she knows how to push the right buttons. he cups her face with his hands, saying that he really loves her, and if he is away from her, he is incomplete, and that he is pleased just to see all this and his urmi. She smiles to herself, realising that she was just dreaming this all along.

While ishaan is about to leave from office, he gets Damini’s call, who asks if he had a talk with urmi. He denies. she instigates that urmi asked if he had lunch, and she was angry but complies along just so that urmi doesnt get mad. he asks her not to worry, as he shall do the needful, and says it with a vengeance. damini cancels the call smilingly. damini thinks that what urmi thinks wont happen, and what shall happen, would be very unpleasant to urmi.

Later, Urmi talks about the list for holi sweets, with damini and sandhya when ishaan walks in. As ishaan comes, urmi asks if she can get him coffee. He is tensed. She asks him to sit while she gets coffee. he asks if she worries for him so much. She asks why is he talking like this. he asks her not to worry, as today he shsll get something for her. She is stunned while he goes inside the kitchen. Damini asks why is he so angry. sandhya blames it on her only. he comes back with a plateful of chillies, saying that since she cares, she woudl eat it all. she asks whats he saying. he coaxes her to eat it, then he shall know that she eans care and love for him. She asks why is he talking like this. He asks if her love is so small. He says that if he can eat the chilli laden food, then she too can. urmi tries to speak, but damini intervenes and asks ishaan not to be childish. he says that he just wants to know the extent of her love. urmi wipes away her tears, and starts taking one chilly after the other, while he watches boggled and tensed. He rushes to get water, while both damini and sandhya ask her to stop this. he asks her to drink. Without taking water, urmi leaves from there, ishaan is tensed. Damini instigates that she is very ill-mannered as she doesnt listen to anyone. ishaan rushes. sandhya says that urmi would win over them.

In hir room, ishaan is disturbed that he shouldnt have done this. But then says that she too did the same with him. Just then the maid comes in with his coffee. he then asks the maid, who made his lunch. She says that she did it. He asks if urmi didnt make. she denies. He is so sorry and guilty of what he did and said to urmi.

In the corridor, Damini thinks that before things start recovering between urmi and ishaan, she would have to talk to talk to ishaan. before she can enter his room, she finds him rushing out. ishaan says that he has to talk to urmi, and clears the misunderstanding that the maid made the food, and nor urmi. she tries to speak, but he says that he has to first go and apologise to urmi. He rushes out while she is tensed. Meanwhile, urmi talks to gaurav on the phone, that all that samrat is doing to tani, is because of the fact that she married ishaan, and noone of this would have hppened, had the marriage not happened. After this, ishaan comes to urmi’s room and finds her talking on the phone. urmi talks on the phone that she made a huge mistake, as she shouldnt have married ishaan. She says that she took a very wrong descision, that is haunting her now. gaurav hears this and is tensed. Ishaan comes and hears this and is shocked. the screen freezes on his apalled face.

Precap: Ishaan calls gaurav and says that he wanted to talk to him about something regarding urmi. Gaurav is tensed. ishaan hesitatingly says that he wants him to know, that urmi is evidently and actually not very happy with her relationship as a marriage to ishaan, and hence he is not going to forcibly keep her in this relation. He says that she is free to leave him and go if she wants to. Gaurav is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    Fantastic. We get so close to an understanding and it is snatched away in a second. Fantastic writing and acting.

  2. Writers please expose the evil Damini at once
    If Ishaan is so quick to believe anything then he is not worthy of Urmi

  3. Cant Damini focus on her sick daughter? Why is she so evil.My problem is that Ishaan could be angry with Urmi all the time and Urmi must not react.Why her life has to be so miserable all the time ,Can she not enjoy her marriage and love.Now Ishaan is talking about divorce.The marriage just started and here comes divorce.Can’t these writers ever show a successful marriage .All the writers give us is that marriage is a trap rather than a loving relationship.All we see is this foolishness about mother in laws giving daughters in law trouble.Can they not show us a beautiful,successful marriage.Urmi needs to be happy.and she is chasing after happiness but in reality happiness is like a butterfly. the more she chases it the more it become elusive.

  4. Why are the comment section giving problem? Could some one tell me please.?

  5. this serial is so not true to life it is always samrat winning now it is damini and her crooked accomplice who always have one line over and over that is because I am dark complexion which sounds so out of context these writers like they never went to school what they write is like a child writing it this makes no sense at all this serial is going no where damn it I say to end it now a*sh*les you are making me soooooooooooo mad shit shit shit and more shit

    1. Gloria ,I have been listening to this foolish expression she makes about being darkskin and the negatives she says,I do not know when people are dark skinned they are that negative.I did not know you picked up on it.

      1. Guys, wats going on please and where are others?

  6. Marilyn your views is right. Mother-in-law ill-treatments are always there in India.
    Sometime even daughter-in-law treat their mother-in-law bad. Good treatment comes when the mother-in-law has only one child. Indian show does not complete without a Hot Masala/hatred. Zee should stop showing this show. I am sure nobody like this show.

  7. Yes Gloria and Rosey that comment about she’s darkskin is rather annoying takes me back to what my grandmother use to say “anything too black never good” am becoming to wonder myself…she’s darkskin so is a million others in the world what does that have to do with anything she just need an excuse to be evil smh

  8. Beginning to wonder not becoming typing error

  9. I honestly think that serials like this that drag and becomes frustrating were the bad guy is succeeding in everything should come to an end, atleast let there be a happy ever after all the ZEE SERIALS ARE GETTING VERY STUPID all is about the bad guys winning end the serial if the writer cant think of something better

  10. I am a mother in law in South Africa and watching this and the way Urmi is being treated and knowing she is a good person to her in law the writter should show and teach the young ladies that are not married this is how you behaviour in a marriage and treat your in law not always in every programme its the mother in laws that are so bad nothing is different from any of these programmes on ZEE TV it gives such a bad light to life and getting married we all as women want to be happy and teach our girls good values so these showns are not a good lesson to learn at all.We need to learn as well just a bit from these programmes its not true all false so infect the writter is making our girls feel that this is the way they get treated from their mother in law and this is life. It wrong I hate ZEE TV all these programmes are the same it is so sick .Watching Sony it is different and the story line is beautiful you can learn from it and the love you feel in so ZEE has a lot to learn.This is my opinion and i think that there are others who feels the same way.Please shane your opinion with me.Thanks

  11. I agree with all the people and share the view that this programme has become so stupid that I have no interest in it any more. I am so disturbed at Ishaan’s stupid behaviour, which sends the message that a man changes after marriage. Yes Samrat was always a dog, so we expect him to be bad. But now Ishaan is so weak and such a big fool. He understood Urmi better than anyone else, so now what happened. As for Damini she should look after her husband and dress for her age. How come her daughter and daughter in law dress more conservatively than her. I am definitely switching to Sony. Disgusting serial.

  12. Im watching this from Malaysia and believe me I have stopped watching this serial in fact only reading the update..this serial has become a laughing stock is potraying so much of negativity and always the evil wins..does not make sense..please let urmi wins!

    1. yes it was true the story going wrong way

  13. nounsense, ishaaan going so bad damini must die pls let urmi lives happy with Ishaan and samrat ,tani is evil they destroy urmi life director pls make urmi and Ishaan love and romance come again the story will be intersting

  14. Really Samart should be sent o jail again. Ishan and Urmi should live happy married life. Come on Ishaan being a lawyer how stupid you can be and not trust Urmi for anythig.

  15. Are you suggesting ZEE TV should be scrapped? The question is: are we being entertained? Samrat keeps the show from being boring if you ask me & ZEE’s priority is to keep viewers interested & to make money or am I wrong?? Any how, I like the Samrat’s character, makes me want to watch the serial again & again.

  16. In the end & after all is said & done, it’s still just a show. Keep that in mind.

  17. I think urmi needs ishaan as well as he needs her. The love between then to grow with thier marriage. Damini and her sister in law should stop adding fuel in thier marriage.

    1. fan of the show

      It shows the importance of more openness and communication and less judging one another to have a successful relationship, whenther it’s marriage or some other relationship in the family.

  18. seriously??? u guys should take an example like jamai raja..the only program that booms in zee t.v..the others r soo up ishaaaan

    1. Yes i agree with u..Jamai Raja is the best others go to rubbish bin..even though it is just a show but come on the potrayal of society in India is so negative..what a toxic storyline

  19. Todays episode with Sanaya doing prayers with Ishaan was completely out of context. How could Ishaan claim to have loved Urmi so much yet be disrespectful towards her. I thought Sanaya was her friend but I am certain Damini had something to do with her behavior. Samrat should bring his mother to live in the same house as Damini and let her create drama such that Damini would be too busy to focus on destroying Urmi’s marriage.

    1. I hope it is Sanaya’s plan to make Urmi realise her feelings for Ishaan.

  20. Urmi expressing her LOVE for ishaan… I think was one of Ishaan plan. I think ishaan planned all this with Sanaya so that Urmi cod express her love for ishaan! This is what I think I’m not too sure. 🙂

  21. Can any1 tel wt was the song in backgrnd while Urmi is dreaming abt Ishaan??

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