Doli Armaanon Ki 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi Court
All are shocked at this new turn of events. urmi and ishaan, along with saroj are baffled and shattered. saroj asks how can this be, while niranjan shuts her, saying that she should have shame, as she went back on her statement, and produced the wrong statement too. ishaan says that he cant believe that samrat didnt have that MMS and definitely must have kept a copy in some other device. He says that he is sure if they search for it, they would find it. urmi starts shouting, but niranjan asks her to shut down, pointing out that ishaan is pointing out wrong facts, and is hence accusing samrat with baseless allegations. ishaan again givbes the voice recording as an evidence, saying that its clear that samrat did make an MMS. Niranjan says that he should produce solid evidence and not talk in the air, and if he tries to mmalign samrat again, then he shall file a defamation case against ishaan. the judge asks ishaan to procue some solid evidence. ishaan apologises and again asks the judge to take the appropriate measure, as a lady’s dignity is involved. The judge orders for a detailed investigation, as this case is getting complicated. Ishaan thanks him, while the court is adjourned. urmi is boiling with rage.

In the parking lot, Samrat gets to know that niranjan deleted the video from his mobile phone. samrat applauds him profusely, for his presence of mind and his geniusness. niranjan says that he has to be smart to cover for his foolishness. Niranjan says that cybercell personnels will be after him now, to grill and investigate him. He asks samrat to delete the video in the laptop rightaway, and also destroy the laptop, so that nothing remains in it. samrat is surprised. niranjan tells him that he should get rid of all the objectionable data. samrat agrees to everything, but is confused at deleting the laptop. niranjan says that there can be a recovery too, of the data. Samrat is frustrated that he would have to break his laptop, and says that he is facing huge losses due to his ex-wife.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
urmi is apalled to see annu, hiding in a corner, in the room, as she enters with saroj. she calls to annu, who rushes to her, crying distraughtedly. urmi asks her not to cry, while saroj watches in despair. Anu starts talking berserkedly, asking what would happen now, and says that she would do anything, but to get the video back. urmi tells what happened in the court, and assures her that she wont let anything wrong happen to her. Anu talks suicidal, while urmi asks her to listen from saroj, saying that ishaan handled everything, and samrat wouldnt be able to ruin her at all. Anu keeps crying, while urmi tells her that she wont wont let anything happen to her. urmi thanks saroj, as if she hadnt favoured her, she wouldnt have been able to do what they did. saroj says that she was in a moral dilemma, and apologises for what she said the earlier day, and how she was distraught when she had to say such things about urmi, in the court. urmi says that she should have talked once to her atleast and trusted her. saroj says that it isnt like that, but seeing annu’s condition, she had gotten very scared. she begs for an apology, while urmi asks her not to, as she isnt at fault, and that she is just hurt. saroj says that she penanced for what she did, at the temple, and that granny wasnt able to face her too, and hence she got to know today, what samrat is, and asks her to forgive granny. Urmi begs to them, to trust her, as she wont let her family be in any problem, as she isnt weak anymore, as that demon has hardened her by his atrocities, and she isnt scared of anyone now, fights for herself, and hence they dont need to worry. saroj says that they all are with her. urmi cries overwhelmingly, and then caresses annu’s face. she thinks that she wont spare samrat.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
With much frustration, samrat breaks the laptop and the cd’s, spewing venom against ishaan and urmi. he hollers for murti, who is shocked to see him, and samrat orders him to take all the scraps and burn them, so that no evidence remains. samrat is tensed.

Downstairs, Rudra and shashi say that they would come in sometime. kanchan and radha finish the household chores. Just then, Urmi comes with annu, determinedly. All are shocked to see her. kanchan asks radha to go away. urmi shouts out samrat’s name. radha passes by, eyeing her tensedly. urmi hollers at samrat to come out. shashi asks whats this nonsense, and urmi lashes at her, stunning her in silence. samrat comes out, asking whats this drama. She asks him to come out, unfazed or scared by his presence, and addresses him with anger. She asks him to tell everything, what a heinous crime he committed today. He teases her if she has come her to unravel and expose him. samrat leeringly asks urmi if there’s anything left still to be unravelled, eyeing anu. He asks her to stay in her limits. He gloats about the video that he made, and all are shocked. He says that he did this to control her. He says that the film is really nice, tagged as Anushka MMS, and taunts them. Anu, unable to take it any longer, slaps him tight, as both the sisters eye him fiercely. Samrat is taken aback. Anu says that he never thought that he could stoop down this loe, and asks how come he didnt have any shame, before doing this, and reprimands him with disgust. samrat tells urmi, that he saw annu, just the way he saw her, his wife, as after all, the sister-in-law is for this purpose only, and he being the brother-in-law is half groom. He taunts her that he did the rightful thing by making and then viewing it too. sanu is distraught, while urmi is furious. she slaps him hard and tight across his face. samrat is stunned. the screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: Niranjan tells samrat that the girls walked in there, trying to manipulate him, so that he can confess his crimes, and they can have a record of it. samrat is tensed. He says that they were actually trying to get him to brag, instead of having a heated verbal arguement. He asks if he didnt say anything about the MMS on the CCTV cameras. samrat is shocked and boggled, unable to answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Glad that Urmi nor Anu is afraid of Samrat

  2. And the slaps, OMG! Gonna record this epi, have to see the slaps! Huh!!

  3. good slap for samrat…u deserve tiz

  4. Samrat’s end has come. He forgot that he has CCTV cameras installed in his house. I can’t wait to see it do the recording and have it use against in court. Urine will definitely win the case.

  5. Sorry I mean urmi

  6. fan of the show

    It’s Thursday, they have to end the week on some big note tomorrow.- maybe they recorded his rage at his house?

  7. fan of the show

    Ishan should have asked the court to demand Niranjan’ evidence for false recording., just like Niranjan always does to Ishan. C’mon Ishan, you’re supposed to be good at this.

  8. Samrat is the most evil and disgusting man i have ever seen.He is spineless.He is gruesome.Poor example of a father and a husband.Urmi you stand up and fight for your right as a woman and a divorcee.

  9. Hey guys who will win the court case??? Does any1 have bbm here

  10. I am totally fed up with samrath for heavens sake you do not love urmi so why are you samrath making urmis life a living hell all I can say is that you are toooooooooo wicked and evil and what goes around comes around samrath you are a real b*t*h and you will pay for your deeds one day.
    you have to live to see urmi make it in life and very happy with her son shauyna who wants no part of you as a so called father.

  11. Samrat is a perfect example of some husbands the world over. I’m glad to see Urmi standing her ground, and not falling apart. Women in her position in the real world are able to draw strength from her. And yes I do like the pace at which it is moving. Love from Trinidad. I now watch only zeetv. Except for our local news.

    1. I notice that there are so many Trinis on here 😀

  12. Good epi. Soon to expose the devil. What will come out between Any, Urmi and Ishaan will be dramatic after dealing with Samrat Rathore

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