Doli Armaanon Ki 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
ishaan thanks sushma that she is here as only she can be able to get urmi distracted and if possible unaware of this trauma. She laments as to what kind of an animal is samrat, and to what levels he can droop. Urmi comes and asks ishaan, what did they find out, about samrat’s bkackmail. ishaan and sushma distract her and try to leave. urmi asks then sternly asking why arent they telling her, as she needs to know. they again pretend that they are very hungry, and that ishaan shall handle everything, and she neednt bother herself over it. urmi gets angry and demands to know the reason. she snatches the phone, and listens to the recording, and is shocked to know of annu’s MMS in samrat’s rant in the recording. Urmi is in a daze, stunned and unable to react. ishaan and sushma are apalled for her. She breaks down into inconsolabe tears, and breaks away the phone. she gets disgusted, as to how samrat sued her younger sister, to get back at her. she says that she wont leave him, while ishaan and sushma to try and calm her down. urmi is beyond consolation and composure, while she goes berserk, adding that she woul kill him, and doesnt care if she gets hanged due to it. ishaan tries to talk reason, but she is beyond logic and rationality. ishaan shouts and tries to make her understand, that if she takes one wrong step, all of their efforts shall be ruined, as she would give samrat an advantage by reacting right now. ishaan says that this disgusting habit shall cost him dearly in the court. she breaks down apalled at annu’s plight, and hugs sushma, who tried hard to console her. ishaan is tensed and emotional too. urmi starts blaming herself, for all the sufferings of her family, as samrat ruined everything today, as she doesnt have a reason to live now. ishaan rhinks that he would see to it that samrat gets punished, after what he did with anu.

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Scene 2:
Location: Jhansi court
The court proceedings begin, and ishaan asks for permission to get saroj in the witness box. saroj complies, after samrat nods her to. urmi is tensed. The clerk asks her to take the oath of truth. ishaan asks saroj about urmi’s character once again. niranjan ovbjects that this is a repetition and a wastage of time. Ishaan asks him to let him complete, and hence he needs to verify this. The judge overrules this. Niranjan sits down. ishaan asks the same question again. Niranjan and samrat are satisfied. saroj starts praising urmi galore, as to how she performs every relation very nicely. sarat and niranjan are shocked. ishaan asks how the change of statement now, and reminds her of what she said last time. saroj says that all of that was a lie. niranjan says that the witness is changing her statement. ishaan asks niranjan to be patient, and not interrupt the witness’ testimony. the judge overrules yet again. ishaan asks why this change of statement. saroj tells that she was blackmailed and forced to change the statement, and starts narrating the atrocities and cruelties of samrat and how urmi tried to keep the relation alive. In the court, Ishaan asks saroj to tell clearly, as to what was samrat’s blackmail, that got her to testify wrongly, against his client, and tell it to the court, without any pressure. After having gotten the revelation of what samrat did, a disgusted urmi eyes samrat angrily, while he is flustered, scared that saroj might just give everything away. saroj tells about samrat’s MMS blackmail. samrat gets angered and says that this is all a lie. Saroj tells about how samrat implanted a camera in the bathroom, when he went to see devi. samrat gets furious with rage. niranjan makes him sit down, and points out, how she turned back on her own statement. Saroj says how she had to sacrifice her second daughter due to the first one. Niranjan asks whats the evidence, as the court cant believe every changing testimony, and asks saroj to present proof to support her accusations against his client. Ishaan says that he does have proof. samrat and niranjan are shocked. Saroj and urmi are angered. he makes the court hear of the recorded phone conversations, after the judge’s permission. Niranjan starts palpitating. saroj is in tears, while samrat is stunned, and niranjan stands defeated. Samrat eyes urmi angrily. niranjan comes and starts clapping, that he has seen lawyers resorting to such means, in films, but he didnt expect this from him, as this voice isnt samrat’s. saroj says that this is samrat’s voice. Niranjan says that they hired a voice artist, who masqueraded as samrat, and they recorded his voice, and try and accuse samrat of something that he didnt commit. he says that audio clips arent evidence in the court. ishaan says that lets assume this audio is a fake, but what of the MMS in samrat’s mobile. niranjan is shocked and at a loss for an answer. Ishaan says that this is an open and shut case. Ishaan asks the court to check that MMS in Samrat’s phone, and then punish him for this heinous crime, and also allow urmi to have shaurya’s custody. samrat stands dazed, as the colour drains off his face. niranjan is speechless too. the judge grants the permission. samrat sinks in his chair. ishaan places a humble request that the court shouldnt release the video as public evidence, as its the question of a women’s preservation of dignity and self respect. urmi and saroj are mortified with embarassment. granny is distraught too. The judge asks samrat to place his phone before them. Niranjan blabbers, while samrat is too shocked to react. Urmi is in tears. samrat stammeringly says that he doesnt have anything in his mobile, and the judge reprimands him to hand over the phone. Samrat is shocked and stunned. He is scared, as he gives the phone and the judge receives it. The judge checks the video files and eyes samrat sternly. samrat sits flustered. ishaan and urmi wait with bated breaths. the judge tells ishaan that there’s no such video in this phone, except for a few jokes and some songs. Ishaan, urmi and saroj are shocked. niranjan and samrat and surprised and relieved too. Urmi angrily eyes samrat’s surprised face too. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: In the parking lot, Samrat gets to know that niranjan deleted the video from his mobile phone. samrat applauds him profusely, for his presence of mind. Niranjan says that cybercell personnels will be after him now, to grill and investigate him. He asks samrat to delete the video in the laptop rightaway, and also destroy the laptop, so that nothing remains in it. samrat is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Eish ishaan almost nailed samrat’s lawyer, come on ishaan u better go to samrat’s house nd get the video, or go bk 2 urmi’s house and get the footage of the mms

  2. see what I mean this is what I am talking about how on earth every time samrath is caught something happens to fix the situation writers how convenient that the lawyer niranjan deleted the video bulshit samrath destroys a young girls reputation like that by placing a camera in her bathroom how low can he get please send his ass to jail for good let him lose everything and let Ishaan get hold of the video before it is tooooooooooooo late so he can show the judge it but please let urmi win her case against samrath. look what he is doing the new girl living with them samrath is a womanizer and a pervert he does not deserve to be alive let alone get custody of shauyna down you go samrath straight to hell

  3. fan of the show

    Just pay it back off Saroj’s phone….

    1. fan of the show

      {lay back samRats theats frm saroj’s phone and go back to Sarojshouse and find the camera

  4. Well if everything is destroyed he has nothing to leak, and if he doesn’t delete it and it is leaked obviously everyone including the judge would know it was him. I guess that planned failed, even if he wasn’t outrightly penalized for it. Somehow I feel the big hit would be that girl he pretended to marry. And what about Anu?!?! Where is she?

    1. I mean Aditi….where is she?

  5. Ishaan would have to go extra miles to nail Samrat coz he is supposed to be punished for crimes against humanity including rape, murder, blackmail, battery, causing bodily harms and contempt of court.

  6. i hope samrat is exposed soon and this dont drag on for another month its about time justice is served

  7. Can Urmi get custody of Shaurya already! It’s getting boring!! And the (Sam)rat’s lawyer is darn too smart!!

  8. Noooooo !! It was a wonderful episode !!!! Finally !!!

  9. Well even if Samrat didn’t get caught with the vidoe atleast Anu is safe from exposure

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