Do you think Sumit’s track should end in NAUC?

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The show is currently revolving around Sumit, Dolly’s husband. Kabir and Nisha are trying to solve the mystery as they want to help Dolly. But this has put Nisha in trouble again and lead to a high end drama on the show. Nisha and Kabir reach at a construction site to confront Sumit. They warn Sumit to accept his mistake or else they will expose him with the help of the evidence they have collected. Sumit gets furious and pushes Nisha from the under construction building. Kabir and Viraj take Nisha to the hospital. Kabir and Dolly learn about the evidence Nisha has against Sumit. The doctor informs Laxmi and Suketu that Nisha needs blood. Kabir vows to prove his innocence and assaults Sumit.

Kabir asks Dolly to tell the Gangwals that Sumit is innocent. Sumit donates blood to Nisha. Kabir takes the blame and surrenders to the police. The police arrest Kabir. Dolly tells her family that Sumit is innocent. On regaining consciousness, Nisha asks Laxmi and Ramesh about Kabir. Virendra informs Nisha about Kabir’s arrest. Nisha tells Laxmi how Sumit pushed her off the building. Sumit tells Nisha that he has destroyed her phone.

Nisha Aur Uske CousinsSumit and Leela are happy to see their plan against Kabir succeed. Meanwhile, Laxmi is frightened learning that Nisha is missing from the hospital. Nisha informs Ramesh about Sumit destroying her phone. She seeks Viraj’s help to prove Kabir’s innocence. Nisha denies Viraj’s allegations on Kabir. Saurabh and Umesh visit Nisha. Umesh suggests of creating a plan against Sumit. Saurabh blackmails Sumit with the tampered evidence against him and asks him to meet outside the shop. Kabir hopes for Nisha to help him get out of jail.

Ramesh pretends to be Sumit and calls Leela to learn about their plan. Saurabh pretends to care for Sumit and apologises to him. Sumit decides to change his plan as he suspects the Gangwals of having learnt about it. Ramesh and Suketu disguise as buyers and take the jewelry from Sumit. Viewers will see Sumit blackmailing Dolly and making her dance around his tune. The girl will get scared and decide to support him in order to keep Nisha and her family safe. Do you think Sumit’s track should end in NAUC? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Idiot sumit…..

  2. chicken tandoori

    lolz 0% votes fr wantng sumit to stay

  3. Hate sumit

  4. i think dolly is pregnant!!

  5. I stopped watchng ths serial, hero became villain nd new entry became hero. stupidity. . i was watchng the serial for the cousins but nw itz irritating, better change the topic too as “nisha”

  6. Just get this idiotic summit out …. means OUT ….

  7. Stupid Sumit I hate u

  8. ofcourse his character must be ended asap!

  9. Where is Krithi? I didn’t follow in between.

  10. LovE y?u Kabir…….
    Nisha Aur Uske Cousins Rock….!!!!
    Hats off for the beautiful pair Nisha and Kabir….???

  11. Nisha nd kabir rocks. Plz dont stop this serial after getting kabir nd nisha close. But keep up this moving on till everyone in this show get settled in every sector including viraj too

  12. Not only summit but viraj too

    1. Hey hey I like this not only sumit but also viraj too … U r correct

  13. […] Also check ‘Do you think Sumit’s track should end in NAUC?’ […]

  14. […] Also check ‘Do you think Sumit’s track should end in NAUC?’ […]

  15. […] Also check ‘Do you think Sumit’s track should end in NAUC?’ […]

  16. yep..sumit and viraj both should be ousted..both r too irritating…specifically viraj…that actor can’t even express any emotion…watching him is just time waste…should take some acting tips from kabir…

  17. Viraj and sumit must f**k each other and get out of NiBir’s and DoSa’s lives

    1. Mind ur tongue….don’t say anything against my viru

      1. also…please comment in decent manner

    2. Rightly said

      1. What is rightly said??? Kabir must go out from NiRaj’s life

      2. Don’t u know Nisha+Viraj=NiRaj
        this stupid kabir if he gives them some space then….

      3. stupid is viraj ….kabir is awesome…..he always cares nisha…..viraj only loves aarti…when knows about nisha that she is aarti….he insulted her

  18. sumit get lost from the show…………… hate u

    1. Same implies with kabir

  19. NiBir and DoSa luv em

  20. I like dosa but nibir is nothing only niraj

  21. read the above comment

  22. And kabir loves his dance passion more than nisha but viraj’s passion is nisha

  23. Niraj niraj only niraj

    1. Nibir nibir only nibir

  24. nisha’s passion….Kabir

  25. Kabir’s passion dance not nisha

    1. Kabir’s passion is Nisha. Many things changed in this serial, Kabir’s passion will change from dance to Nisha. So its NiBir only not NiRaj

      1. Wotever but niraj is th best

  26. I luv nibir n dosa I jzt hate nibir pair I hate sumit n viraj

  27. #prerna u saidu luv nibir and then said u hate nibir


  28. nibirrrr rockzzzzzzzzz.

    remove sumit and viraj

    dont spoil the image of viraj bu continuing him in the serial

  29. Hiii frns
    Nibir rockz.

  30. I think de writers r planning to create a new twist..I Doubt dolly is nxt set of twiSt n turns

  31. hate Sumit

  32. Waiting for d next twist,….. But hope it don’t bring gap b/w nisha and kabir…
    …any how shortly kabir’s mom is going to give entry,..

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