Do you think Patiala Babes is losing charm?

Sony’s Patiala Babes had the much hyped marriage track of Babita and Hanuman. Minnie had been the wedding planner for her mother’s marriage. She had dreamt of a happy family. She wanted Hanuman to take her father’s place. Hanuman is a gem at heart and truly deserved Babita’s companionship. Minnie wishes them a good life together. But, Minnie’s problems gets on increasing post the marriage track. Minnie realizes that Babita is forgetting her because of her new phase of life. She turns emotional to get away from Babita’s heart. Babita and Hanuman are happy in love. They are lost in their own world.

Babita used to care for Minnie’s needs a lot. She forgets to give attention to Minnie. Minnie expects Babita to stay the same forever. She wants her mother’s love, care and attention. Babita spends most of the time with Hanuman. Minnie misses the sweet little special moments with Babita. She finds Hanuman taking all the attention. Babita soon realizes how she had hurt Minnie’s heart by her ignorance. She repents for her mistake. Babita needs to work hard on her bonding with Minnie. The show’s main track revolves around Babita and Minnie’s unique understanding. Do you think Patiala Babes is losing charm? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yes. The script has become very weak. It is irritating to watch such immature and extreme behaviors of the characters.

  2. No, not at all…. I think it is reflecting more genuine human emotions and insecurities….. Also how things and priorities with attention get shifted subsequently

  3. Yes it’s true it’s loading charm

  4. They have ruined the beauty of story. It was the understanding between the characters. And now it’s like everybody is in their own zone. How can they show babita so changed. Like she had become self centered. She said she never felt this important before hanuman called her owner of the house. She had got a kind of aham in her. Hanuman who used to live Minnie a lot and was father figure al of siden changes. Biji and dadaji always supported babita but today het behavior with them had changed. I thought they will show a happy family fighting further odds of society and there would be some different twist and turn or challenges. Here writer is proving that kammo and khatri taunt right and developing story they said. What nonsense. Where is that maturity of hanuman which he used to use before. Really losing interest.

    1. I agree with you.. I also thought that they will fight all odds as a new family.. instead they are fighting against their own self in different directions. And yes, they are changing.

  5. Its not loosing charm, however, they are showing too many emotions going on at once and not clearing them up. Why is Minnie all of a sudden think that HS can not be her father, if anything he is much of a father than Ashok ever was and they never even made a track to show that HS was distant from her, so why that feeling, so why thay had to pull that emotion unnecessarily?

    If all the “father” issue did arise, then how come Babita never tried to resolve and say that, that is not the case and she (Minnie) is misunderstanding everything.

    If HS try to show is haq as a father and scolding Minnie, then Minnie thinks she is not needed, but when he is all nice and passive, then he is blamed that he is not a good father… its a lose-lose situation for HS.

    Moreover, HS is apologize for his mistake about the video and still then Minnie thinks he is not a “father.” Therefore she herself is doesnt want him to be… she should act like a daugher the way she was before marriage… if she expects Babita to be same with her as she was before marriage, then she should also act the same with HS after marriage. And they never cleared anything how about Khatri is the one who played the video.

    The writer is confused and needs to start clearing some things. Nothing against the script, but just about time that they should start fixing. And now even with Minnie’s bday, even tho Babita forgot, as a writer give that opportunity for HS to make up for everything.

    Otherwise, I watch this show religiously.

  6. Yes, Minnie suddenly acts so immature, with all the issues that does not make any sense. Babita comes across as very arrogant person. Her behavior towards her in laws cannot be justified. Khatri is getting more irritating person. When the main characters are shown with negative characteristics , the show becomes boring. HS character was the, most engaging one, but his role is shortened to give more of Minnie. She is getting most irritating now

  7. Yep Babita as a mother has been butchered so much to justify Mini the Great and now it is HS turn

    Khatri does so much and is still unpunished.

    Mini lies and hides things and her fake smile and laugh are getting on my nerve now.
    Suddenly are Babes has ruined her 17 years of her Life.
    She has whitewashed the Khuranas and will welcome Ashok back because its all Babita fault.

    Will cheat with Mickey who is Preeti Boyfriend but when her mother calls her out on it she taunts her Mother in defence of lying and hiding things about Mickey, hugs Mickey passionately when pretti is there.
    So done with the only lead in PB should be renamed Mini the great

  8. yes…really pathetic, esp babita s role…so catering business running on autopiliot…totally egoistic self centered emotional vamp now…

  9. yes it is becoming boring.

  10. Yes. This serial is getting boring now! After the Babita’s marriage, She forgetten her daughter.

  11. They have all potential of fixing it… I still love watching the show tho.

  12. It had a very good and different storyline. But now, it looks unreal, suddenly after 17-18 years a mother’s love for daughter changed? that too for a person who she met like an year ago? She started blaming her ex-inlaws for everything that happened with her and forgot that they were the ones who checked on them on timely basis and even recommended her to marry Hanuman? And what to say about Hanuman, I liked him so much before he got married to that brainless Babita, now he has just became like her.
    With her behavior now, she is just proving that she must have irritated Ashok to an extend that he moved on (not justifying him).

  13. Babita needs too get her act together. Being married doesn’t mean stay in your own and forget about the people or responsibilities. Being married again should come with some maturity, which Babita is lacking. I don’t think is over reacting at all on her point of view. She had expectations (like any young person) from this new relation, which she’s learning now it’s all rosy and also because of Babita ‘not being there’. Babita needs to know besides being herself, she’s a mother, a wife and a business woman (who worked hard to achieve this) and must embrace all that she is.

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