Do you think Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is losing its charm?

Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has been dragging a lot since the major revelation of Kulfi and Sikandar’s truth coming out. Both Kulfi and Sikandar have learnt the truth of their lives. Kulfi knows Sikandar is her biological father, who had abandoned Nimrat for a reason. Kulfi is upset with him but still forgives him by showing a big heart. Kulfi wishes that she gets unconditional love from Sikandar. She has felt his hearty truthful wishes when they weren’t aware of their blood ties. She believes that he will love her even more when he knows that she is his daughter, but things take an awry turn. Sikandar turns helpless because of Loveleen and Amyra.

Loveleen gets hell bent to throw out Kulfi from his life and attempts many evil things. When she finds Amyra falling in danger, she gets reformed. Loveleen now wants to help Sikandar in getting his daughter Kulfi back. Strangely, Amyra has turned wicked once again. She develops hatred for Kulfi. She doesn’t want Kulfi to snatch her father’s love. Amyra is possessive about Sikandar. She grows insecure of Kulfi all the time. The truth is out, but still the father-daughter duo are living a helpless life. There are many scenes of sorrow and pain, which drag the show to a much extent. Do you think Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is losing its charm? Let us know your opinion.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    My question is did show had charm???????????

    1. Aveline fernandes

      It’s different n nice but yes now they r dragging it n too much of cryin on sikander and kulfis part. Nothing new. A small girl suffering all the time without respite is getting too irritating. I mean how much can one go on. The evil doer is never caught. So keep doin evil n the good children have patience. It’s far from reality.

  2. Yes it is dragging and there is nothing positive. More than that what is the message going across to young children:
    1. Evil will always win.
    2. Kulfis character is amazing and should be a role model for young kids to follow especially her positive forgiving nature – however her sorrows don’t end and hence the message being passed is contrary – be negative and keep being cunning and plotting!

    1. Agree – this show conveys a wrong message to children watching this. these things gets embedded in children’s minds and they thing doing evil wins. Something positive should happen in this drama. Also adults making use of children and capitalising on situations is another negative point.

  3. The show is dragging let kulfi and sikandar split forever…..and show more scenes with amyra and sikandar….also amyra and sikandar are also father and daughter….they too share relationship … make sure that kulfi goes away ans find some peace rather than making amu and even her life difficulty by her presence..

    1. And why should Sikandar and Amyra lead a happy life together. Tevar was a better father to Kulfi and will be a better father to Amyra too. He should get his daughter back. Why Sikandar who appears so spineless! Is he ever going to man up! Is he ever going to contact Tevar and inform him that your real daughter is dying! St least come and visit her ! What silly values is this serial imparting

  4. Riana

    Did this show ever had any charm !!! Whats charming in this show its well copied from the bengali original version. I thought makers will do some changes but no the same drama is going on with the national one which pissed off us the bengali audience ! ?????

  5. I think Tevar should adopt Kulfi and give her a good life.

  6. The charm was the purity and unconditional love of Kulfi ‘s character wonderfully portrayed by the child actress. However the message conveyed is that you are doomed to suffer in life if you adopt these qualities. You will be taken advantage of by those who are ruthless, conniving and merciless. These are projected as more powerful and successful qualities to have. The concept of ” love conquers all seems to have no place in this show. It has become another drama with repeated evil plots. The expectations of a high ideal is no more. So yes the charm has been lost.

  7. I think you should now declare to amyra that she is not sikander’s daughter .you can’t keep dragging kulfi ki misery

  8. What am I reading that lovleen wants to unite sikandar and kulfi…how can that be true? And this amyra is a big problematic child. Showing a small kid as a villain is such bad idea from gul Khan.

    Plz bring leap now and show kulfi as a tough girl..

  9. Savithri V Ramani

    The show is dragging and boring

  10. Savithri V Ramani

    Yes kulfi should go with tevar and should become a super singer and very charm girl with full of love

  11. I had quit watching the show.

  12. Please don’t go forward for a leap as with other shows it always turns into another story and probably a love triangle…show should now have positive for Multi either Shikender gives up Selfish and spoilt mother and daughter for his own child.He owes this to Nimrat.Lovleen is being good only because her parents have abandoned her and she only craves security and money.Amaya should be told the truth and given ultimatum…she is ill because of her own mother’s doing and she is not dying .Don’t spoil such a lovely story and again please don’t allow Shikender to forgive lovelorn she should also face the consequences so that people in society will think twice before doing such savage acts of leaving someone to die after hitting them with their car and also putting a child through such horrors..Shikender you are not helpless tell the truth everyone has hurt your child…it’s time to do y your duty towards your true love Nimrat and Kulfi.

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