Do you think Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane will do well after Anandita’s death?

Ram observes Disha and Arav completing the last rites. Ram feels Anandita is with him. Police questions Disha saying that Ram murdered Anandita and brings arrest warrant. Ram takes the pot of Anandita’s ash Manav tells Mr. Kapoor that Anandita’s ash pot is missing and agitated Mr. Kapoor tells Police that Ram should be behind bars. Disha and Arav visit Ram but Ram elopes on seeing police. Mr. Kapoor visits Anandita’s room and fumes at Ram. Karan says to Disha that Ram killed Anandita.

Disha remembers Ram’s weird behavior and cries. Disha is shocked hearing that Ram killed her mother. Ram performs last rites of Anandita recalling past memories. Disha makes cake for Arav. Ram speaks to Disha and Disha asks if he killed her mother to which he approves.

Ram meets with an accident. A neighbor meets Disha with food and asks if Ram called. Ram is admitted to hospital and police finds a small ash pot in his pocket. Disha manages Arav’s breakfast and sendd him to school. Teacher asks Disha to submit the fees or the two will not be allowed for continuation of the class. Disha goes to bank and asks bank manager to break FD but Manager denies saying that Ram is the nominee and she should get his signature. Disha hears neighbor’s wife bickering with her husband for offering them food every time. Ram is unconscious in hospital. Neighbors bring food for Disha and Arav. Her friend suggests her to get school hostel accommodation and hide Arav with her. Do you like the current track of Dil Ki Baatein? Let us know in this poll.

  1. no… it is so boring … killing the important character after few weeks itself stupid…..

  2. Written updates,please give some nice polls.Nowadays not at all giving polls for colors tv,
    especially my fav shastri sisters.

  3. but the show is all about that only. why will they kill the female lead in the first weeks itself, they may want to show that a male can run the family.

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