Do you think Astha will marry Indrajeet in IPKKND2?

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Indrajeet asks Barkha about meeting Shlok. Indrajeet keeps Barkha occupied to prevent her from going out. Apsara tries to persuade Astha to go to the temple. Apsara informs Shlok about Indrajeet keeping Astha busy with work. Shlok sneaks into Indrajeet’s house to have a glimpse of Astha and learns about her feelings for him. Indrajeet agrees to send his kids on a school trip, falling into Shlok’s trap. Astha falls into a pit, trying to run from a dog. Shlok frantically searches for Astha. Shlok comes for Astha’s rescue while Indrajeet tries to reach out to Astha.

Shlok helps Astha get out of the pit. Jyoti informs Siddharth about her suspicion on Renuka after seeing her go out with the bangles. Shlok and Astha find their way out of the jungle. Indrajeet is worried about Barkha after hearing Shlok’s recording. Chowksi is angry at Indrajeet but calms down after thinking about Astha. He says that Shlok is very lucky to have a good family. Sojal says that the reason for the family’s unity is Astha. While Shlok is concentrating on Astha, his hand moves closer to the fire. Astha notices it and shouts at him.

She asks him where his focus is. With Indrajeet having decided to separate the two will be seen fighting Shlok’s effort and keeping the two apart. But soon love will overpower his evilness. Shlok will be seen using innovative ways to win Astha’s heart and remind her of her old golden days. His love would slowly start affecting Astha who would be left dazed and confused by these developments. Indrajeet plans to marry Astha by all rituals and shocks Shlok by giving the good news to him. Are you glad seeing Shlok and Astha’s romance again and also the marriage twist coming in the show? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. I think maybe at the time of marriage some twist will happen!
    Astha may regain her memory… Shlok will do his best for that..
    Or he may do something to stop the marriage.

  3. I am also thinking same.astha will regain her memory with in 15 days.

  4. D serial is nw goin vry intrstngly..i am sure astha vl regain her memry on d 15th day and marry to shlk..

  5. Asthma will recall every before marriage

  6. I am suree…astha will recall her memory on the day of marriage only….poor shlok only 15 days left..

  7. Totally not interested in watching this show

  8. U know what u people r giving a damn story….. I mean some path…. U guys dont underttand that we want this inderjet guy to het lost and astha and shlok to be together… Plz bring the story on right path…. Shloka nd astha together

  9. In every hindhi dailysoaps y people marry twice r thrice is that a ritual r what yhm yrkkh qubool hai matsh sns doli armaan ki almost all

  10. Really intresting story.kollam.

  11. i think astha will regain her memory at the time of marriage and shlok and astha will marry again

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