Do you miss Abhigya chemistry in Kumkum Bhagya?


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Zee’s Prime time hit show Kumkum Bhagya has still kept its essence alive by bringing short scenes of Abhi and Pragya in every episode. The couple is often seen enjoying their separation and staying away for too long while recalling their old romantic memories. They some time make efforts to reach out to each other, but in vain. After losing the hope to meet, they come into action after few days. The series of Abhi and Pragya’s hit and miss is the most common one in the show.

Viewers like to see Abhi and Pragya’s chemistry, their bonding, love and togetherness in the story. Its hugely missed out these days. The story is revolving around Ranbir and Prachi’s love story. Aaliya and Rhea play the negative sources to break the young couple apart. The viewers would definitely not want to see another couple’s separation. Though, Ranbir and Prachi’s chemistry is also wonderful, but Abhigya scenes should be more. Abhi and Pragya’s separation should end. Do you miss Abhigya chemistry in Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Abhigya is sure THE HEART of this SHOW which gave this SHOW a great sucess✌✌✌, it’s not really about their CHEMISTRY which is missed in the show🤔🤔🤔,
    but their constant hits and misses is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!!!👎👎👎
    Abhigya’s story shoud have been given a PROPER ENDING🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, coz the storyline DOESN’T SHOW THEM TO BE AN ETERNAL COUPLE!!!😅😅😅
    but rather a DUMB AND IMMATURE COUPLE!!!🤭🤭🤭

  2. This show lost it’s charm years ago.

  3. Are you mad? This couple is one of the most toxic. Pragya is an idiot who likes going back to abuse and Abhi is an entitled asswipe. Please stop brainwashing women to endure abuse. King was the only character who had any fabric in him

  4. BalajiMurugadoss

    They are not ideal people. Abhishek Mehra does not even trust his wife and Pragya is one of the idiotic wives of ITV. There are so many beautiful couples like Rishbala, Vitharva, Ardeep, Ishra, Sukor, Avneil, Samaina, Ronakshi, Devakshi and especially Shivika. Abhigya is nothing infront of these guys

    1. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      If again focused on them.please end this serial that prachi does not know single expressions.she have more wrinkles.she is more aged than their parents.they are not daughter’s they are grandmothers of abhi&pragya.please stop annoying love story with this serial one and only cutest couple is abhigya.we want our abhigya back.all viewers are watching this serial because of abhi and pragya.stop this horrible love story with generation leap.we want abhigya love story only

  5. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    We want our abhigya back stop this nonsense track with generation leap.who told prachi and ranbir love story is nice the most worst jodi in this serial.please stop annoying.all most all viewers are stop watching because of generation possible stop this nonsense.all most all viewers are hating prachis acting.please start new story with abhigya

  6. Abhigya was my favorite Jodi but now it’s pranbir and arhana.

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