Do you like upcoming marriage twists in Kaleerein?

Zee’s Kaleerein is getting an interesting marriage track where Meera and Vivaan’s marital bond gets fixed with respective alliances. Vivaan gets trapped by Silky’s plotting. Silky tells the family about Vivaan having a close relationship with her. After her fake suicide drama, the family promises to get her married to Vivaan. He gets helpless to agree for the marriage. Meera realizes Silky’s lie to frame Vivaan. She doesn’t succeed to make Silky accept the truth, since Silky since over smart and goes to the extent of hurting herself to make Meera out of her way to achieve Vivaan. Silky gets obsessed with Vivaan. She looks forward to marry Vivaan.

On the other hand, Meera’s marriage gets fixed with Sunny. He wants to help Meera unite with Vivaan. Sunny’s good intentions get known to Vivaan with time. Vivaan gets a bit of peace knowing Meera isn’t marrying Sunny and is just buying time to save their own relation. But, he has no idea about escaping Silky’s planning. Meera aims to mend Amar and Vivaan’s relation soon. Silky and Sunny’s entries in Meera and Vivaan’s life brings problems. Sunny’s real intentions might be evil as well. Do you like upcoming marriage twists in Kaleerein? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Let them marry 5 different persons… makes the population of India grow even bigger

    1. Mona146

      haha wasnt this silky liking sumer leading to male and female leads marriage way back. where did he disappear?

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