Do you like the love track in Krishna Chali London?

Star Plus’ Krishna Chali London is introducing a new track directing towards Krishna and Radhe’s love story. Krishna gets to know more about Radhe. Her misconceptions about Radhe gets cleared. Radhe’s innocence doesn’t get hidden for long. Radhe communicates with her in the simplest way to express his expectations and dreams. Krishna gets glad to know that Radhe is not so horrible as she made his image in mind. Krishna and Radhe start getting friendly when they have a stay in Krishna’s house for Pagphere.

Radhe proves the extent to which he can go for Krishna’s sake. He arranges a newspaper for her so that her habit of reading newspapers doesn’t break. He struggles to get milk to make a milk tea for Krishna. Small gestures of Radhe make Krishna see the real Radhe. She realizes Radhe is a simple and sweet person, who just thinks about loving people. Radhe also gets keen to understand her dreams. Krishna reveals the incident of her mother’s death, happened due to critical illness. She conspires to become a doctor to save lives. Radhe takes a stand to fulfill her dreams. Their love story gets developing in the process. Do you like the love track in Krishna Chali London? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. There is nothing love track, its just woman torture track, its getting worse. No one likes it so no one replied here.

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