Do you like the current track of Muskaan?

Star Bharat’s Muskaan is getting huge dramatic twists by adding the suspense elements. The show had more negative leads introduced recently. Ronak’s fiancee Kajal has turned into a criminal only with a motive to get back Ronak. Kajal gets furious when Ronak and Muskaan’s marriage gets certified by the marriage counsellor Mrs. Sinha. Kajal loses Ronak after reaching the marriage altar. She doesn’t get support of her family. She takes a big step against her parents, while rebelling to get her love. Kajal kills her parents with a clever plan to get saved from the police.

Kajal breaks all limits of sanity just for Ronak. Kajal also murders Mrs. Sinha, and projects it as a suicide. Mrs. Sinha had learnt Kajal’s evil truth. Ronak and Muskaan aren’t aware of Kajal’s truth. They pity Kajal and lend her support. They bring a dangerous criminal home. Kajal cheats them with a drama of disability so that she isn’t suspected for any crimes. The show gets thrilling elements with the murder mystery. The coming episodes bring unpredictable twists and turns. Do you like the current track of Muskaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Tooo much complication why can’t it be straight story so can move forward

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