Do you like Shivaansh-Aditi’s pairing in Ishqbaaz?

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Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has taken the generation leap with the introduction of new characters. The new leads Shivaansh and Aditi are the new hit couple on the small screens. They are very much different than the earlier three couples of Ishqbaaz, Shivika, Ruvya and Rikara. Aditi’s plain look with tough personality is apt to resemble a cop. Shivaansh and Aditi’s love story will also begin on an unexpected note. While there can’t be any comparisons with the earlier season’s pairings, Ishqbaaz is trying hard to match up this new pairing. The show has been appreciated for its artists, chemistry and performances.

Since the leap, many fans have a feeling of missing out the real charm of Ishqbaaz. With the presence of just Nakuul Mehta, the other cast is hugely missed. Shivaansh has been diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. He wants to live his life to the fullest and fulfill dreams of his great grandparents. Aditi also signifies an ideal family person, who can make sacrifices for the family’s well-being. The chemistry between Shivaansh and Aditi is slowly building up. Do you like Shivaansh-Aditi’s pairing in Ishqbaaz? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Riana

    Honestly no… I had stopped watching that show even and it doesnt matter whether audience like it or not. Nobody cares about the viewers all what they cares is to stay top at the trp no matter what is the cast and what is the story. They will show us what they like it depends on us what we select for our entertainment not what they select for us.

    1. true agree with Riana – no story and all so confusing. Stopped watching this. I am not Indian but another country. Its so boring and useless

  2. I never watched IB coz mujhe shivaay pta nhi kyun psnd nhi aa paa rha tha….
    But now I’m watching it as I find SSO really nice and I like bossy girls with charming boys around them….
    I like them very much…??????

  3. I don’t know what others opinions are but I like Shivaansh and Aditi’s pairing very much???
    I was bored to see the same story line in most of the shows where the male lead will be dominating a lot, arrogant and manhandling the FL whereas the FL will be sweet and accepting everything silently
    But this is quite different where the FL is arrogant and stern but the hero is sweet and playful ???
    He is so dare to flirt with ACP???
    I’m really liking this new couple

  4. I stopped watching Ishqbaaaz after leap. Don’t know why I didn’t feel anything for Nakul like before,for whom I used to watch Ishqbaaaz. I didn’t like nakul’s new look. It broke my heart. Infact I stopped watching Star Plus because I don’t want to watch Dhinchak promos as well

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Clear cut no for the pair.. ??

  6. true agree with Riana – no story and all so confusing. Stopped watching this. I am not Indian but another country. Its so boring and useless

  7. Aniriya

    When they themselves have decided they will do what they want to show then who are we. We requested n number of timed ke please dont change cast but gul ko nakul hi pyara tha ab tolerate consequences. I have stopped watching when surbhi was planned to remove.

  8. Ananyagour

    Not liking this pair but no matter what they show to us I just stopped watching the show shivika are best in every way and everyone knows it deep in hearts even other fandoms because no one won so many jodi awards as narbhi won shivika will live in my heart forever and in every story too…. ?

  9. I found this new sesson interesting i watch it and found it interesting in shivikabaaz i found all the track the same i can know the end of the track they only show surbhi acting skills without story because her fans always fights others but now really i want to know what next all the best gul for this new story

  10. No doubt shivika we’re best…but if they wanted to bring change or leap they should have selected some actress according to Nakul…I mean Aditi is no match…Nakul deserves a pretty beautiful girl…and then we can get some gud chemistry

    1. This is pair is good and new actress acting is far better than sc sc gud nli n expsns

    2. What the beautiful means for you ?????????????? And for my sorry nakul fans but he can’t make any reaction because he is afraid of surbhi obsessed and the chemistry between him and surbhi because they work together more than 2 years how their will chemistry now if he haven’t any serious scenes between him and aditti you don’t give them time even you begin your flight against the poor girl she is talent and i like her eyes ?

  11. Bilkisu

    Capital NO for this couple!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can replace Surbhi in the hearts of ishqbaaz fans. SHIVIKA is the best!!!!!!!!

  12. no story .. Seems like just unnecessary Tashan .

  13. No surbhi no ishqbaaz

    Shivika r d best…. But as decided the show is on… The show is majorly based on tv viewers…. So if the fans are not watching it… It will gain new set of fan group and gonna Continue and that’s what happening here also… If we shivika fans are not watching it I… Then the so called SHITI fans are gonna continue and the makers get succeeded… That what made the new female lead to say in the interview that the numbers are same despite fan revolt and its true also…nothing is gonna help or possible to get shivika…

  14. SBanga12

    What if we don’t say anything to the writers and leave our comments to ourselves and see what happens? I know this site is for expressing your feelings about Indian TV Serials, but we could stay quiet for a little bit then they would try to have some changes. I am fine with Shivaansh’s and Aditi’s pairing, but it is still not the best. There are scenes that make me think they are a cute couple on the spot. If we all react together then the difference would be bigger and better for all Shivika fans. Shivika have sinked into our hearts because of their amazing, khidki thod acting ability. Narbhi should have a break though. Later on, we might say that Aditi and Shivaansh are the best Jodi ever. We don’t know what will happen to our Ishqbaaz, but we will surely know what we want though. We should keep trying because giving up is not an option.

  15. Nina

    The strong straightforward policeman and lacking in character favorite of the public, it’s the doubtful union. After Surbhi now that show makes viewers depressed mood only.

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