Do you like Rani’s track in KHKT?

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is a prime time show on Star Plus gaining much appreciation for its unique storyline. It has always been much liked for the practical aspects of the characters. Since the start, the writers have attempted to keep the story fast-paced with real to life characters. Rohit and Sonakshi, the lead characters, belong to different backgrounds and yet fall for each other. They show immense understanding and respect towards their poles apart professions. Dr. Rohit Sippy marries a famous TV actress Sonakshi Rastogi. He wants to avoid the filmi drama in his life. Yet he faces many odd situations relating his life to the TV serials drama.

Rohit hides the secret of Pooja’s biological parents. He warns Sonakshi against finding any truth related to Pooja’s adoption. Destiny brings Sonakshi and Rani at the same place. Sonakshi meets Rani at her shoot. She soon learns that Rani is Pooja’s biological mother. What happens next is high voltage family drama with tiffs arising between Rohit and Sonakshi. Sonakshi fails to put up the ideal Bahu duties. Rohit expects her to be more real, practical and adaptive of the situation. The drama will just get bigger and bigger with Rani’s entry. Do you like Rani’s track in KHKT? Let us know your opinion.

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