Do you like marriage twist in Ishq SubhanAllah?

Zee’s Ishq SubhanAllah will be soon having a marriage twist once again. Kabeer and Zara’s marriage gets postponed, just because of the shocking news of Hamdam’s murder and Ruksar’s arrest. Ruksar seeks help from the family in order to get out of the jail. Kabeer promises Zeenat that he will get Ruksar back. The family thinks Ruksar is innocent. They don’t know the situation in Hamdam’s family. They have to know the entire truth first than accusing Ruksar. Zeenat convinces the family to help her younger sister Ruksar. Kabeer takes a leave from Zara with a heavy heart. He goes Dubai to meet Ruksar in the jail and know the matter.

Kabeer meets Ruksar. She reveals how Hamdam died accidentally, and her innocence. Kabeer wishes to help her in order to fulfill promise given to Zeenat. Kabeer is asked to marry Ruksar if he wants to save her life. Ruksar learns the news that Kabeer Ahmed has agreed to marry her. Ruksar’s happiness reaches the peak when she gets married to Kabeer. Their marriage twist will be rocking Zara’s life again. Battle between Zara and Ruksar for their husband Kabeer will be seen. Zara will be giving a big test for sustaining her relations. Do you like marriage twist in Ishq SubhanAllah? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. This is a real turnoff for me so I’ll not be viewing.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Same here naz. I ferl sick to my stomach with dis track an d I dont understand dis marriage track at all. So wat dey r sayin is a person has to b family in order to defend someone or else dey cant? And how come her case just gets solved by her marrying kabir, if it was so simple den why did she need to get married in d first place. Plus isnt it true dat a husband cant take a second wife without first talkin to his first wife and getting her consent or am I wrong? Now we gonna have zeenat and her sister talkin bout ruksaar rights and trying to use this marriage to come between zara and kabir even though dey know full well he doesnt love her and did it to save her life.Damn just writing dat makes me feel nauseous Naz im wit u im takin a break from this maybe wen I come back dey may have someting with more sense.

      1. Yes u are correct the husband surpose to get consent from first wife it is a horrible twist.

  2. Cathy

    I think i’ll tap out for awhile till the story changes.

  3. A married man very much in love with his wife is re- marrying a convict!
    No need to believe Ruksaar everyone knows she is capable of murder.
    Zeenat’s husband could have gone to save his sister in law.
    Why did Kabeer have to go???? There is a closer bond of family with her immediate brother – in – law. Plain Stupid and senseless story line.

  4. Reshma A Datoo

    I had thought this would be a reasonable and believable show and now this. A real Turn off will not watch the show now. Very sad.

  5. The writer does not have a story line to write about. I am not going to watch this show anymore.
    After everything Zara has been thru she has to watch the love of her life with someone else. That hurts in real life. This show will lose their ratings now.

  6. Hate this track molvi marriang murderr…even if this was self defense ruksar killed her husband and how a widow can get marriad to other man before compositing her eid?(4 month and 10 days)stupid storyline


    Lost interest in the show after this Rukhsaar track. I am not going to watch or read until track changes.

  8. As a muslim, I understand that maybe the writers want to collaborate that a muslim man can have 4 wives. But the way they do it is wrong as been mentioned before by others that Rukhsar is a new widow and cannot marry for a certain time after so soon her husband’s death. This is the ridiculous part. They could have gone other ways if they want to make Rukhsar Kabeer’s second wife than this murder track. It just doesn’t make sense and it is a distortion of Islam. I will skip this show until they can better their understanding of syariah law. Funny that the writers don’t do their research first. It was very entertaining until now. It has become too heavy for me to watch. It has become a joke. I’ll not watch for now. Good that this show is the last show shown here everyday in the Netherlands after all the serials. So I can just switch channel after watching Vedika & Sahil.. lol.

  9. no i don’t like i feel sad for Zara

  10. What’s even more dumb her bridal attire after being in jail, she’s dresses with full bridal accessories and gown. This story has become a total waste of time, constantly seeing Kabeer and his family doing Zara so much injustice is a big turn off. They really need to change this story line to some sort of happiness towards Zara, I honestly believe she’s to good for Kabeer he don’t deserve her. Time for a new male lead to sweep Zara off he feet.

  11. This twist in the story line is very upsetting. Finally you thought they would have some sort of peace in the lives now this. I honestly believe Kabeer does not deserve Zara he constantly hurts her. There should be some new male lead coming into the story to sweep Zara of her feet and away from Kabeer.

  12. No woman wants to be the 2nd best in our husband’s life.
    Just as our husbands don’t want to be the 2nd best in their wives lives.
    Even if the 1st wife says “yes” to a second wife it’s to please her husband and not herself.
    We women go through hell in our own homes just to save our self respect.
    We fear the gossiping from family, friends and neighbors.
    Our nearest and dearest ones judge us the harshest.
    Can Zara have the same right to remarry without Kabeer’s consent?

  13. The imam asked Ruksar when was the husband died she replied that 3 months and some days, how come non of the family is aware of the husband’s death,this bull shit.

  14. Zee Tv has a track record of never letting a marriage between two people survive. Most of Zee Tvs story lines are almost the same. There a heroin and a hero but it seems their are never happy. Even the actors coming from low income families seems to be able to afford everything the rich can. Zara and Kabeer are never going to be together until the end of the show. Pakistani Shows have better story lines. I stopped watching a lot of the Zee Tv serial because of the same story lines. Isqh Subhan Allah was a good show but just like Kaleerein, Kum Kum Bagya, Kundali Bagya and others have people who are against the married couple and either break them apart with kidnappings, divorces and remarriages. the storylines have no meaning to them at all. Until now Isqh Subhan Allah was good on the laws of faith but not any more. One more show to not watch.

  15. Beki you are so right! Also these story lines only show how insulting, insensitive, disrespectful these husbands are to their wives but the wife still must loves them through all the brutality. I am 200% sure MEN are writing these scripts and brainwashed/ loveless women approves it. Is this what we want our girsl to immolate in their marriages? These shows can brainwash the young minds.

  16. TY Patricia. One good thing is my daughter does not watch this shows at all. Zee tv shows writers seem to be all men. Love in this shows is not realistic at all. You should watch Pakistani serials, They are short but have realistic family problems. storylines have real value to them not garbage that Zee Tv puts out. I wonder how there even get sponsors for crape like that. Today women have the same freedom as men. every woman has equal rights in a marriage. I feel it should be more so as she has to leave her family to be with a man’s family.

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