Do you like love story build up in YRHPK?

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Star Plus’ Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke got an interesting track ahead with two love stories building up for Abir-Mishti and Kunal-Kuhu. The pairings were crossed out before with Kunal and Mishti’s alliance. Just like the audience knew about Mishti’s right pairing with Abir, Kunal also feels Mishti is a mismatch for him. The audience will now see the romance brewing up between the two couples. Abir and Mishti are the lead characters of the story. Its also fun to watch chirpy Kuhu’s love tale with Kunal. The two stories will run parallel and double the entertainment.

Abir has realized his love for Mishti. He wants Mishti to soon realize the love hidden in their friendship. He is happy to explore his love feeling. Abir gets a big help in the form of Kuhu who heals Kunal’s broken heart. He wants Mishti to get acceptance into his family. He is assured with Kunal and Kuhu forming a love relationship. Abir and Mishti decide to support Kunal and Kuhu’s relationship if the families oppose them. The cute love stories will be adding much excitement and lovely moments for the audience. Do you like love story build up in YRHPK? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Finally the story is moving?. We’ve had enough of Meenu and Meenu ka Munna. Now its time for Munna to grow up. Kunal-Kuhu look very nice together, I think it will be great to see a business tycoon fall in love with a chirpy care free girl and going against his SO CALLED MOTHER because I think Meenu ka Munna is not Meenu ka Munna but Maasi ka Munna?.
    Abir and Mishti #MishBir❤️, I just love them like anything. After DevAkshi i never thought I’ll see Shaheer so compatible with anyone else but Rhea proved me wrong. Abir is (I feel) very cheesy-romantic type of person which is really nice and funny. Even my grandmother loves him??. Whenever its 10 pm, she be like “Beta, TV on karo, Abir wala show aa raha hoga”?. Well done Shaheer,so proud of you. I feel I made no wrong choice choosing you??.

    1. Wrong choice regarding what?

      1. no wrong choice regarding loving and choosing Shaheer as my EVERYTHING! I love Shaheer ???

    2. Yeah, after isqhbazz Anika i mean Surbih chanda’s funny movement now i am enjoying Shaheer Skeikh(this is my first time watch Shaheer’s show) funny movement….. Reha and shaheer’s chemistry is really good and i like nanu too( yes bro!) and i think kuhu and kunal also make a good couple…….

      1. i am watching Shaheer since Navya and no doubt he nails it everytime. Dev Dixit is my ultimate favorite!??❤???

    3. Wow!!! Even grandma likes shaheer…. That’s really good…

      1. *ur grandma…

      2. My grandmother started watching YRHPK because of Kokila (Meenakshi) and then she changed it because she loves Abir now! ???

    4. i kinda like this show coz it has shah and kaveri # kuheer is best couple in the show just have seen shaheer pic with kaveri on insta just so much love i wanna say they look cute together # taking on erica is pointless the one who gets love of audience due to other person and not values it is called char din ki chandni # god knows why she has much ego following shaheer on instagram as she found ed a new pet named onu

  2. Abir you are stress buster
    Really like u r way of portraying actor abir
    And rhea u r the best actor
    Character of misthi break the stereotypes of Indian television
    U r strong headed self-dependent women
    Love u a lot
    Kunal u should change u r outlook towards life
    Everything cannot happen the way u want
    And u will get that lesson sooner or latter
    Just wait bro
    And i love kuhu i think she is the one who will change kunal’s life perspective love her funny antics love u lots

    1. Many characters have already broken them way better than Mishti like avni, Maya..but I like her coz of abeer

  3. Varalika Chopra

    Awsum couples ??? lots more episodes to come ..

  4. Shaheer looks good with everyone… His chemistry with Erica was too good… He looked nice with sonarika too… And now Rhea… #Abishti forever ?…

    1. Shaheer is soo perfect that he looks good with everyone! Be it Navya (don’t know her name); Erica, Sonarika, Rhea or anyone. #ShaheerBirdieforever❤

      1. Soumya Seth(navya)???

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