Do you like KT-Preeti’s chemistry in Shaadi Mubarak?


In Star Plus’ Shaadi Mubarak, the chemistry between KT and Preeti is gradually building up. Preeti learns to live a normal life because of KT. He encourages her time to time when he finds her getting restrained by the society. Preeti also encourages him when she finds him sinking into the dense sorrow of the past. KT has to overcome the sorrow of his past. He can’t forget that his wife has left him for someone else. KT has been raising his children all alone, just like Preeti did, post the demise of her husband, who never loved her. Preeti didn’t receive any respect from her husband and her son. She feels the lack of respect in her life, which ultimately killed her happiness. She deserves respect from her son.

She hopes that Tarun changes one day. Preeti starts living life on her terms and wants to earn self-esteem. She gets independent. Her brilliant ideas make KT realize her talent. He gives wings to her dreams. Preeti likes the fact that KT has still kept the child in him alive. KT also wants her to fulfill her dreams, which she left unaccomplished for some reason. He doesn’t know her life’s sad story. He helps her stay cheerful and happy. Their bonding gets better and better with each passing day. He finally teachers her to smile. Do you like KT-Preeti’s chemistry in Shaadi Mubarak? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Feeling terrible after knowing rajshree mam is leaving the show. I agree she must be having some personal issues but in amidst of this the directors should also realize what the viewers expect from them. No always the replacement works. I personally want Rajshree mam to carry forward her character. Since the beginning I am watching and following this show because of it’s uniqueness and not in the midst they are replacing the female leed will make me again think should I continue or not.

    I love the tuning between Rajshree ji and Manav Sir and can’t imagine also Rati pandey playing the role of preeti
    Dear makers please don’t replace rajshree mam. She is the best for this role

  2. Shesha485

    More than chemistry, their bonding is awesome

  3. awesome chemistry both looks great together Rajshreeji please don’t quit series .we love ❤

  4. Yes, Mr Manav and Ms Rajashri look good together. Sorry to hear that she is leaving the show. It will not be same w/out her.

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