Do you like Jacky’s character in Aapke Aa Jane Se?

Zee’s Aapke Aa Jane Se brought up a new entry of Jacky, who is Sahil’s lookalike. Jacky becomes Vedika’s new support. Vedika is facing a lots of problems because of Puneesh. Vedika protects Arya. Vedika has finally got Badi Amma’s support. Badi Amma has seen how Puneesh has cheated the family and snatched all the property. Badi Amma finds Vedika selfless and understands her worth. She joins Vedika and Arya. She stands against Puneesh. Badi Amma and Vedika learn about Puneesh’s evil plan to harass Arya. They reach the outhouse where Puneesh has taken Arya. Vedika beats up Puneesh. She warns him against harming her daughter.

Badi Amma and Arya also beat the villain of their lives. Puneesh wants revenge on Vedika. Jacky fits in Sahil’s role in the family. Jacky wants to stop Puneesh from fooling Agarwal family again. Vedika knows Jacky’s truth. Jacky does a drama like Sahil. Jacky and Vedika act like a husband and wife. They fool Puneesh to get the property back. Puneesh doubts that Jacky isn’t Sahil. He takes Jacky’s test. Vedika and Jacky get on friendly terms. She believes Jacky and passes the test. Do you like Jacky’s character in Aapke Aa Jane Se? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I don’t mind Jacky’s role for a while… BUT… I WANT OUR SAHIL back ASAP.. WE WANT SAHIL AGARWAL back in the serial… WE MISS HIM TERRIBLY… Nobody can take Sahil’s place in our hearts and I’m speaking for everyone plus myself… No matter how many lookalike comes along…no one else can ever take his place in our hearts.. NOBODY!!!!

  2. Sahil is the soul of Aap Ke Aa Jane Se! Now when sahil is gone from the show, it looks lifeless! Jacky is interesting character though and that too because of Karan Jotwani but still sahil is love, no character can replace him! He is irreplaceable!❤ Please bring him back! Suhasi Dhami is good but she can’t bring trp to the show alone!

    1. Nina

      Absolutely correct words

  3. Iam still tolerating this shitty crap because of Karan Jotwani! 😭😭

  4. Yes writers pls bring back sahil. Or else if jacky is only sahil we wont mind. But the most imp thing is that all sadika fans want is that bhoomis character should be bumped off fast n no nbr of sahils should end up with that whore n lustful bhoomi. Otherwise 100% yr Trp wilk fall terribly. If jacky is really there let him go with daisy but KJ should not be shown with the HORSE FACED, QUEEN OF EXPOSURE N LUSTFUL BHOOMI. She has done a lot of harm to SADIKA.

  5. Aap Ke Aa Jane Se is nothing without Karan Jotwani! If we know what love is, that’s all because of sahil!❤😍 Jacky’s antics are so much fun to watch but still we are terribly missing sahil. Bring him back or else shut this show down asap . I want to see Karan Jotwani in another show now as lead! I don’t want him to waste his time and talent in this crappy show.😢

    1. Exactly 😢😢😢

  6. Jackie is a nice person. But I want Sahil with Vedika not Jackie

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