Do you like Guddan’s current track?

Zee’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is bringing interesting drama. Akshat and Guddan make a strong plan to defeat their enemy Antara. Guddan tries to create an illusion so that the family also believes her plan. Guddan and Akshat do much overacting. Akshat in disguise, romances Guddan. He wants to win her heart again by siding all their difference since he loves Guddan a lot. Guddan makes Antara jealous. Akshat flirts with Guddan so that Antara gets tricked. Antara doesn’t believe Guddan easily. Guddan acts happy in her life. Antara realizes Guddan is up to some plan. She can’t believe that Guddan has left the family and changed her mind.

She wants to test if Guddan is really greedy or faking everything. Antara informs Akshat about Guddan’s affair. Guddan seeks divorce from Akshat. The divorce plan brings interesting twists. Guddan pretends that she isn’t interested in Akshat now. She denies to accept her marriage with Akshat. Guddan makes Akshat sign the divorce papers. Antara can’t believe that they both got separated. Guddan works ahead of her plans. She takes a leap of faith to achieve her goals. Akshat and Guddan want to get rid of Antara. Their relation gets stronger with time. Their aim is to protect their family. Do you like Guddan’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though they are dragging it too much but I am enjoying Akshat filmyness.. Hope Antra track end soon

  2. I m liking this track just because hot romance between an and guddan

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    The only issue I have with this track is that they are dragging it way too much. Usually this show won’t drag their tracks and end it in 1-2 weeks, but their last two tracks has been dragged for quite some time. Antra track is the worst track of this show till date, I feel it was really uneeded to bring Antra’s character back from death, and this track also spoiled the charm AJ’s character had, such an unique character he was but not anymore. But then I liked how the makers didn’t take too much time to show Guddan showing Akshat, Antra’s true colors. Akshat has a lot to do, to win back Guddan’s heart, he hurt them too much. As for this track of Akshan planning to expose Antra is a good one, Akshat’s makeover was actually unexpectedly good, and so funny. Guddan and Akshat having a role reversal now it seems. I love Guddan and Akshat’s chemistry hope the makers don’t waste that cause this pair has so much potential, they r my fav pair till now. All I want is that they dont drag this track too much and -Akshan manage to expose Antra and get her out of the story, too much of her negativity.

  4. Shesha485

    This track is bit irritating. The makers are dragging it because they got more TRP only because of Antara.

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