Do you like divorce twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is heading for the big divorce twist. While the viewers were expecting Sikandar to learn about Kulfi and his blood ties, the show is going on a different track. The divorce twist will be getting another emotional phase for all the characters. Not just the two people breaking the relation are affected, but also their children. The show puts light on divorce, how the children get suffering by the decision of parents’ divorce. Kulfi and Amyra get hugely disappointed when they learn that Sikandar is going to give divorce to Lovely. They both don’t want the family to break in such a way.

Kulfi has already learnt that Sikandar is her biological father. She limits this truth to herself. The little girl is unaware that Lovely, Amyra and even Sikandar’s family know this truth already. Sikandar is the only person unaware of the truth. He will be soon learning that Kulfi is his own daughter. Sikandar and Lovely get tangled in the divorce matter. They regret on their impulsive decision. They want to step back, but Lovely’s dad begins the divorce proceedings in full rush. Sikandar and Lovely announce their divorce in front of the media, making matters worse.

  1. yes, but i no dat their divorce will not happen…

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    yes… Divorce is inevitable, Kulfi’s mom was killed in a hit and run by the wicked witch… also, Amyra will hate her when she learns her dad is not Sikander but Tevar, what will hurt Amyra the most is when she learns that her mother forced Tevar to go with Kulfi knowing the truth and now her real father has left, which means she will lose both her mother and her real father … the witch’s parents should also face charges for accessory to a murder ? not sure how it works with Gunjan and her husband, or dadi for that matter, but they can plead to a lesser count of aiding and abetting a fugitive ? … with all this on the table, there is no way Sikander could remain with a blatant killer ?

    1. Sikander’s “first wife” was never given a legal divorce so if he brings this matter to court he himself will charged for illegal marriage to lovely. He won’t bring this up. And yah their divorce doesn’t even count coz during their marriage he was still married to nimrat. If their marriage itself is illegal then how to get a legal divorce????? Lol

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