Do you find Nimki Vidhayak interesting?

Star Bharat’s Nimki Vidhayak had appealed the audience by the hyped promos and new storyline of Nimki ruling over the Patna assembly. Nimki’s journey from a small village to Patna happens surprisingly. This time, she doesn’t have the support of her family. She misses her father Rambachan, sister Mahua and friend Tunne. She just has her brother Monu to accompany her. Nimki wants to make her name in politics. She believes in genuine work for the welfare of the society. Nimki’s light take on the assembly politics costs her a lot.

There is an interesting track coming up with Nimki and Mintu’s meet. Mintu is Babbu Singh’s lookalike. He lives with his Dadi. Nimki and Mintu’s paths cross because of Anaro. Anaro becomes a connecting link between them. Anaro believes Mintu is Babbu in reality. Compared to Nimki Mukhiya, the new season seems to be falling flat in terms of drama dose. Tetar Singh’s dirty politics was the reason behind the main drama earlier. Nimki Vidhayak is missing some elements of the earlier season. Do you find Nimki Vidhayak interesting? Let us know your opinion.

  1. We all, the critiques as well as the soap-watchers, loved Nimki Mukhiya. We started shunning it after Nimki conspired to make Sweetie elope with BDO. If this surgery was a must then it should have been done following a surgical process, not by a butchery process, as done by Nimki, which provoked Babbu to shoot his sister Sweetie. The worse followed when Nimki got her husband Babbu dragged out of the haveli to the police station and hurled incessant physical, mental, and emotional abuses on Babbu in the police station. Later, she walked out of haveli (and Babbu’s life?) in a manner most insulting to Babbu. Well, she must be right. But don’t we know that a judge who awards a death sentence to a convict does not hang the convict himself. The convict is hanged by a hangman. This is an ethos of human civilization and culture. But here, Nimki, the perpetrator of this whole crisis, is a wife who does both – sentences and hangs her husband Babbu, that too at a time when Babbu would have needed her the most. The second fiasco was making Babbu rape his wife Nimki, and the third and final nail in ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ coffin was Nimki’s implication in the murder of her husband Babbu. By this time the TRP of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ had crashed so badly that the makers decided to start afresh with its spin-off ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. The lessons learnt from ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ are – 1) you cannot go against the time tested and universally cherished norms, ethics, ethos, and practices of the society (this does not include bad practices and evil traditions), 2) ‘feminist jingoism’ (especially by the protagonist) which is as different from ‘women empowerment’ as is chalk from cheese, must be avoided, 3) Narcissistic behavior on part of the protagonist (Nimki) may often poison the whole scenario, and 4) ‘Caesar’s wife must not only be clean, but must also appear to be clean’, but Nimki, being far from being clean, cannot be re-used in ‘Nimki Vidhayak’ as protagonist without being purged. Lastly, my opinion about the issue raised (present serial, ‘Nimki Vidhayak’, running flat due to lack of drama). I feel drama is an essential part of a good script, and therefore, drama must be there; but it should be drama, and not melodrama, drama that re-enforces your script, it must not spoil the broth. Also, we love twists-and-turns, they must be there, but they must be integral part of a well thought-out and pre-planned script. Twists-and-turns, which are after-thoughts, or patch-works, or ploys to cover gaps, or concoctions, as was the case of putting all blames on Babbu and absolving Nimki for the murder of Babbu in ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ last scene, can really be disastrous. My final comment: ‘NIMKI VIDHAYAK’ MUST CONTINUE AFTER DE-BUGGING THE SCRIPT FROM MY AFORESAID PIT-FALLS. ALL THE BEST!

    1. What are you talking? This serial is nothing but a masquerade of dogs and b*t*hes. One b*t*h Nimki was not enough, so they have brought another b*t*h Sweetie, and to add the drama-dose, the b*t*h Nimki is in heat – looking for a doggy husband. We have run out of patience. Close the serial.

    2. Ethos, ethics, morality, values, empathy, compassion, women empowerment – this serial has nothing to do with these. It has no entertainment value either, it is down at the bottom of trp list. It is just trash; it glorifies extra-maritality, betrayal, love (s*x) partner swapping, and now perhaps husband/wife swapping, spouse-code, selfishness, power broking, and all forms of sins and crimes. It has thrust a vamp, Nimki down our throats as heroine. It is an ugly street orgy of dogs and b*t*hes. Jesus, have mercy on us! Close this serial.

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