Do you find Bahu Begum’s track interesting?

Colors’ Bahu Begum revolves around the twisted life tales of Azaan, Shayra and Noor. It can’t be tagged like a normal love triangle, since the third person breaking the lovely couple’s love story has a motive of revenge. Azaan and Shayra love each other a lot and get married. Soon, their happiness begins to get ruined because of Noor’s revengeful demands. Noor turns shocking for Shayra and entire family by demanding to marry Azaan. Noor wants the title of Bhopal’s Bahu Begum. She gets a misunderstanding that she lost her mother and would-be-husband because of Shayra.

Noor wants to snatch Shayra’s happiness which lies totally in Azaan. Shayra seeks divorce from Azaan. She requests him to marry Noor. Azaan couldn’t believe this sudden request. Shayra reveals that Noor intends to marry Azaan. He learns that Noor is holding Shayra responsible for the unfortunate incident. Azaan and Shayra together try to explain Noor about the accident not being in anyone’s control. Noor threatens of committing suicide. Azaan too gives up when he finds Shayra in a critical state. Shayra compels Azaan for marrying Noor. Shayra fights Noor’s madness, anger and hatred all alone. Do you find Bahu Begum’s track interesting? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. They ruined the role of noor .. Ooh I do not like this facet of noor ” .. So disappointed that she is doing so .. I had thought she would be positive as a role. But the opposite happens’ ‘when she will know who is the real culprit .. What he will be’. No frankly I do not like Sami in her role .. I was so hopeful that she would end up with Arzaan in a lovely love story .. At first I thought it would be Sarhrya to be positive and go negative. ‘but it’s the role of noor who has completely changed .. We were made to think that the jodi between noor and Arzaan would be beautiful but in the end it is full of hate .. In short only account Arzaan and sharya as jodi. But I do not really like this couple .. In short disappointed

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