Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rasika taunting Antara. Aaji warns her not to tell this to Raghu. Rasika says I want you to teach me too. Rasika challenges Antara. Aaji says you are a dancer, and she is a learner. Rasika says so did she lose, if she wins, I will give her rs 5000. Aaji says I will give rs 10000 to the one who wins the competition. Rasika says then we need a judge. Aaji says I will judge. Aaji says I m fair. Rasika bets on Antara and leaves. Antara asks Aaji whats all this, I came here to do my work but competing. Aaji says this money can help you. Antara says I can earn money like this, if Raghu knows about this, then I won’t be able to earn. Aaji says Raghu won’t do anything, I promise. Can’t you do this for me? Antara agrees. Aaji says now you see how we fail Rasika.


gives water to Arshad and asks are you much hurt. Mami comes and greets him. Noor says the electrician came. Mami asks is your leg hurt. He says yes, somewhat while walking. Mami asks him to sit. Aaji is teaching Antara and Rasika Kathak. Aaji asks Antara to do well. Rasika says I can see that I will earn the money. Aaji scolds her. Rasika says I know everything, I will go, you teach Antara. Rasika leaves. Aaji asks Antara to start dancing. Rasika thinks Antara won’t win over her, and she will get the money. She sees Raghu coming and smiles. She thinks of doing something but stops. She calls Raghu and asks him when did you come back. Aaji and Antara listen that Raghu is coming and stops dancing. Raghu stops and goes to Aaji’s room. Rasika goes after him. Antara hides her ghungroo. Raghu comes and asks whats going on.

Aaji says nothing, we were reading newspapers. Raghu says you are reading the marathi newspaper. Antara says nI know marathi and says some words in marathi. Aaji laughs. Raghu says stop it enough. Raghu says Maai called and asked about your welfare. Aaji says everything is fine. Raghu says yes I told her that you are fine, but she worries. Raghu looks at Antara and says I m going. Antara moves and he hears the ghungroo sound and stops. Rasika comes and takes care of the situation saying its the sound of her bangles. Raghu leaves. Aaji says how did you help me today. Rasika says I m always on your side, you keep yourself aloof.
Mami asks Arshad about teaching Ishaan. Arshad says I don’t teach at home. I cannot leave my shop. I can teach at my shop. Noor brings tea for him. Mami says I will talk to Antara and tell about tuition. Raghu says yes, ask her but don’t tell her that I have sent Arshad. Mami says what should I say her. Raghu says make some excuses but don’t name me. Aaji talks to antara about Raghu. Aaji says why are you afraid of Raghu. Aaji jokes with Antara saying do you love Raghu or are you afraid of him. Raghu says Antara should now know about this. Aaji says don’t worry about Raghu. Antara says are you sure he won’t come to know about this. Mami says yes I won’t tell him. Ishaan comes and Arshad meets him. Raghu says this is your maths teacher. He will teach you from tomorrow at his shop. Ishaan does not talk. Mami says he needs time to gel with you. Arshad leaves. Noor apologizes to him. Arshad thanks her for the tea. Raghu asks Ishaan are you ready for the tuition. Mami asks Raghu to talk to Ishaan.

Raghu meets Antara’s mum and asks how is her health, she says fine. He says I came here to talk to Ishaan. Antara and Aaji are dancing at their house, which Raghu did not see. Raghu asks Ishaan to study well. His mum also agrees. Ishaan says I don’t like to study from whom I don’t know. Raghu says ok, go and talk to Arshad. Raghu says Arshad is a good guy and he has a bakery too, you can eat there for free. Ishaan agrees and says I will not go there alone. Raghu says ok, someone will drop you there. Ishaan throws the ball and it hits Rasika. Aaji and Antara see from where did the ball come. They see Raghu coming and get tensed.

Antara says can I keep this ghungroo with me. The ghungroo falls and Raghu sees it. Aaji and Antara are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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