Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th July 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with Raghu informing Antara that his little bro is missing. Antara got panic listening this. Raghu asked Muchmach to bring water. Antara worriedly tell apaa that he dont know anything in this Mumbai. RAGHU TELL antara that he has asked his men to search him. He gave water to Antara but she throw it away and asked Raghu that how is his bro missing, whats the reason? she asked him that why is he helping them to find her bro so that he will be no guilty any more? she asid its all because of you. Everything is his mistake. She said the i will go and search for my bro alone. Raghu pulled her close and ask to shut up They were again very close. Raghu said that i dont have any guilt and i know that you wants to throw your anger on me but wait for sometimes because at present its

imp to search Ishaan(intelligent man,) His phone rang and he picked up and said what??(as in the precap) Some raju called. Raghu turned to go but Antara stopped him and asked him if he found ishu? He told no but a taxi driver who had ishaan in his car.

Scene shifts and Antara’s mom told mama and mami that Ishaan has gone to Srinagar.

Raghu ask machmach to drop them home but Antara sit in Raghu’s jeepsy and Raghu asked her ” you are coming?” Antara told apa to go home. Raghu was not starting the car. So Antara told her that he is her brother still Raghu didnt do anything, the Antara said ” ab kya aap mujhe waha me jane ki maherbani karenge??”( guys i was fainted after this.. oyee hoyee) still Raghu was staring at her. She got irritated and asked him what was he waiting for. and Raghu said” tumhare seat belt pahene ka” because if she falls then he will not save her.

they reached the taxi driver and Antara started inquiring him. but then Raghu come between Antara and that taxi driver( i mean he stand between them). Antara ran in the direction where taxi driver told them that he saw ishaan and behind Antara Raghu too ran. She was about to come in front of the car but Raghu pulled her and bg music started. He was holding her in the same pose as in the rain sequence. in the same pose he started scolding her that she has see while walking otherwise one day there will be a photograph of her below a car, this is Mumbai not Kashmir. He asked her to go towards jeepsy. Raghu held her hand to take her back to jeep then suddenly she put her leg on a specs and she recognised that its of ishaan and told Raghu that it belong to ishhan by holding his collar. Antara started crying but Raghu asked her that what is Ishaan’s fav things.. She told everything. they asked a balloon sells man but he refused. They again enquired people who sells his fav things. then suddenly there mind went to people who were listening cricket commentary. both at a time said cricket.

scene shifts to maamji’s home. Apaa enters and Machmach told them that they all are in search of Ishaan, and he will be home soon.

They went to a place where people are sitting and watching match. and finally they found Ishaan sleeping at a bench. Antara got emotional and thanked a person there..(i guess the owner). They both bend down to pick Ishaan. Raghu told Antara that whatever feelings and emotions she has keep them aside for future.(dont know he said that for ishaan or himself). Raghu picked up Ishaan who was sleeping and Antara smiled and caressed his back. Bg music started. Antara asked Raghu if he has money for the tea and biscuit that Ishaan had, she will pay him back once they will be back home. but the owner refused. Raghu said” see this is my Mumbai, laga jakta?”

they went out taking ishaan but ishaan got awake and Raghu placed him at a place. Ishaan asked Antara about their dad. Antara hugged him. Raghu felt something unusual and he looked back. but found nothing. But still he had a weird feeling and suddenly he covered Antara and Raghu(like hugging from back) and a bottle broke on his back.
epi ends…

Precap: Antara paniced that what the hell he is doing by hiding. Raghu covered her mouth with his hands and asked her to shut up and told her that people outside are there to kill him and Antara and ishaan are also with him, so if she dont keep quite then they will make them.

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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