Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach being happy seeing Vidhaan. He asks where were you all these years, I thought Satya has killed you too. Vidhaan says he would have killed me, but Geeta took me with her and saved my life. He says she did my upbringing, but she fears to tell everyone that I m Raghu’s son fearing Satya and Maai will kill me. MachMach says she came in this localtiy but she never told me that you are alive. MachMach says you are Raghu’s son, why did you come here, if they know, they will kill you.

Vidhaan tells his lines and says now its time to see Satya. MachMach smiles and hugs him. He says I swear. Vidhaan says I have my anger in me, I waited for this day, now its time to make them run. I will kill them and finish their story. MachMach says I m alive to see this day. MachMach says I was with Raghu, and will be with you too. Vidhaan says I will leave now. MachMach stops him and says the day I die, Raghu will beat me, for keeping you hungry. He says Raghu and I slept hungry for many nights, but you won’t. He offers him some food. Vidhaan smiles.

MachMach says have it, its your right, sorry for that day when I did not give you the samosa. Vidhaan says where will you live now. MachMach says you have the palace. Vidhaan says yes, but someone has its keys, but it does not matter. Satya hears them talking. MachMach and Vidhaan are shocked to see Satya. Satya says you teach my daughter violin and sleep on the road, come with me, I will end your life’s problems today. Vidhaan nods fine. Satya shows him Antara’s house and asks him to stay in that house. Vidhaan says that one, will anyone have a problem if I stay there.

Satya says if you spend a day, you will know. Vidhaan clarifies. Satya says you will sped your every night there, I have permitted you. Vidhaan asks is that house yours. Satya says this whole locality is mine. He leaves. Vidhaan tells MachMach I told you the time has come, I will stay in my mum’s house. MachMach says Satya Naik, you are gone. Vidhaan smiles.

Its morning, Vedika comes to Antara’s house to find Vidhaan. He comes out in his vest and towel and both of them shout. He runs and comes getting dressed. He asks what are you doing here. They have a cute argument. She says this is my dad’s house, he permitted you to stay here as I asked him. He says this is my house, I stay here. He calls her Jungli billi (wild cat). She says how dare you, I came as I had the keys. He says you came one hour before, why did you come so early. She says I came to flirt with you, as I like you. She jokes. He looks at her.

She says love is stupidity. He says then whats 2014′s love. She says I came to help you in cleaning this house. He says this looks good. She says I don’t like it. He says I have to stay here. She says why not, we may have our classes her, so I will help you. He says fine, its hard to convince you and your dad. She cleans the house with him. She falls and gets hurt. He does not care. She says its a bad sign to go over me. He jokes. She runs after him to beat him. A glass breaks and she is shocked.

He says is this a bad sign. She says no, its a good sign. She falls on him and music plays…………. They have an eyelock. He says you are heavy, please get up. She says what, shut up. She says I have always seen this house empty and thought if anyone lived here, I would have spoke to them late night, now I will get your company.

He picks the glass and gets hurt. She says I will bring medical aid. He says I m fine. She seesa mobile phone and he gets tensed. She picks it up and asks is this your cell phone. She says you lied to me. He says I took it second hand by the advance you gave me. She says good, call me, I will save your number. He rings her. He gives her misscall and she talks to her calling him. She says so I m your Miss call friend. He thinks and smiles saying it reminded me something. She says tell me what is it. He says lets start the class.

Vedika comes out of Antara’s house and bumps into Satya. She says sorry Papa. He says its ok. She says I came here to help Vidhaan in cleaning the house. He says you are allergic to dust, is the class over. She says I have to change and come back. He says you will have the class at our house. She asks why, fine I will call and inform him. He says ask the servants to clean the house, not you. Satya is shocked to see the mouth organ and thinks about Raghu.

Satya asks Vidhaan what are you looking for, this one. He shows the mouth organ.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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