Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MahcMach talking to Ruksana. He says Ishaan is our hero. He says the kids will see him and get inspired. Ruksana laughs. She says now we will go for the haldi. Antara is happy in the haldi ritual. Noor says I m very happy for you. Satya comes and says even I m happy for Antara. She says come jeth ji. He says I like it, I have brought the shagun haldi for you. Satya asks Noor about Antara’s mum. Noor tells him everything what happened. Raghu is also in the haldi rasam. Maai comes to apply haldi to Raghu.

Ruksana comes and sees Raghu. Antara’s mum applies haldi to Antara. Antara’s mum talks about her husband. Satya says I think you all should tell her the truth. Noor says no, don’t tell her, her treatment is going on, she will be normal soon. The doctor said not to tell her else it will affect her mind. Satya says then you all are careful, if anyone tells her, then… Antara’s mum calls Noor to apply haldi to Antara. Noor says yes and applies haldi to Antara. Satya smiles thinking anything can happen if anyone tells her the truth. He says if her mum dies, Antara won’t marry. Rasika and Manohar are asked to bless Raghu.

Maai speaks sweetly with Raghu. Satya comes and is jealous. Rasika applies haldi to Raghu and is upset seeing him. Satya says so sweet Kaki. Satya taunts Raghu and he listens to him. Sata applies haldi to Raghu. He says you are close to victory but did not win yet. Raghu gets angry and looks at Satya. Maai comes to Aman and tells him about Raghu’s wedding with Antara. She sas get uo, you have to go in the wedding to ruin everything. Aman says no, I won’t ruin anyone, I would die but not hurt anyone, kill me if you want.

Maai smiles and says you want to die, I know you will do such things but Maai has toys for kids like you. She shows him a photo of his family. She laughs saying nothing is hidden from Maai. She says now tell me, will you see your family die. She says you know, anything can ruin on my saying. Aman agrees to her and is tensed. She says wear good clothes and come with a smile. Aman says fear of the Lord Maai, he won’t spare you and the truth will win.

Antara comes in her balcony and smiles seeing Raghu. He looks at her and smiles. She calls him. he says are you ready to become my wife. She says the haldi is looking good on you. He says you too. He says will you be with me, we will look good together. She says today is the last day, from tomorrow we will be with you. They talk about their first meeting and fights. She says I m going to become your wife, so stop arguing. He says fine, I made many mistakes, I have hurt you and your family a lot. She says I did not mean that. She says ok, give your love and make everything right. He says I will rectify my mistakes with love and happiness.

Antara says I love you. Her mum calls her and she leaves. Raghu calls her and says nothing, this is our last meeting before our marriage, then I won’t be able to see you till marriage. She says you won’t be able to call me Miss Kaul. She asks what will you call me after marriage. He says Antara. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays… Antara leaves waving bye to him. Raghu is fighting with his guilt.

Satya is in his room planning to tell Antara’s mum the reality about her husband. He writes a letter for her. He writes everything in the letter. He says now it will be fun, this is my promise. Maai talks to Aman and says go and do your work now. Aman taunts her. Maai holds his face and hurts him. She says remember, don’t do any mistake today.

Satya says now it won’t be any mistake, I have to dance in Raghu’s brother, on his dreams, till they shatter. Satya says its sad, how will she react after she reads this letter. He plans to tell her the truth and smiles. He says anyone can tell her the truth, then why this letter. He tears the letter and says I m sorry. Maai asks Aman to do the work she asked him to do. She slaps him. Aman says the work will be done. Maai is happy and says go, do your work, the guests started coming.

Aman tells Antara about Raghu killing her dad. Antara is shocked and can’t believe it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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