Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidhaan talking to Vedika. Vedika praises Satya as hero and Maai as a sorted woman. Vidhaan tries to tell her that maybe Satya and Maai did any mistake. Vedika completely trusts Satya. Vidhaan thinks my dad was a hero, he did not do any mistake. Satya calls Vedika for lunch. Vedika says I have to find out about Raghu, because of whom they had the argument. She leaves. Vidhaan says my dad’s mistake was that he loved my mum and raised a voice against Satya. He gets angry and beats the bean bag. She comes back and says come with me.

Vidhaan says I will leave now. Vedika stops him and asks him to have lunch. Vidhaan says no, I have to go, thanks. Satya stops him and says what will you have, a banana. He says if Vedika asked you to have lunch, then have it, she does not have the habit to hear no, come on. Vidhaan says no. Satya says I get angry hearing no. They have lunch together. Satya asks Vidhaan from where are you. Vidhaan says I grew up at roads. Manjari looks on and serves him.

Vidhaan acts innocent. Satya asks him about his parents. Vidhaan says I don’t know, I did not see them, but I have their memories, I know everything about them. Satya says who told you everything Vidhaan says the people who were linked to them. He says it would have been good if I had my parents with me today. He says like you have your Maai, I heard goo things about mum’s love. Vedika feels sad for him. Vedika says Maai loves my dad a lot, sometimes she scolds him, but she is much worried about him. Vidhaan says sorry for being emotional. Vedika says don’t worry, Maai always say that she is always there for orphans.

Satya says this is why she brought Raghu here from road. Vedika asks Papa, who is Raghu, I heard his name before, you and Maai argues because of him, who is he. Satya says have food. Vidhaan looks on. Its night, Satya comes at the terrace. He thinks about Vedika’s words. He says Raghunath………… you were on Maai’s words, now you are in my daughter’s words, why don’t you go from my life even after death. He sees the pole and thinks about Raghu. He says I have killed you, how are you alive then. Satya sees someone playing the mouth organ and thinks he is Raghu. He is shocked and runs to Antara’s house. He sees Vidhaan walking and stops him with a gun.

Geeta comes to Satya and asks what happened, what are you looking for in darkness. Vidhaan runs off. Geeta scares Satya. Satya says you are playing a game with me, dead people cant be alive. I have killed Raghu at this place, did you forget. Geeta taunts him. Geeta says the time have stopped for you after 21 years. Satya says I don’t know what to do with you, when I find this game, then……. She says wait for morning, go to doctor. Satya says you will regret. She scolds him and says your inner fear will kill you. She laughs on him and leaves. Satya says I have to do something to end this game forever. Geeta sees Satya going in anger and smiles.

Vidhaan comes out changing his clothes. Someone follows him. He turns to see who is it. Its MachMach. MachMach is shocked to see him and says so its you who is troubling Satya but why. MachMach asks why are you being like Raghu. Why are you playing this game. Vidhaan acts like Raghu. MachMach scolds him and says if you do anything on Raghu’s name, then see, I gave you plave to live and you are playing with my emotions, Geeta was right, you have become like Naik Sadan’s members. Vidhaan says Raghu.

MachMach looks at him and says see take Raghu’s name with respect. He says what do you know about him, nothing. He says do you know what he was for me. Vidhaan says brother. MachMach holds his neck and asks who are you pushing him. Vidhaan tells everything about Antara and Raghu. MachMach is shocked to know that Vidhaan is Raghu’s and Antara’s son. Vidhaan says yes, I m their son and smiles. MachMach gets happy knowing this.

Vidhaan tells his plan to MachMach against Satya and Maai. Satya hears this..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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