Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Antara walking towards Ashok’s body. The doctor asks the nurse to read out the details regarding her father’s death and they walk away. She comes out to see Ishan telling Noor that he wants to see his father. Noor says they will go to see him and asks him to sit down. Ishan sees Antara walking out and runs towards her to ask about where Ashok is. He tells her that he wants to see him. She lies to him saying that Ashok will come to them after he recovers. Noor is crying.

Antara runs out of the hospital and is totally shattered. She starts crying out loud. It starts raining. She thinks about the blast and the happy moments they spent together. She keeps crying “Papa..Papa”. Noor sees her and comes out to console her. Antara tells Noor that she can’t live without her father. Noor tells her that she is the one who has to be brave. Antara asks Noor about what she would tell her mother and Ishan. She hugs Noor. Antara is seen lighting the funeral pyre of her father in the night.

The scene shifts back to the hospital where the nurse is tending to Geeta’s wounds. She asks the nurse to call the doctor, and she mentions “Ashok”. Antara comes in and Geeta asks her to call her father.The nurse informs Antara that she can take her mother back home. Geeta is out of her senses and talks as if nothing has happened. She talks about their anniversary and that Ashok would never forget about it. She asks Antara to call up (via phone). Antara tells that Ashok isn’t there. Geeta doesn’t believe her and continues about the Anniversary, saying Ashok has to give her gift etc.etc. She searches for the timepiece she had got him. She tells Antara that she would left it at home and pulls Antara. The doctor comes and tells Antara to take Geeta home.

They reach home. They see policemen standing outside the house. The police doesn’t let them go in and tells investigations are going on. Antara tells her mother that nothing is like what it was like. Geeta sees all this and asks whether they haven’t cleaned today. She spots the timepiece and gets it. It does not work. She tells the watch should be repaired. Antara tells it can never be repaired. Noor takes Ishan and Geeta to her house.

She gets a call from her Saroj(Atleast that was what that guy called her).Antara tells her Maami that Askok is dead. She gets shocked. She breaks the news to her husband. Both are shocked.
The scene shifts back to the house where Antara is looking at all the shattered remains of the blast. She sees her guitar,the book, the rose that Geeta kept for Ashok, their family picture etc and starts crying.

The scene shifts back to Noor’s house where Geeta is still thinking about Ashok.She takes the phone and keeps saying “Hello” Hello”. Antara comes in. Noor too comes in and tells her that Ishan kept asking her the same question and that she doesn’t know what to tell him. Noor asks if they should tell this to Ishan. Antara tells her that she doesn’t know if he would understand. She asks her to take her of Geeta and walks away.

Antara is seen sitting a stairway. She looks at the moon. She recollects the talk she had with her father. She tells I can’t see any face. Neither mine nor yours. Ishan comes there. Antara quickly wipes her tears and asks Ishan if he hadn’t slept. She takes him to his room and makes him lie down. Ishan tells her that he feels scared. Antara asks him why he feels scared. Ishan asks about why their father had gone away and that their mother was acting weird today. She tells him that their father has gone for his recovery. She asks Ishan to sleep and tells him that superman came in her dream etc..etc.. The screen freezes with Antara’s face.

Precap: Noor cannot find Geeta in her room. She rushes to Antara and tells her that Geeta isn’t in her room. They got out searching for her. Geeta is seen walking on the road with a speeding car behind her. Just as the car is about to hit her the driver pulls the brake.

Update Credit to: iLoveSobti

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